Inside Stormi Webster's Extravagant 2nd Birthday: How Much Fortune Billionaire Kylie Jenner Spared for Her Daughter

Feb 4, 2020 @ 18:01 EST
Inside StormiWorld 2: Kylie Jenner's Daughter's Birthday.

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It looks like Stormi Webster will grow up surrounded by the glow of a lavish lifestyle for the rest of her life. Because when it comes to celebration, mother Kylie Jenner, leaves no stone unturned. Christmas and New Year's Eve are only a few of those moments where we've seen her show she's not afraid to use the money she's earned in such a small time period.

While the talks of Jenner getting back together for with her baby-daddy, Travis Scott, might only faze out in a matter of days (provided they don't get back together), the amount she spent to give her daughter the best day of the year is not underestimating, to say the least. She really went all out.

The $100,000 StormiWorld Birthday Bash Plan Started Weeks Ago

The first birthday celebration for Stormi on February 1, 2019, was dubbed StormiWorld by her parents. So, it was obvious her second birthday was going to be a sequel to the first, despite her parents splitting up. And like last time, the pair was not holding back. The preparations for this year (2020) started last year, technically.

On December 7, 2019, Jenner took to Twitter to announce she was beginning to plan for Stormi's second birthday. It was not a hint but a big reveal, and as she said, this year's celebration was "insane".

Her mother started the birthday-week with a trip to Disneyland, on a private jet no less. While Jenner and Scott chose to rent out the backlot of Universal Studios for StormiWorld, sources revealed to TMZ this was going to be a Trolls-themed one. It was a part of it, yes. The cost estimation was also revealed to be around $100,000 for a studio space.

'StormiWorld 2' and Guests

Then came the birthday date, February 1, 2020. Already dubbed StormiWorld 2, the main message for the birthday girl was '2 Is Better Than 1'. For this time, that is. The event was put together by Mandy Weiss. It was huge, so much so that a guide book with a map was included for guests. Attendees also got shirts that read, “StormiWorld, 2 is better than 1". It was also written on the cake.

Stormi Webster birthday cake, featuring her own head.When Jenner goes all out on a cake.
Photo Source: Khloé Kardashian, Instagram Stories

In case you missed it, StormiWorld is a reference to Travis Scott’s second album titled AstroWorld. The choice of Jenner to still name the birthday celebration might be something people took for thinking she and Scott may be getting back together.

Speaking of guests, it was obvious the entire Kardashian-Jenner family was going to be there. With Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster and father Travis Scott, Kylie's side of the family included Kris Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Khloé's son True Thompson, Kendall Jenner, uncle Rob Kardashian's daughter Dream Kardashian and Kim Kardashian-West, Kanye West & their four children North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm West.

Outside the Jenner/Kardashian gang, the guest-invites included Kylie's BFF Stassie Karanikolaou; John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and their daughter Luna Stephens; Grammy-winning singer Rosalía and Hailey Baldwin Bieber.

A Tour of 'StormiWorld 2'

StormiWorld 2 had Disney written all over it (except Trolls, but who can blame the mistake). There were three different worlds once you entered the entrance — Trolls World, Frozen World, and Stormi World. By the way, the entrance was of the same type as last year: a huge version of Stormi's head.

Directions to the three world inside StormiWorld 2.Many have petitioned StormiWorld 2 to be a real fun-park.
Photo Source: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

The entrance to StormiWorld 2, featuring Stormi's large head and the mother-daughter in the front.The entrance to StormiWorld 2.
Photo Source: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

Once you enter, near a tree with signs showing the direction towards each world, there was a table with guide books, which mapped out all the attractions and directions of where to find them. Yes, it was so big that they had to make maps.

Trolls World included actors/dancers in their Troll-costumes from the characters of the 2016 movie, including a bunch of people playing drums in a room having a rainbow decor.

Frozen World had music from the hit Disney movie playing with a woman dressed as Elsa. It also had ice sculptures, including one of Olaf, a craft station, a moon bounce house, and furniture made from ice.

