Billy "8illy"

Nov 17, 2022 @ 20:35 EST

Billy (b. December 25, 2000) aka 8illy is a Korean-American TikToker, YouTuber, and influencer best known for his comedy skits and parody videos. But more than that he is best known for being a member of the content group, The House Nobody Asked For alongside other popular influencers like Caroline Ricke, Dawn Morante, Will Mahony, or WahonyTyler FunkeTobias Philips, Billy, Anthpo, and Marco Borghi aka Poloboy.

He grew up in the care of his single mom alongside her sister and grandma in the United States. With a passion for content creation, the creator is also seen slaying the dance moves with his mom. The Asian content creator has garnered an enormous fan following on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter and is also a host for TikTok Radio.

From Questioning His Existence In THNAF To Evolving Into The Best Creative Mind!!!

Before joining The House Nobody Asked For (THNAF), 8illy only had 267.8K followers on TikTok and 13.3K subscribers on his YouTube channel while the other members of the group were already well-known social media influencers with millions of followers. And being the only Asian in the group, further made him feel like he was unworthy to be a part of THNAF.

The House Nobody Asked For became one of the most popular content house back in 2020.8illy became an overnight internet celebrity after joining The House Nobody Asked For.
Photo Source: THNAF, Instagram

However, the THNAF family was so supportive of each other, and with the love and constant encouragement from the group, 8illy started to create videos with more individuality and creativity and gained huge popularity within a short time. He even caught the attention of American Rapper Adam Aminé Daniel aka Aminé with the short creative video of his latest album limbo’s merch.

Unlike other collaborative groups like Sway House or Hype House, The House Nobody Asked For never started with the strategy of getting popular which might be one of the reasons why fans love this content house. This content group of eight creators is mostly renowned for playing pranks and making humorous videos, skits, or acting ripped with self-deprecating humor and sarcastic conversations.

Will Mahony and Tyler Funke first started the group back in July 2020 with the intention to escape the parties and the drama of LA and, most importantly, find a cheaper housing alternative. They rented an Airbnb for two months and later shifted to the mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then in August, Ogo Akamelu became the non-exclusive manager to help them get brand deals but later moved in with them as they got along. 

While THNAF lasted for only five months, they managed to garner millions of fans through their comical videos highlighting the creators’ personalities. They bid farewell by posting twelve final videos with the title the ending nobody asked for” on December 2020.

Meanwhile, talking about his relationship, the 5ft 7inch influencer is very secretive regarding his love life that he hasn’t opened up about his past relationship even to his admirers. The influencer hasn’t been linked to anyone which is a good thing nonetheless.

Maybe the influencer is just focused on his career goals and doesn’t want to get involved in any kind of romance right now otherwise, who wouldn’t fall for his cute looks, creative mind, and dance moves? Or, maybe the curly-haired guy is waiting for his perfect match.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of 8illy?

As per the estimated source, Billy or 8illy earns a handful amount of $200,000 as an influencer. He first started his YouTube journey on October 23, 2019, with a video “a normal beach day” which has over 193K views. His YouTube channel, 8illy has garnered 161K subscribers and over 5.5M views with 20 videos through its comical content.

If you have been following Billy, you may have already known that the influencer has quit YouTube. He even disclosed multiple reasons for leaving YouTuber in a video titled Why I Quit YouTube one of the being compared to his fellow influencer, Anthpo.

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Billy is massively popular on TikTok as his admirers love his funny content and dance choreography accompanied by his mom. He has garnered over 2.4 million subscribers on his TikTok page, @8illy from which he makes around $900 per post through sponsorships and brand endorsements. Besides, he also worked with prominent companies like Chipotle and Tinder.

Similarly, he has over 168K followers on Instagram, @billy, the influencer makes an average of $850 per sponsored post. What's more, 8illy undoubtedly earns a good buck as a host of TikTok Radio launched by SiriusXM where you can listen to your favorite trending songs.

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