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Nov 23, 2021 @ 16:21 EST
Brody Wellmaker's Unique Approach to Duets Give Him a Rapid TikTok Rise

Brody Wellmaker (b. Feb 13, 1991) stirred the internet when he shared the TikTok video impersonating the popular Twilight character Bella Swan. Wellmaker is an American actor, singer, and TikTok star most renowned for his comedic reaction, POV, and duet videos on his TikTok handle with over 17 million followers.

Born in Grayson, Georgia, to mother, Staci, and father, Tim Wellmaker, Broody is the third among six children which includes his two older brothers, two younger brothers, and one younger sister. The graduate of the University of North Georgia and Brenau University later moved to Atlanta in order to pursue an acting career.

Brody Wellmaker Says Pandemic Got Him into TikTok

Like many other TikTok stars, Brody Wellmaker also started making TikTok videos due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It all started when he was furloughed from his job after the break out of the coronavirus. That's when he thought of giving a shot into TikTok with the now-deleted video in early 2020, which was a recreation of the viral claymation of a humanoid saying, “Hi stranger, you can look at my butt”.

Brody Wellmaker making a shocked face.Wellmaker's clips are often of the same but unique types.
Photo Source: Brody Wellmaker, Instagram

Even though Wellmaker was already into the Vines, he did not get much fame there. But that's not the case with his first TikTok video which went viral within a couple of hours. However, he got his breakthrough after sharing TikTok videos where he recreates Kristen Stewart’s role as Bella Swan from the Twilight series.

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The 30-year-old rose overnight after his videos went viral gaining millions of followers. He now has over 17 million followers and 542.6 million strong likes on his TikTok handle, Brody Wellmaker (@brodywellmaker). Apart from impersonation videos of Bella, he also posts comedic reactions, half duet videos, and Point Of View videos. Well, he hopes to do a duet with Charli D’Amelio or Addison Rae and show some of his goofy dance moves.

How Much Is the Net Worth of Self Claimed "CEO Of Duets", Brody Wellmaker? Know More About His Merch, Acting, And Singing Career

As of 2021, Brody Wellmaker is estimated to be worth $300,000. The majority of his income source is obviously brand endorsement and sponsorship. Brody makes an average of $13,000 per sponsored post from his TikTok account (@brodywellmaker).

One of his most viral TikTok videos is the video of him eating a watermelon slice with the caption, "I’ll never understand this app," which got over 88 million videos and 17.5 million hearts. Besides, his hilarious upper half duet and comedy skits are also popular among fans. He even calls himself the "CEO of Duets".

Brody Wellmaker's snapshot of a video performing his classic duet, his top-half and a woman's bottom half.He's certainly got the hair for it.
Photo Source: Brody Wellmaker, TikTok

Well, his income source is not only limited to TikTok as he makes a good fortune from his large Instagram fanbase. With over 2.9 million followers on his Instagram account, Brody (@brody_wellmaker), he earns an average of $8,000 per sponsored post. What's more, Wellmaker also offers personalized videos and shout-outs on Cameo for which he charges $125 per response.

Brody launched on YouTube on October 5, 2015. However, he started posting videos only from August 2021. On his self-titled YouTube channel, Brody Wellmaker, he has over 18,600 subscribers and has posted over 61 videos. Not to forget, Wellmaker also has merchandise, MY MERCH, which sells branded t-shirts with the imprints of his pictures. The price of these t-shirt ranges from $24.99 to $34.99 per piece.

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Meanwhile, his acting career is not so impressive as he has managed to grab only minor roles in TV series like Your Worst Nightmare, Containment, The Vampire Dairies, and Within Reach. Even though he is already a well-established celebrity in TikTok, Brody is still working hard to grab the main roles in television series.

The TikTok star also played the role of busboy on popular series, The Originals. However, his scene never made it to the final cut. He is confident enough that he would make a big name in the acting industry and has even kept his bio in TikTok as "Future Oscar Winner". As a singer, the 1.92 m tall Brody has already shared the stage with some of Atlanta's most talented musicians like David DeVries and Alan Kilpatrick.

Brody Wellmaker Is Already Engaged. Is He Planning To Get Married Soon?

It won't be wrong to say that Brody Wellmaker is one of the most popular American TikTokers and no doubt, he has lots of pursuers dying to be his girlfriend. Sorry to break this to you, but he has already given his heart to someone special and is even engaged to his lover.

Wellmaker with headphones and a jacked body.Wellmaker is rarely a photogenic guy. He prefers the videos to define him.
Photo Source: Brody Wellmaker, Instagram

Even though he has kept the personal information about his fiancée, Brody did share about being engaged to his girlfriend in his interview with HITC. What's more, he also revealed that his ex-girlfriend got him into ready books and that's how he got obsessed with the Twilight saga and its characters.

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