ZHC Gifts Charli D'Amelio with Customized iPhone, Louis Vuitton - Check Out all the Expensive Giveaways

Mar 27, 2020 @ 11:04 EDT
ZHC and Charli D Amelio

All those who's been following the trends and surfing through the internet during the ongoing quarantine from COVID-19 might well know about the #1 Tik Tok queen Charli D' Amelio [Net Worth: $4 million] and other YouTube clips. If you guys missed our topic then you should probably know to find some of the in-depth reviews of the stars.

So out of all the millionaire YouTubers like Mr. Beast [Net Worth: $25 million], Jake Paul [Fortune: $15 million], Logan Paul [Net Worth: $19 million], Zach King [Fortune: $3.5 million], the creative artist and $10 million net worth holder 'ZHC' is a unique content creator famous for his art, paintings, and expensive giveaways. So here we present you with all the information related to ZHC and his giveaway to the burning young teenage sensation Charli D Amelio.

ZHC Surpries Charli D'Amelio With 20 Custom iPhone 11s ft. TikTok & LilHuddy (Giveaway)

ZHC and LEOMAHALO challenge each other with 20 customized I-Phone 11s. And they end up with amazing sketches and arts. FYI, each iPhone 11s costs around $1,000 and Zach Hsieh who runs his 10 million followers filled YouTube account spent more than $22,000 buying just I-Phones, two giveaway iPhones included.

ZHC surprises Charli and her sister Dixie D'Amelio, boyfriend Lil Huddy and a bunch of her close members. ZHC surprises charlie with an iPhone gift with a pink doughnut sketched iPhone, its fascinating.  The rest 19 are also one catching and envying, make sure to check them out in the above video.

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And the next one video is of ZHC surprising Charli and her squad with another with customized expensive Louis Vuitton Bags. Check them out,

2. Surprising LilHuddy & Charli D'Amelio With 10 Custom Louis Vuitton Bags!! ?? ft. TikTok, Addison Rae

Again ZHC surprises Charli her squad Lil Huddy, sister Dixie and other friends with a customized LOUIS VUITTON. Yes, they are satisfying. Each bag in the video ranges from least $1000 to $3000 plus, yeah its a really big giveaway. So did you like the gift and art, well who doesn't right...

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