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Jul 14, 2020 @ 5:34 EDT
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Here's what you should know about CEO of Wayfair, Niraj Shah; his connection with  Jeffrey Epstein, 'The Boys and Girls Clubs of America,' Julius Epstein, Wayfair Child Sex Trafficking conspiracy and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Niraj Shah (born Niraj S. Shah) is an Indian-American billionaire businessman; he is the co-founder and CEO of Wayfair, an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home-goods. The online store, which was founded in 2002, was formerly known as CSN Stores but later changed its name to Wayfair after 2011.

As we assume you are fairly aware of the 'Wayfair Scandal,' there's been rumors that the CEO of Wayfair stepped down, but according to the reports, Niraj Shah did not step down. The spokesperson of the company has claimed the ongoing "Wayfair Child Sex Trafficking" rumors are nothing but part of an unfounded conspiracy theory.

We have tried to compile different sources to help you with understanding the ongoing Wayfair child sex trafficking scandal. Here's what you should know.

CEO of Wayfair, Niraj S. Shah, Alleged of Child Trafficking

On Monday, July 13, 2020. False posts started circulating on the internet claiming CEO and co-founder of Wayfair, Niraj Shah, has stepped down from the company following child trafficking allegations. While the scandal thing is pretty much alive still, the claim "he left the company" has been debunked as the online furniture retailer set the record straight in an email to Associated Press.

The conspiracies and rumors started to swirl around the internet from the first week of July, where many social media users claimed Wayfair's high prices for cabinets and other products indicate it is embroiled in child sex trafficking, without any evidence.

A spokesperson for Wayfair has denied all the allegations; however, the online conspiracy theories and QAnon linked social profiles are spreading rumors like wildfire.

What Fueled Wayfair Child Sex Trafficking Scandal? (TikTok started it, followed by Twitter): Wayfair TikTok/QAnon Conspiracy

Some reports suggest the whole thing started when people took their parody advertisement too seriously. The parody ad for Wayfair shows a child being found in a delivery box. The social media users, (especially TikTok users and QAnon linked Twitter accounts), shared the parody video, falsely claiming, 'It shows a Wayfair advertisement that the company 'never wanted anyone to see.'"

TikTok and QAnon linked social media users started to circulate the "extremely overpriced" cabinets with suggestive names. One of the Reddit users posted the screenshot of cabinets, where the person wrote, "Is it possible Wayfair involved in Human trafficking with their WFX Utility collection? Or are these just extremely overpriced cabinets? (Note the names of the cabinets) this makes me sick to my stomach if it's true :("

Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah, Julius Epstein, Child Sex Trafficking, Ghislaine Maxwell, TikTok Scandal, QAnon ScandalScreenshot of the Reddit User's post

Following the Wayfair TikTok/QAnon conspiracies started to make their rounds, the online furniture retailer issued a denial on Friday, July 10, 2020. The company's statement read, "he products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are accurately priced."

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The report further read, "Recognizing that the photos and descriptions provided by the supplier did not adequately explain the high price point, we have temporarily removed the products from the site to rename them and to provide a more in-depth description and photos that accurately depict the product to clarify the price point."

How is Niraj Shah Linked to 'The Boys and Girls Clubs of America,' Julius Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell? 

So here's our analysis, as we all know, Niraj Shah is the CEO of Wayfair; moreover, Shah is also a board of director of the Shah Family Foundation.  The foundation partnered with 'The Boys and Girls Clubs of America.' And here comes the tricky part, 'The Boys and Girls Clubs of America' has a connection with Jeffrey Epstein, an American financier who was a convicted sex offender, and surprisingly, Jeffrey was the alleged grandson of Julius Epstein.

Some reports also suggest 'The Boys and Girls Clubs of America' was allegedly founded in part by Julius Epstein. And about Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who is the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein. Well, the story doesn't end there! According to Ghislaine's victims' lawyer, she acted as 'hunter' for Jeffrey Epstein. That means, "And she was trying to bring home game for what she saw as her master, which was Mr. Epstein."

So, that's how Jeffrey has a connection with the club. While these connections prove nothing, but it's always interesting to know.

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So, what do you think? Are these TikTok and QAnon conspiracies about Wayfair Child Sex Trafficking true? Well, keep looking, we will update you as soon as we get any lead on the topic. Till then, stay tuned to CelebsFortune!

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