Bryant "Dragon" Arnold

May 8, 2021 @ 19:19 EDT

Bryant Arnold (b. October 10), who popularly goes by "Dragon", is the chief security officer at the infamous Skinwalker Ranch and is thus known for The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch among its fans. The show, like most others on History Channel, immediately found a place among the viewers with the mystery in the science of the Uinta Basin region.

Arnold appeared in all the episodes of the first season of the show in 2020, and it's likely to be the same case in the second season as well. And as is obvious, he does not have expertise in the science side of things, but the cast does value his presence in making decisions about performing certain experiments on the ranch. As the security chief, he is there to make sure everyone there is safe from the strange events that might happen to some, like the repeating case of superintendent Thomas Winterton.

Bryant Arnold Is a Long-Trusted Advising Associate of the Owner Brandon Fugal

A number of the Skinwalker Ranch crew already knew the owner Brandon Fugal before he ever bought the controversial area in 2016. Like plasma physicist Erik Bard who worked for a few months at Fugal's company Axcend Corp. (founded in May 2016) before starting work at the ranch as its principal investigator.

Bryant "Dragon" Arnold with Skinwalker Ranch owner Brandon Daniel Fugal sitting to his left.Bryant Arnold is the closest confidant to Brandon Fugal on the ranch.
Photo Source: Brandon Fugal, Twitter

The association with Fugal hasn't been that long for the rest of the cast, he does put a lot of trust in the Dragon, having known him the longest among the cast members. It's been almost 30 years since they last met as teenagers in August 1992, and Fugal is sure he is the right man to keep the ranch secure. He wrote in a Twitter post that they met in Hawaii when they went as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Fugal has also praised him on numerous Twitter posts since his ownership was revealed with the reality show.

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Arnold mentioned in a podcast that he had previously advised Fugal when he told him he wanted to buy Skinwalker Ranch and also worked with him in the past in security-related areas. He was handed the task of managing the security aspects of the Ranch in return.

Not much else is known about the private security officer, considering the secrecy around Skinwalker Ranch. But he does have quite a fanbase, unsurprisingly among the kids in the Utah area. His "biggest little fan" is called Baby Dragon as well.

Like Fugal and the others, Arnold also features in a number of podcasts, like That UFO Podcast, and those related to the show itself, primarily The Skinwalker Debrief.

What Is Bryant Arnold's Net Worth?

While The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is Arnold's first TV time, he has taken up numerous security jobs throughout his career, as mentioned earlier, with Fugal as well. And it seems to pay quite well. According to ZipRecruiter, a chief security officer has a median yearly salary of almost $100,000 in the state of Utah, a little higher than the national average.

Bryant Arnold (right) with Post Malone (left) during the singer's visit to the Skinwalker Ranch.Post Malone made his popular visit to the ranch in February 2021.
Photo Source: Bryant Arnold, Twitter

Although he's held the current job for over four years, he's always stuck to the same profession for the majority of his adult life. It's all estimations, but Bryant Arnold controls a net worth of approximately $300,000. And unlike most of his colleagues on the ranch, he does maintain a social media account on Twitter since March 2020, but he isn't expressive as Fugal in that area.

Some Skinwalker Ranch Fans Weren't Too Happy About His Involvement in the Science Aspects of the Show

The theme of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is to help understand viewers why strange things are happening on the ranch scientifically. And although there is much left to be uncovered science-wise, many fans are wondering what the purpose of Arnold is during the decision-making meetings that should be attended by scientists only.

The criticisms were harsh, unsurprisingly especially on Twitter, with many viewers infuriated over the way he provided his opinions during the aforementioned meetings, "thinking he's above the others".

Of course, many others think otherwise and gave him the benefit of the doubt. He does have the job to do everything to avoid any kind of fatality to the crew, however small. As is evidenced by Winterton's incident, anything can happen in a place where weird things frequently happen.

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Many do consider his actions on the show as "doing his job". Aside from keeping away unauthorized visitors, he also helps Bard install equipment around the ranch and assists Winterton whenever he needs it. The three, along with ranch manager Jim Morse, Kandus Linde, and Tom Lewis, were established employees there before it was televised by History.

The Nickname 'Dragon' Came About from a Misunderstanding

The criticisms aside, his nickname 'Dragon' being an appropriate one is a popular opinion. But he did not decide to call himself 'Dragon', but rather came to be from a misunderstanding among people who tried to visit the ranch but were denied permission in the past. He explained how it came about on the That UFO Podcast in July 2020.

Bryant Arnold's action figure in Brandon Fugal's hand.Somebody made action figures of Fugal, Arnold, and Winterton last year.
Photo Source: Brandon Fugal, Twitter

During Robert Bigelow’s ownership era, there was a former military man with the nickname 'Dragon' in security who was strict about local enthusiasts entering the Ranch. And when Fugal took over, it was Arnold's job to deny unauthorized visitors entering the ranch. These people were told later that 'Dragon' was a mean, hot-headed military guy guarding the ranch on social media.

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Of course, it wasn't the current 'Dragon' they referred to as he doesn't have a military background, but when Fugal heard of it, he found it appropriate for Arnold as well. So it stuck around when the production of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch started. And being a popularly social person, Fugal made sure that everyone else knows Arnold is the 'Dragon'.

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