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Oct 29, 2021 @ 17:18 EDT
Matt Carriker Is All About Ammunition and Demolition, But He's Got a Soft Spot for Animals

Social media has made it easier for a person to change their interest into a career no matter what profession one belongs to. One of the examples of such personality is Matt Carriker.

Also known as 'Dr. Demolition', Matt Carriker is an American YouTuber. Born on October 21, 1986, in Boerne, Texas, Matt creates ammunition-related content, owning one of the largest firearms channels on YouTube. His father Lee Carriker was a veterinarian thus inspiring young Matt to grow up to be like his father while his mother Patricia Carriker supported his every dream. He has two brothers Mark Carriker and Drew Carriker, and a sister name Eli Carriker.

A massive gun enthusiast, Carriker attended a public school in Boerne, then graduated high school from Boerne Highschool. He later joined  Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and earned a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. After quite a number of hurdles, the passionate demolisher got his veterinary license in 2012.

How Did a Veterinarian Turn into Demolition God?

What began as just fun changed into an important source of income for Matt, as he said in an interview with Texas Pride. As the veterinarian-turned YouTuber says he wanted to shoot guns and get the ammo paid by YouTube since he was broke in college. With the knowledge of monetizing his Youtube videos, the gun enthusiast began earning from his YouTube channel. As his financial condition stabilized with his veterinarian clinic running smoothly and income from YouTube, Matt decided to go all-in on his YouTube channel and created content for gun fanatics around the world.

Matt Carriker with a gun beside on an outdoor floor bed.Here he is pretending his wife doesn't support his profession with guns.
Photo Source: Matt Carriker, Instagram

His main channel Demolition Ranch has over 10 million subscribers. The channel was created in January 2011, and Carriker has been uploading videos on the channel ever since. His first video was a short video titled SPAS-12 vs Computer Monitor (Franchi LAW-12). The video has over 460,000 views and 4,000 likes. The 6-feet tall YouTuber creates all sorts of crazy gun-related content. Some of his popular ones include How Deep into Dirt Will It Go? with over 23.6 million views, Is Titanium Bulletproof? with over 22 million views, and I Shot My Truck with a Tank... being watched over 18.5 million times. His dazzling ammunition collection is the dream of every gun lover.

The incredible YouTuber has also collaborated with famous creators like Roman Atwood, Furious Pete, Hickok 45, The AK Guys, and various other creators. The energy Carriker radiates makes his videos worth the watch whether you are a gun fanatic or not. Accompanied by enthralling captions along with equally captivating thumbnails, the owner of 150+ ammunitions lures his audiences every time exciting them to see what he has stored for them.

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A humanitarian, Carriker has a second channel named Vet Ranch, where he posts animal-rescue videos. The compassionate vet has given his life in the service of animals that need serious care and attention. He, along with his other Vet colleagues, conduct animal rescues, provide them with medical treatments and help them live happy lives. The kind-hearted gun enthusiast has used earnings from his channel and work as a vet doctor in the betterment of stray animals.

With around 2.92 subscribers on the Vet Ranch channel, the amazing veterinarian shares stories of animal, their hardships, and their journey of recovery. Some of the most popular videos on the channel are Now that's a LOT of puppies!!! with 11 million views, Let's Change this Monster Back into a Puppy with 10 million views, and Kitten with Larva in his Head with 9.1 million views. Founded as a non-profit organization, Dr. Carriker has been serving inspirational videos on animal welfare through Vet Ranch.

Matt Carriker holding a cat he found.Apparently, the family wasn't too keen to adopt this one.
Photo Source: Matt Carriker, Instagram

Filled with Adrenaline and the thrill of life, the charismatic vlogger's third channel, OffTheRanch, is a channel for his family and personal life vlogs along with plenty of gun-related content. Whether it is sharing happy moments like his baby's first steps or grief of the loss of his dear younger brother, the Scorpion's life is an open book for the audience. His positive approach towards life and openness has made him people's favorite, and he has lived up to the expectations. The channel has over 4.1 million subscribers at the time of writing.

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Not just a YouTuber, the dynamic doctor has also tried a hand in acting as well, with the movie Strain 100, a zombie apocalypse survival movie alongside Jemma Dallender. The movie was released in 2020. The role and movie plot was perfect for the 'King of Demolition'.

