Zack Lugo

Dec 20, 2021 @ 9:50 EST
Zack Lugo: The Small-Town Boy Who Bought His Dream Car at 20 with Social Media Fame

"A small-town boy chasing his dreams", is how Zack Lugo describes himself. Rising to fame from Tiktok and now establishing himself as a social media star, Lugo has been one of the internet's favorite ever since he has stepped into the limelight.

Born on June 7, 2001, Zack hails from southern Idaho. Zack's mother Lori Sommers Lugo has appeared on multiple of his videos and posts. He has also done a Q&A video with his mom on his Youtube channel. The rising Social media star seems to have a very good relationship with his mother. Zack has a stepfather, Ben Biermann. Zack also has a sister, Hailey Lugo, and two step-brothers, Boone Biermann and Payton Biermann.

The popular Tiktok star graduated high school from Minico High School in 2019 and now is pursuing a full-time career in social media.

From Just a Small Town Boy to Being an Internet Sensation

With the world taken over by the internet, everyone is familiar with platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube. These social media applications have provided a platform to showcase talent and be known to the world. Grabbing the opportunity on time, Zack Lugo has made himself one of them.

The 5'10" tall Tiktoker started posting on the platform in 2019. His first video is an interactive video titled all CLEAN??, which has over 220,000 likes. Zack's good looks and charisma gained him immediate fame on the platform, and he gained thousands of followers within days of posting the video.

Zack Lugo Holding a number of Pokemon cards in his right hand.Apparently, he has his own "Pokémon rip and ship business".
Photo Source: Zack Lugo, Instagram

Zack Lugo's Tiktok videos mostly include dances on trendy sounds, lipsyncs, and humorous content. The content creator has also collaborated with multiple famous Tiktokers like WillyWonkaTiktok, Jean-Victor, and Emma Brooks McAllister. The dashing Tiktoker has also made multiple Tiktok videos with his mother and grandmother. His most liked video on Tiktok has around 7 million views and 1.5 million likes. The video, titled My momma got married today so so happy, features him dancing to the tunes of Classic by MKTO.

Zack's handsome features, impeccable fashion sense, humorous and fun content as well as unproblematic nature have earned him success in the cosmos of social media. The rising content creator's Instagram page (zacklugo_) has around 1 million followers. His eye-catching pictures and aesthetically pleasing feed have kept him ahead of the game. The young influencer usually posts his pictures with his girlfriend and friends, and his family on his feed. He occasionally also conducts giveaways and does collaboration with multiple brands and companies.

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With a successful Tiktok career, Lugo has expanded his horizon with his Youtube channel. Now emerging as a vlogger, Zack Lugo's Youtube channel has about 70,000 subscribers. He began posting on the platform on December 22, 2020, with his first video Welcome to my channel! | Vlog #1 | Zack Lugo. The video has over 48,400 views and 4,400 likes.

A skateboard enthusiast, Zack usually posts skateboard vlogs and workout vlogs, fun Q&A videos with his girlfriend Emma, videos featuring his mom Lori, adventure vlogs, and Tiktok videos as well. His most popular videos include ones with his girlfriend Emma Brooks, Explaining Everything In Our Relationship | Zack Lugo & Emma Brooks" which has around 416,000 views.

Not just a content creator, Zack has also founded his own clothing line Runaway Kid Apparel, where he sells exclusive clothes with models as well.

Net Worth: Zach Lugo Bought His Dream Car at Age of 20!

Zach has gotten immense success at a very young age since his debut on the internet in 2019. The fashionable influencer has also been blessed with a good deal of fortune. In 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Zack Lugo hugging his newly bought car, a while Tesla Model S.He had it all wrapped and brought home.
Photo Source: Zack Lugo, Instagram

With TikTok being his primary platform, the stunner has around 8.8 million followers and earns an estimated amount of $7,000 per post through sponsorships and live streams. As for Instagram, with a verified account and 1 million followers, the Insta star earns an estimated amount of $2,700 per post.

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As the owner of his very own clothing apparel, Zack has surely added more to his current numbers from social media earnings. Additionally, Zack has also recently bought his dream car when he was just 20 years old. He took it to his Instagram and posted a picture of him in his car captioned, "Dream car at 20". The car is a Tesla Model S and costs around $119,990.

Zack Lugo and Emma Brooks Mcallister are Tiktok's favorite couple

Zack Lugo's girlfriend is none other than the famous Tiktoker Emma Brooks. The two started first met on November 12, 2020, and started talking from the very first day. The two immediately hit it off, but they didn't put any label on their relationship. As Zack says in his Youtube video, their mutual friend Jan set them up and all of it led to their relationship.

The pair have now been dating for over a year and celebrated their 1-year anniversary in mid-November. As Emma says in the video, she proposed to him first and used to visit Malibu often to surprise Zack. The date of the proposal was April 10, 2021, but they started dating way before, in November of 2020.

Zack Lugo (right) and girlfriend Emma Brooks McAllister (left) both in their Pokemon's Charizard costumes.Lugo and McAllister are simply inseparable at the moment.
Photo Source: Zack Lugo, Instagram

The two dated secretly for a while before going public and saying that it helped them create a healthy relationship. Zack publicly posted about Emma on April 25, 2020, with a picture of them together captioned, "Been waiting a long time to post this one ❣️".

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The couple has multiple posts on their socials and can be seen on vlogs and TikToks of Zack. The two have been doing pretty well and no talk about any issues has been out.

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