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Jan 4, 2022 @ 14:33 EST

From rating the outfits of the Netflix series Emily in Paris to having her own Netflix show, Batsheva Haart (b. 27, 1993) has really come a long way. And being in a reality TV show becomes even more ironic when she herself was not allowed to watch TV only in her twenties.

Born in New York to Yosef Hendler and Julia Haart, Batsheva is a fashion mogul, social media content creator, and reality star who is best known for starring in the Netflix series, My Unorthodox Life. Represented by the EWG Management, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Why Did Batsheva Haart Decide to Follow Her Mother's Step? Does She Share Good Relationship With Her Father Now?

If you have seen the Netflix hit, My Unorthodox Life, then you surely know that Julia Haart influenced her children to leave the orthodox Jewish society. Haart, who was married to Yosef Hendler for over 24 years, left the Haredi community in 2013 after struggling to live all her life following ultra-orthodox Jewish philosophy.

Even though she herself grew up in this Haredi society, she didn’t always agree with her religion and always felt there was something else meant for her. And when her youngest daughter, Mariam Haart was suppressed after she came out as a bisexual, she knew the time had come to live her strict orthodox community behind.

Batsheva Haart (right) with her mother Julia Haart (left) in front of a backdrop that look like a bookshelves.Batsheva's mom has a good relationship with all the rest of the family at the moment.
Photo Source: Batsheva Haart, Instagram

Although Batsheva was disappointed in her mother for leaving her house, the community, and the religion for a new life in New York City and did not talk to her for a year, she later decided to follow her mother's path and moved to New York along with her husband, Ben Weinstein seeking freedom. However, she has not completely given up on her belief and religion and called herself the "Modern Orthodox".

Well, even after leaving this community behind, her relationship with her father is still pretty good. Both her parents have long moved on in their lives with Julia being married to billionaire Silvio Scaglia Haart and Hendler tying the knot with entrepreneur and event planner, Lisa (Aliza) Schulhof Hendler in September 2021. Meanwhile, Hendler himself has followed his ex-wife's step leaving the ultra-orthodox Jewish community and becoming a Modern Orthodox.

Batsheva Haart's Net Worth Is Increasing As Fast As Her Fan Following

As per estimating sources, Batsheva Haart amasses a net worth of $5 million thanks to the huge brand endeavors and sponsorships from being a social media influencer. She launched her career as a social media content creator through YouTube in August 2018.

However, it was TikTok that helped her successfully establish herself as a content creator and took her to a new heights. Her TikTok account, BATSHEVA (@batshevahaart), which is full of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle hack videos, helps her earn around $1,100 per sponsored post.

Batsheva Haart raising it up like an influencer, one hand up in the air, other with a smoothie in her hand.She has obviously learned the ways of the modern quite well.
Photo Source: Batsheva Haart, Instagram

With her 1.3 million followers on the TikTok page, she gets loads of brand endeavors and sponsors dying to work with her. Kate Spade, Dyson, Brilliant Earth, Vivrelle, and Glamcor are some of the prominent brands Haart was sponsored with on her TikTok videos.

The American influencer is also quite popular on her Instagram page, BATSHEVA // My Unorthodox Life (@batshevahaart) where she shares clothing tips, beauty tips as well as her plastic surgery usage (or, say botox and Restylane filler) experience. With over 468,000 followers, she makes an average of $1,800 per sponsored post from her Instagram account, where she has worked with brands like Everlane, EVIO Beauty, ThirdLove, and so on.

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When in her free time, she helps her mom at her modeling agency, Elite World Group, and also does freelance social media work for the luxury lingerie brand La Perla. Besides, Haart has been running a lifestyle blog website called Sunnies and Sangria, sharing gift guides, travel hacks, and all things related to fashion.

Not to forget, the TikTok star made her remarkable debut in the reality show through the Netflix television miniseries, My Unorthodox Life. The series mainly centers on the life of her CEO mother, Julia Haart after leaving the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. However, it also documents challenges in the married life of Batsheva & her husband, Ben Weinstein, and their adjustment to life outside their former orthodox Jewish community.

Married But Separated: Batsheva Haart and Her Husband Ben Weinstein Are Not Together After Ten Years of Marriage

Batsheva Haart and her husband of nine years, Ben Weinstein have decided to split and fans are wondering what went wrong in their marriage. Just a few days after the source closed to them confirmed their split to E! News, the pair also announced their split through a joint Instagram story that goes as;

"After time and consideration we have made the decision to separate. We have so much love and respect for each other but have realized that it is time to take time space to ensure that each of us live the most joyous, fulfilling lives possible. There are no secrets nor salacious events to blame. We are just two best friends who met at a very young age and have grown over the past 9 years each in our own way."

Although the couple is yet to reveal the exact reason for their separations, fans have come up with their own speculations with one saying it may be due to Haart's denial to have children. Growing up in an Orthodox Jewish family, they married at the age of 19 just after completing high school.

(L-R) Aron Hendler, Miriam Haart, Julia Haart, Shlomo Hendler, Ben Weinstein and Batsheva Haart attend as Elite World Group and Julia Haart celebrate the premiere of Netflix's "My Unorthodox Life" at The Public Square and Gardens at The Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards on July 15, 2021, in New York City.Batsheva (far right) and Ben (second from right) still showed up to the Netflix premiere together.
Photo Credit: Noam Galai, Getty Images for Elite World Group

Following in her mother's footsteps, who left her strict religion behind, Batsheva and her husband had a hard time adjusting to their new, modern lifestyle. It was also shown in the show that Weinstein was struggling to accept Haart's changing beliefs and also her disagreement to have a child.

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Meanwhile, Batsheva Haart is currently living with her mom for a few weeks now and will be filing for divorce very soon. Also, fans are eagerly waiting for Betshava to start a new life and see her experience of entering the dating world for the first time at 28 years old with no real dating experience. Besides, the fashion mogul is trying to cope up with physical adjustments she's getting used to after their split.

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