Quavo Girlfriend 2023: Who Has the Rapper Dated in the Past?

Apr 24, 2023 @ 6:44 EDT
Quavo Girlfriend 2023: Who Has the Rapper Dated in the Past?

After being apart for two years, Quavo has finally moved on from his ex-girlfriend, Saweetie, as of 2023. People have believed him to be dating influencer Erica Fontaine for a few months, but he has yet to confirm the news. Well, let's hope to hear some good news from the rapper soon.

You all might have a question: why are most rappers and singers involved in smoking? Is it cool? Do you prefer not to see your favorite person smoke, or is it okay? When Quavo recently shared an old Instagram video of himself smoking in an unknown location, many fans reacted negatively.

We all might have been updated about the death of Migos member Takeoff. In the video of Quavo, he was seen sharing a smoke with his teammate and Takeoff. The post was captioned, "Let Me Smoke Wit Ya Phew!" After seeing the post, many expressed respect for their deep relationship, and some questioned them for following bad habits at the same time.

The video made many Marshall fans curious, and they are wondering to know more about his personal life and current status. To know more about his life and his girlfriend as of 2023, read this article.

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Quavo’s Girlfriend in 2023: He Is Rumored to Be in a Serious Relationship With Erica Fontaine!

Quavo (@quavohuncho) has finally moved on from his ex-girlfriend, Saweetie, after being apart for two years as of 2023. Many fans are waiting for him to confirm the rumors that he is dating an Instagram influencer, Erica Fontaine or not.

Quavious Keyate Marshall, aka Quavo, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was very interested in sports in his senior year and was a member of the football team during the 2009 season. He started his music career after dropping out of Berklee months before graduation. He formed Migos in 2008 with fellow rappers Takeoff and Offset, and as of now, he is known as the co-founder and frontman of the group.

Quavo has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Every detail of his professional and personal activities is covered by the media. From graduating 11 years after dropping out to being one of the main eyewitnesses to Takeoff's murder, his every involvement has left a mark. Do you know Quavo was one of the eyewitnesses to his teammate's death? Why was he dead? Was he sick?

On November 1, 2022, Takeoff was murdered in the early morning hours due to a gunshot. Did you know Where did the incident take place? When Quavo, Takeoff, and about 39 other people gathered outside the bowling alley at 810 Billiards and Bowling, located in Houston, Texas, after a private party, the incident took place, which took the life of the rapper.

Speaking of Quavo's girlfriend, do you know his current dating rumors? Is he dating someone? Who is Erica? Well, after two years of taking a break from social media, the frontman of Migos has been believed to have fallen all over again in love with his recent girlfriend, Erica Fontaine. According to the online insider news, they are claimed to be very serious in their relationship.

Though there is no information on Quavo and Erica's relationship timeline, he is said to be revealing more about their relationship to his fans soon. The couple is said to have met through a mutual friend and began dating after knowing each other for a few months. Erica is a West Virginia University gymnast who loves to document her healthy and fun lifestyle on Instagram.

Quavo and Erica Fontaine are currently romantically linked together.Quavo and Erica Fontaine are currently romantically linked together.
Source: Celebs Fortune

Some of the fans are happy about Quavo's new love life, but some still miss seeing him with his ex-girlfriend, Saweetie. The pair started dating each other in September 2018 and made many public appearances during that time. After dating for more than two years, Saweetie revealed that she would no longer be with Quavo on March 19, 2021.

Quavo dated Saweetie in the past and some fans miss them as a couple.Quavo dated Saweetie in the past and some fans miss them as a couple.
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Following Saweetie and Quavo's breakup, footage of their elevator fight leaked online, but a later Saweetie claimed that the physical incident occurred in 2020 and was not the cause of their split. Later, when she was asked to reveal more about her breakout, she denied it and asked for it to be in the past. She stated;

You know, I think the past is just the past and I’ve moved on since then, I think we had a lot of growing pains together. I thought we was gon’ spend, you know, the rest of our lives together. With him, I just knew it was the one. It was different. If he was a little mailbox man, and I came across you…I would have still wanted your ass.

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