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Jul 19, 2022 @ 3:25 EDT
Olivia Haschak, The Youngest of the Haschak Sisters — Bio, Age, Net Worth | Celeb$fortune 2022

“Success is possible at any age if backed by creativity and hard work” perfectly defines the life of young dancer Olivia Haschak (September 1, 2005). Olivia is the youngest among the famous Haschak Sisters and unarguably one of the most successful dancers on the internet for her age.

Olivia and her sisters, Madison Haschak, Gracie Haschak, and Sierra Haschak, collectively known as Haschak Sisters are popular for their dance videos, vlogs, and music videos on their YouTube channel with 9.4 million subscribers. They came to prominence after being featured in the Matty B cover video of Kanye West’s Clique.

Olivia Haschak's Life Before Fame: Is She Adopted?

Born as Olivia Belle Haschak to her businessman father John Haschak, and studio manager mother, Kathy Haschak, no, she is not an adopted child. Well, the rumors about her and her siblings being adopted have been on the internet since forever.

(From left to right) The Haschak Sisters with their father, Madison Haschak, Sierra Haschak, John Haschak, OIivia Haschak, and Gracie Haschak.The Haschak Sisters are often unrecognizable if not for their different heights.
Photo Source: Olivia Haschak, Instagram

This rumor even attracted the attention of the Haschak sisters and they clearly denied being adopted in one of their YouTube videos. Well, this is not the only time they have been surrounded by baseless rumors. In the past, there was once news of Madison being diagnosed with Cancer which was obviously not true.

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Meanwhile, Olivia was enrolled in the Temecula Dance Company (the place where her mother worked) at a very young age where she received training in jazz, tap, hip hop, and ballet dance. Besides, dancing is not the only talent she has, as the 16-year-old is also a very talented singer.

How Much Is the Net Worth of Olivia Haschak?

As per estimating sources, Olivia Haschak possesses a net worth of $2 million as a multi-talented all-rounder. Even though the majority of her fortune comes from YouTube, she also makes a good sum from other social media platform sponsorships and endorsements.

They launched their collaborative YouTube channel, Haschak Sisters, on Feb 5, 2008, where they have posted over 274 times. With over 9.44 million subscribers and a 3.8 billion views count, they earn an average of $29,500 per video through ad revenue and sponsorships.

Having a huge fan following on YouTube, the sisters obviously have a homogenous fan following on their Instagram page, @haschaksisters. With over 876K followers on Instagram, they make an average of around $3,500 per sponsored post. They have about 51,800 followers on their newly launched TikTok page, 4haschaksisters.

Olivia Haschak in red sweater holding Sierra Haschak's dog.The youngest, but certainly not the idlest.
Photo Source: Olivia Haschak, Instagram

Besides, they have also ventured into the music industry and have released over 32 plus original songs including the likes of Little Bit, Boys Are So Ugh, Girl Power, Champion, and so on. One of their most popular music videos is titled Like A Girl which has over 375 million views and 1.4 million-plus likes. There are more than nine videos on her youtube channel with over 100 million views.

They also earn a big sum from their branded merchandise which is available at haschaksisters.myspreadshop.com. Their online clothing line sells high-quality Tees, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and Workwear which can be found in all sizes, i.e., from kids to adults sizes.

Additionally, Olivia has over 502K followers on her personal Instagram account, oliviahaschak from which she makes an estimated average of around $2,000 per post from sponsorship and brand endeavors. What's more, she also performed in the stage production of The Perfect Gift.

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