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Jul 28, 2022 @ 13:34 EDT
Are Sierra Haschak & the Other Haschak Sisters Adopted? Get All Her Details Here | Celeb$fortune 2022

Sierra Haschak (full name Sierra Lily Haschak) is an American dancer, Youtuber, singer, actor, and social media personality who got her fame after appearing in MattyB’s cover video of Kanye West’s Clique alongside her sisters Madison Haschak, Gracie Haschak, and Olivia Haschak.

Sierra Haschack and her sisters, popular as Haschak Sisters, made a name for themselves on the internet at a very young age with their exceptional dancing talent. All the Haschak sisters are experts in various dance forms like Jaxx, musical theatre, ballet, hip-hop, and tap dancing.

Talking about Sierra, she has been dancing since the age of two and has won numerous including securing the 8th rank in Future Hall of Famer Solos and the High Gold Award in 2013. She is studying Biological Sciences at the University of Southern California after completing high school at King’s Ridge Christian School where she was a part of the dance and cheer team.

Who Are Sierra Haschak’s Parents? Is She Adopted?

Born on November 14, 2003, to businessman father, John Haschak, and mother, Kathi Haschak, Sierra Haschak is NOT an adopted child. In fact, Gracie and Madison are her own two elder siblings, and Olivia Haschak, the younger sister. The rumors of the Haschak Sisters being adopted have been in the news since their debut which they denied in a video they posted.

(L-R) The Haschak Sisters, Sierra Haschak, Gracie Haschak, Madison Haschak in graduation gown, and Olivia Haschak.While Madison recently graduated college, Sierra's high school journey is over.
Photo Source: Haschak Sisters, Instagram

She has been training as a dancer at Temecula Dance Company where her mother used to work as a studio manager since she was very young. As talented as she is, it's not shocking that she performed her first solo performance at the age of seven.

The Haschak Sisters are not only famous for their dance but also for their musical career. They have released more than 30 plus songs including Boys Are so Ugh, Daddy says No, Ponytail, Girls Rule The World, Nah Nah Nah, and Text Him Back that are popular around the globe.

Sierra Haschak’s Net Worth in 2022: Know More About Her Income Source And Her Merch.

As per estimating sources, Sierra Haschak holds a net worth of $2 million thanks to her lucrative dancing career. It is obviously her biggest source of income but she collects good fortune from other social media platform sponsorships and endorsements

The Haschak Sisters started their YouTube channel, Haschak Sisters, on Feb 5, 2008, under the guidance of their parents. They have massive 9.45 million subscribers from which they make an average of $29,500 per video through ad revenue only.

And after their big breakthrough from MattyB's cover video of Kanye's Clique, the Haschak Sisters have never looked back. They also ventured into the music industry and have released over 32 original songs including Little Bit, Boys Are So Ugh, Girl Power, Champion, and so on.

Sierra Haschak hugging a dog to her head level with a multiple christmas tree backdrop.They do have a dog named Fergie.
Photo Source: Sierra Haschak, Instagram

One of their most popular music videos is titled Like A Girl which has over 382 million views and 1.5 million-plus likes. There are more than nine videos on their youtube channel which has over 100 million views. Besides, their cover video of Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk has also been popular amongst the fans, garnering millions of views.

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Additionally, they have over 875K followers on their Instagram page, Haschak Sisters (@haschaksisters), from which they make an average of $3,500 per post through sponsorships and brand endorsements. They have over 52,000 followers on their newly launched TikTok page, 4haschaksisters. What's more, their branded merchandise at sells all kinds of high-quality Tees, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and Workwear which can be found in all sizes i.e. from kids to adults sizes.

Furthermore, from her Instagram handle, Sierra Haschak (@sierrahaschak), with 286K followers, she earns around $1,1oo per post where Sierra has posted over 73 times. She has over 165.4K followers on her personal TikTok account as well. Besides, she also performed as a dancer in the stage production of The Nutcracker.

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