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Betty La, aka PaintingRainbows, Is the Oldest But Shortest of KREW | Celeb$fortune & Net Worth 2022

Among the members of the famous YouTube group KREW, Betty La (b. September 10, 1992) aka PaintingRainbows is the eldest and certainly the most responsible one. The 29-year-old gaming YouTuber from Canada has made her name in the YouTube gaming scene through some of the most popular games on the platform like Minecraft and Roblox.

Betty La, also popular as Rainbow, is notable for her hilarious roleplay, adventure, challenge, and mini-game videos on her YouTube channel, PaintingRainbows, with 1.19 million subscribers. Like the rest of the world, the Canadian YouTuber loves K-pop and is a serious fan of BTS, and ITZY.

PaintingRainbows' Life Before Fame: Know More About Her Former Job, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend.

Many of you might be shocked to hear that PaintingRainbows, before being a gaming YouTuber, was a cytotechnologist. She quit her job as a cytotechnologist after she found success in the gaming scene. Well, she has her younger sister Kat aka ItsFunneh, who is also a prominent YouTube gaming phenomenon, to thank for paving the journey towards fame.

(L-R) KREW members LunarEclipse holding a small dog, GoldenGlare, ItsFunneh, PaintingRainbows, and DraconiteDragon with another large dog tagged itsdoggeh in front of them.She's the one with pink highlights.
Photo Source: PaintingRainbows, Instagram

The Canadian YouTuber is the eldest of five siblings and is very close to her younger sisters, GoldenGlare (Kimberly La), Lunar Eclipse (Wenny La), and ItsFunneh (Kat), and brother DraconiteDragon (Allen La). She is also the self-proclaimed tallest in the group (though she is the shortest one).

Being the most responsible one in the group, she too loves making jokes and puns (that not everyone gets). Born in a middle-class family, she and her siblings initially used to work in their family-owned restaurant to help their parents.

Now that they have found success, she and her siblings have ensured their parents won't have to work anymore. She lives with her family in the same house along with her five pets including two cats and three dogs named Kiaria, Ezera, Alven, Dembe, and Reinhardt.

PaintingRainbows has made sure to keep herself away from any type of rumors. Being a secretive person, she has not even revealed her parents' names let alone her boyfriend. She seems to be focused on her career right now. However, she might also be waiting for the perfect one. Nonetheless, she has won a lot of hearts through her gaming skills.

How Much Is PaintingRainbows' Net Worth? Know More About Her Income Source And Merch.

As per estimating sources, PaintingRainbows possesses a net worth of $200,000. As a gaming YouTuber, she earns through super chats, donations as well as subscriptions (where applicable). With 1.19 million subscribers on her self-titled channel, PaintingRainbows, she makes an average of $13,000 per video through ad revenue. What's more, she also makes a good sum from promoting amazon links for the gear that she uses, and possibly a share of advertisement if the live stream is ad-supported.

PaintingRainbows taking a selfie with a tongue-twist pose on her face.She does love to take selfies.
Photo Source: PaintingRainbows, Instagram

Even though she started her channel on October 8, 2013, she posted her first video Minecraft Camping - I'M ON FIRE!!! only after three years on August 22, 2016. One of the most popular videos on her channel is titled, "MAGICAL DORM ROOMS IN FAIRY HIGHSCHOOL! (Roblox Roleplay)" which received over seven million views. However, she has yet to privately post on YouTube since April 2019.

Her username on Roblox is RainbowsYT and her display name is Rainbow. She also has an alternate account called StrawberryMilkGoat in Roblox and Rainbwoah in Minecraft. Her gender-bend counterpart is Rainboi from which she acts as a male version of herself.

Although she has an individual channel, like other members of KREW, Rainbow mostly appears in her sister's channel ItsFunneh which has over 9.36 million subscribers. Rainbow along with her siblings stream their games on their YouTube channel so that their fans can watch them play the games while listening to their uninterrupted and unedited humorous narration.

They also have a collaborative channel called KREW with 1 million subscribers where they post short videos and keep the fans entertained with their gaming videos. Besides, KREW also has their own branded merchandise available at where you can buy all sorts of clothing apparel to accessories from Hoodies, Tees, Joggers, gift cards, and many more. They also have their own game on the play store called KREW EATS.

Additionally, the brown-eyed sensation also has managed to earn loyal fans on her other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter as well as Facebook where she keeps her fans updated. Besides, she has over 294K followers on her Instagram account, Rainbow (@rainbwoah) from which she earns around $1,100 per post on her Instagram through sponsorships and brand endorsements.

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