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May 11, 2020 @ 0:29 EDT
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Find out Indigo Star Carey Net Worth along with Biography, Age, Dating/Affairs, Crush Family, and career updates. Learn How rich is the 14 years old star is and her income sources.

Big Blue eyes, long silky blonde hair, Indigo Star Carey aka Indi Star sure is a heartthrob to the 'Gen Z' generation. As the ever-evolving world and technology which has given people who tend to do, to manifest their art, talent to millions and billions out there, Indi Star as her last name suggests sure is a natural-born star who's gained and opened herself patterns in a possible way. Indi has spread her magic everywhere, mean she's a popular YouTuber, actress, dancer, TikTok star, Instagram star.

So below we present you with all the details of the young energy who's achieved more than many celebrities who are still struggling to calibrate shifting their career. So inhere we present you all the details of the trending star Indi bio, early life, romantic affair, and Net worth and other intriguing facts,

Biography, Zodiac, Parents, Siblings, Sister

Indigo and Sister Azalea Carey

Snippet of Indi with elder sister Azalea.
Image Source: Instagram

Indigo Star Carey was born in the United States on December 12, 2006. Sadly there's not much information related to her personal life as Star tends to keep her personal information far from media outlets so there's not much information related to her father, mother, and personal stuff. Nevertheless, Indi shares a sister Azalea Carey (Complete Biography) who is also an actress and is often seen on her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channel.

The 14 years old star is best known as a TV Actress, and Internet star, precisely famous for her YouTube, and TikTok platform. Coming on the American actress Television career she is most famous for her roles on television shows, including Henry Danger, Betrayed, and My Haunted House.

She is also an accomplished dancer who has performed as part of the KIDZ BOP and in stage productions like Nutcracker Ballet. She is a member of a famous TV Actress with the age 12 years old group. She is one of the Richest TV Actress who was born in the United States. The versatile star is also a trained actress undertaken from Gray Studios in Los Angeles, California.

How Much is Indigo Star Net Worth?

Net Worth

Indi made herself a fortune of $300k.
Image Source: Instagram

Talking about Indigo Star Carey Net worth is estimated to be around $500k, however, she is getting popular day by day and the day is not so far when Star can call herself a self-made millionaire - and that's for sure! As of now, the sources behind her net worth are credited to her YouTube channel, and movies she has played.  As per a source from Social Blade, Indi rakes around $10.6K - $169.2K per year with 10,720,66 total video views, 276k followers.

Thou her channel was created on Aug 14th, 2015, Indi contents are recently garnering good views lately from 2019 to 2020, precisely after she joined the popular rising squad Piper Rockelle [Net Worth: $2.7 million], Sophie Ferguson (@Sophie Fergi) or Fergi [Net Worth: $200,000], Jentzen Ramirez [Net Worth: $1 million], @Walker Bryant, Lev Cameron [net worth: $600,000], Jenna Davis [net worth: $900,000], and Sawyer Sharbino [net worth: $300,000]. All the gang features each other on their YouTube channel, sometimes with funny challenges, and relation'ship' dramas.

Indi Star Music, Movies, and Tv Shows

Indi is noted for some of her works Henry Danger, Betrayed, and My Husband House. Alongside television has also been part of Kidz Bop where she showed her dancing skills and performed in stage productions like Nutcracker Ballet.

While few might be familiar with the fact that Indi is a trained dancer, she started dancing at the age of three and is expertise in various dance forms like a tap, hip-hop, ballet, and jazz-funk. Indi is also known for her appearance as a guest in one of the popular web series Teens Wanna Know in 2017.

Indigo is also fond of singing and she's blessed with a soulful voice too. She often posts cover songs of the artists and recently launched her own composed song Just Might Dance which is receiving good reviews with a million views.

Indigo Star Crush, Boyfriend, Dating, Relationship

Walker's secret admirer turned out to be Indie!
Image Source: Instagram

All the Windi fans might know about the Indigo former crush/boyfriend Walker Bryant - full details covered. Indi and Walker's relationship was shocking news to fan as Walker was in a relation'ship' with Piper and Star with Swayer.

The former partners started dating out of sudden and without even informing their partners about their romantic fumes. Indi out of the blues uploaded  the above photo alongside the caption and shared about her new crush,

So I feel like I have to address all the rumors that are swirling around because my Youtube video did not post today.  Yes, Walker and I like each other and, yes, we are in a crush. My video, the third video in the 3 part series was supposed to post today on Youtube but it was not posted. Hopefully you will see it at some point. The video was about me telling Piper about how Walker and I had been playing video games and had developed feelings for each other and Piper gave her a blessing for us to pursue the relationship. She even called Walker on FaceTime and was excited to share the news that she had found his secret admirer. Everyone is happy and fine with how things turned out. Please continue to support all ships as we move forward. (edit) A lot of people are asking about Sawyer. Please watch the Pipers Truth video. Sawyer and I both decided that we were better off as friends. Love, ❤️, Indi Star

Indi officially shared the news regarding her new crush taking to her Instagram on April 27, Monday. She posted the image with Walker which came as a shock for many of their followers too. Unfortunately, Indi and Walker break up. Learn why Windi is over here. Recently Indi Star is dating YouTuber Donald Dougher.

Indigo Star Carey Social Media Presence

Instagram - 733k Followers

Tik Tok - 711.6 k Followers, 26.6 million likes

YouTube - 433k Followers

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