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Aug 21, 2022 @ 7:22 EDT

Among many hilarious catchphrases in his videos, “See ya later” is certainly the most iconic one which has made Arron Crascall (b. April 10, 1982) famous. The self-proclaimed “idiot with a camera” is a British social media superstar who first rose through short videos on now-defunct Vine and Facebook.

Even though he himself admits that he is a late bloomer on social media, his hard work did pay off as Crascall gets massive view counts impersonating wild moments from famous personalities like Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, Joe Charman, Ben Phillis, Nicholas Megalis Jeremy Piven, Channing Tatum, Seth Rogan, and Tinchy Stryder.

His Journey From Working in a Betting Shop to UK's Top Comedian.

Becoming popular from Vines and Snapchat videos and then transitioning into almost every mainstream social media platform, Arron Crascall had quite an interesting journey. He first started creating content on Snapchat as a hobby where he started to gain a lot of attention leading him to launch his Vine account in 2013.

Arron Crascall on the right copying the dress that Harry Styles is wearing on the left, including the jacket.Most of his videos include impersonations of wild moments on social media.
Photo Source: Arron Crascall, Instagram

Once he started to get a lot of attention, Crascall then started posting the videos on Facebook too which let his videos to be viral overnight. And before he knew it he got around a million followers on Facebook. Having a simple job to becoming an internet sensation overnight with brands contacting him to make videos for them sure surprised him at the beginning.

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Making videos on the iPhone to be recognized as one of the UK’s most popular social media comedians haven't been easy for him. Before his now-massive fame, he worked in a betting shop. In 2015, the English influencer also won the title of Heart Magazine's Best Viner.

Arron Crascall Net worth in 2022: Know More About His Income Source.

As per estimating sources, Arron Crascall amasses a net worth of $800,000. As an online influencer, he makes a good sum through ad revenue from, Instagram and TikTok sponsorships, and brand deals. The English Comedian rose to fame on Vine by engaging the public in his comedy to utilize their instantaneous reactions. Following his success on Vine, he turned toward YouTube in 2014 and launched his YouTube channel, Arron Crascall.

Arron Crascall (center) with his three daughters, one on each of his sides and a toddler being held in front.His family is also part of his antics sometimes.
Photo Source: Arron Crascall, Instagram

The 40-year-old has over 827K subscribers on his eponymous channel from which he earns an average of $900 per video. Some of his most popular videos are The Hand of Dance, Addict be like, Awkward phone calls, Beat drops, Singing out loud, and so on.

His popularity got him the chance to appear on Hey Tracey on ITV2, Celebability on ITV2, Celebrity Coach Trip on E4, and Stupid Man, Smart Phone show on BBC Three alongside, Russell Kane. Similarly, with over 4.6 million followers and 67 million likes strong on his Tiktok handle, Arron Crascall (arroncrascall), he earns around $3,700 per sponsored video.

When you have a large TikTok and YouTube, it is certain that you’ll expand your fanbase on Instagram too; that there is another means of earning for Crascall. With an enormous following on his Instagram handle, @arron_crascall with 4.5 million fans, he has posted over two thousand times now and earns well around $12,000 per sponsored post.

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What's more, Arron has collaborated with prominent brands like Virgin Media, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Starbucks, Warner Brothers, Samsung, and many more. Besides, he also published a book called See Ya Later: The World According to Arron Crascall, which tells us about how he started living in his brilliant and hilarious world.

Is Arron Crascall Married to Charlotte? It's Not a Question Anymore

If you have following Arron Crascall for quite some time then you will know that he has been dating his longtime girlfriend, Charlotte for years now. What's more, the love birds even share three beautiful daughters together. They're the reasons he's been able to make videos as he does. Moreover, fans love Charlotte and her pranks on Arron.

Arron Crascall (left) and his girlfriend turned-wife Charlotte (right) in their wedding dresses posing for a wedding photo.You better believe it.
Photo Source: Arron Crascall, Instagram

And fans were wondering if Crascall is planning to tie the knot with his baby mama any time soon for quite a while. With the pair's relationship growing stronger with each passing year, they've got what they wanted. Arron recently shared a wedding photo with now-wife Charlotte on August 19, 2022, and received numerous congratulatory comments from blue-check celebrities. It was a wonder why he hadn't posted as much in the past week.

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