Who Is the Love of Demolition Man's Exciting Life?

A cheerful man with a young heart, Matt Carriker has been married to his long-time love and wife Meredith Atkinson. She is also a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Civil Engineering but has been a stay-at-home mom for her three children. Alongside accompanying her husband Matt in his videos, she also blogs sharing her love for affordable fashion, great workouts, fun home projects, and tips for moms on the go.

The pair started dating while they were young and tied the knot in 2004. The happily married Carriker and his wife have three children, two daughters Adalyn Carriker and Annie Carriker, and a son Lincoln "Abby" Carriker. A family-man Matt has shares glimpses of his happy family in his channel OffTheRanch. Being a vet himself, he obviously has a few pets, but their dog is the most notable one.

YouTuber Matt Carriker (right), aka Demolition Man, with his wife (left) and two kids.As happy as ever.
Photo Source: Matt Carriker, Instagram

A loving husband, Carriker has shared stories of his love in his channel and dedicated numerous episodes for his lovely wife. The First Time I Told Her I Loved Her..... Super Awkward... and All About Her! 🙂 are some of the videos where Matt has shown how much he loves his wife and the experiences they have gone together.

Matt Carriker Is a Millionaire in Terms of Net Worth!

Running one of the largest firearm channels on Youtube and with a license of veterinary doctor, Matt Carriker is living a sumptuous life. He currently controls an estimated net worth of $5 million.

With a B+ graded YouTube channel as big as DemolitionRanch, accompanied by over 10 million (and growing) subscribers, the firearm enthusiast has an estimated earning of $9,000 per post with sponsorship deals.

For his second channel, Vet Ranch, which has been devoted to the welfare of animals, earns the benevolent doctor an estimated income of $3,100 from each video. The earnings from this channel as well as the others are used in the treatment of rescued animals. The channel is over 2.9 million subscribers strong.

As the 34-years old vet has a third channel as well called OffTheRanch, it has added more to Carriker's fortune. With over 4.1 million subscribers, estimating websites put the channel's revenue at $2,300 per video, assuming sponsorships come his way in all his channels as well.

Handling 3 channels, Matt has been able to present quality content in all three of them ensuring his success and ultimately financial abundance.

Matt Carriker (center) with Brandon Herrera (left) and from Kentucky Ballistics (right) watching a gun burn.He's always testing something new.
Photo Source: Matt Carriker, Instagram

As a professional veterinary doctor in Texas, the energetic youtube has an estimated salary of $150,000 - $225,000 annually, averaged out by salary estimating tools. Dedicating his life to a noble cause, Matt's true earning is all the love and support he gains from his audiences and the eternal peace that comes with the happiness and safety of the rescued animals.

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Not to forget the exuberant creator's Instagram page (drdemolitionmatt), with 1.5 million followers, Dr. Carriker has a verified account. According to the reports from Influencer Marketing Hub, accompanied by an engagement rate of 5.70%, Dr. Demolition Matt has an estimated earning of $4,000 per post through brand partnerships and endorsements. Carriker's influence has helped him grow not just on Youtube but also be known on other social media platforms.

The Carrikers Turned an Abandoned Mansion into a Fortress Fit for a Family Like Theirs

As shared by Carriker in one of his videos So... I Bought an Abandoned Mansion..., the phenomenal vlogger owns a 20-year-old mansion that was initially priced at millions of dollars. Despite the fact that the mansion required quite a lot of renovation, the huge villa spans more than 5600 square feet on 30 acres of property. The value of the property has now significantly increased by an immense sum, thus adding more to Carriker's assets.

(Aerial view) Matt Carriker showing his newly bought abandoned mansion that he now lives in.Carriker massively renovated this abandoned mansion from the state it was in here.
Photo Source: Matt Carriker, Instagram

Owner and founder of Bunker Branding Co., Matt is also an amazing businessman, owning a company that manufactures and sells merchandise, embroidered clothing, and apparel printing for Carriker's YouTube channels as well as for other YouTubers, and various businesses.

Not to forget the firearm devotee's collection of rare and valuable ammunition, tanks, and all sorts of ammunition-related equipment makes him the owner of a huge archive of valuable treasures. A compassionate doctor and an incredible creator, Matt Carriker is a role model to be followed for all that he has achieved and all that he gives to the world.

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