Jenna Davis

Indigo Star Carey

Find out Indigo Star Carey Net Worth along with Biography, Age, Dating/Affairs, Crush Family, and career updates. Learn How rich is the 14 years old star is and her income sources. Big Blue eyes, long silky blonde hair, Indigo Star Carey aka Indi Star sure is a heartthrob to the ‘Gen Z’ generation. As the …

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Jenna Davis Wallpaper | Songs, Bio, Net Worth, Piper Rockelle, Movies and TV Shows, Family, Father Mother, Disney, Age 16

Jenna Davis

Is it weird that we found Jenna Davis’ song Under the Surface catchy? We’d like to think not. She’s been singing cover songs all her life and not just as a lip-sync user formerly in She rose to fame with her second most popular video on YouTube, a cover song for Sia’s Cheap Thrills when …

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