Stormi World was the main attraction, which had real theme-park rides. The room dedicated for Stormi had a giant slide, a ball pit shaped like an "S" as the initial of her name, and dancers on stilts. Additional dancers wore giant versions of Stormi's head.

Inside StormiWorld.Creepy enough for you?
Photo Source: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

Additionally, StormiWorld also had an area for a merchandise store filled with StormiWorld swag, a claw game with Stormi prizes, StormiWorld sweets, a photo booth and a tie-dye station. Even the cups, balloons ( some shaped like lightning bolts), and trash cans were customized for the event.

StormiWorld Crane game.
StormiWorld customized balloons.More fun things to do inside StormiWorld 2.
Photos Source: Kylie Jenner, Instagram Stories

There also was a section of the party titled Crazy Dumbos, where guests could experience the ride inspired by Disney's Dumbo.

The cake also featured Stormi's head with lights included, which was also surrounded by other treats as the guests sang "Happy Birthday" and cut the Stormi cake. It was over-the-top, to say the least.

The Gifts

Since little Stormi will hardly remember the day when she grows up (but the tabloids will constantly keep reminding her, provided robots don't take over the world), there was no harm done as Kylie revealed several gifts for her via Instagram Stories the night before the big day.

Stormi Webster's gifts.

They were wrapped in Minnie Mouse & Trolls wrapping paper as well as a pink Dynacraft Trolls 6-volt Super Coupe Ride-On car with a huge pink bow on it and a Step2 brand Unicorn Up & Down Roller Coaster with a rainbow track. Thank heavens she didn't buy her cars.

Another Massive Gift - The Stormi Collection Is Launched

As if it wasn't too early for little Stormi to get a house already, she already has a partner in the beauty world after Jenner decidedly wanted a collaboration with her own daughter. She'd decided to pass her Kylie Cosmetics venture on to her daughter, and the steps have begun already as she found the perfect moment for it.

As part of a gift for her daughter on her birthday (although she hasn't stated it), Kylie Jenner launched the Stormi Collection for a limited time. That became her first new release in 2020 and the first one with her daughter. But hours after announcing the Stormi Collection would launch in 30 minutes, she shared via Instagram Stories that it sold out already. That's not new to the beauty mogul though.

Stormi funnily applying lipstick on her mother Kylie Jenner's lips.Some people had to leave the online store without anything.
Source: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

Yeah, every little product from the collection, ranging from $12 to $108, is sold out and isn't available on anymore. They included mini versions of lip kits, an eyeshadow palette, a high-gloss kit and blush all in butterfly-themed packaging. Their mutual love for butterflies was put into use.

Products from Stormi Collection.Photo Source: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

However, there's also another Stormi x Kylie Collection to be released later this month, on Valentine's Day, to be exact. She's teased about it a month ago in January when she released a photo of Stormi looking at various line sheets of a few products in the collection. She's been working real hard at it too. On one sheet is written, 'Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Day Collection 2020'.

Stormi looking at sheet for the Valentine's Day collection.Jenner changed the Valentines Day Collection as Stormi Collection for Stormi.
Source: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

Stormi Collection might've replaced it but it's not likely (or very). The 22-year-old shared the first promo photos and video clips from the campaign on Instagram. She and Stormi wore matching neutral dresses, as flower petals fall from the sky. But underneath all the photos & videos, she had Stormi Collection mentioned in the caption.

So yeah, the Valentine's Day Collection might not materialize. Or it just might, at the last minute, however unlikely. There's no sign of her promoting it on her social media pages, which she never fails to do.

Mixed Reviews Regarding the Extravagance

While Kylie may feel her way about spending too much money on Stormi's birthday, who likely won't remember the day herself unless she's shown the photos, she hasn't really thought too long and hard about the negative comments. They obviously exist.

People were calling her out in the comment section of the 'StormiWorld' post for spending an unnecessary amount of her fortune on a birthday party when she could've donated it to charity in her daughter's name. Yeah, it would've been nice. There were several of the comments.

But, at the same time, her fans got behind her and defended her lifestyle. Whatever the case, Stormi isn't at an age when she would, or should for that matter, care about any of it. For her, it only matters she had fun. But Kylie could think of other ways to spend the money for a good cause.

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