Thomas Winterton

May 17, 2021 @ 16:25 EDT
Introducing Thomas Winterton — Skinwalker Ranch Superintendent, Husband and Father

Thomas Winterton (birthday, March 5) is the superintendent of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in the Uintah Basin of northern Utah. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch cast member, like the others, is a close associate of the owner of the ranch, Brandon Fugal, and has also started his own company called Resonance Meditations, with his wife.

Aside from Resonance, he also founded Intermountain Economic Consulting, LLC, recently in January 2021 with an aim to create job opportunities with economic development in the Uintah Basin. He and his wife also founded a small chain of holiday homes in 2010, called the Winterton Suites, and remained its president until 2018. It's expanded to three different locations in Utah and North Dakota.

What's the Story With Winterton's Head Injury on the Ranch?

The most popular living testament of the strangeness of the ranch on the show probably is the condition that Winterton finds himself with. He has a condition in his head that sometimes recurs when on the ranch. It's a reason they are too careful when they do something that could have unexplained repercussions. And he's discussed the story in the first episode of the show.

Thomas Winterton in a poster for himself on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.He's in charge of showing authorized people around.
Photo Source: Ancient Aliens, Facebook

Winterton said that he was a skeptic before he worked on the ranch and before the horrific unexplained injury he endured a while back. Despite being told not to dig inside the ranch, he went forward with it anyway, and a couple of days later came on with what he called a "goose egg" on the back of his head.

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Upon visiting the hospital and checking up, the condition had spread all over the back and top of his head, causing a protrusion of his scalp separating from the cranium. He stated that the doctors had no answer as to what caused it to happen. It was a painful experience that would come to haunt him later and even on the show (second episode) when they were out in the field experimenting and witnessing some of the oddities themselves.

Thomas Winterton's Wife Is the Composer of His Company

Winterton might have multiple professions, but he considers himself a husband and father first, which he's made abundantly clear on his Instagram & Twitter bio. Yes, Thomas Winterton is a happily married man. He calls Melissa Crozier Winterton his wife, who is a musician and a businesswoman. The pair lives in Roosevelt, Utah, with their three kids and a couple of dogs as pets. All of their children are sons.

Thomas Winterton (second from right) with his wife and three kids in front of a helicopter.Winterton is married with three kids.
Photo Source: Thomas Winterton, Facebook

The Winterton family's company, Resonance Meditations, produces essential oil products and promotes meditations. They also sell essential oils on their own online shopping platform. While the husband is the CEO of the company, his wife is the composer for the music they provide to perform meditations. She does performances here and there & also mentors future pianists in the area.

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As seen across Winterton's social media platforms (he's most active on Facebook), the family is pretty tight, among his siblings as well. They often have their own vacations and like to have helicopter tours now and then, which the castmates prefer sometimes with their own families too.

What Is Thomas Winterton's Net Worth?

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is Winterton's first TV appearance, for obvious reasons. But he does maintain a case for his strive to be an entrepreneur, having founded multiple companies already. And with that, he's likely experienced some financial ups and downs as well. His former holiday home chain is going well though. Regardless, Winterton's net worth is estimated to be around $300,000.

Thomas Winterton pictured when appearing during a RezRadio Nativevoltage appearance.Winterton also appears in a number of podcasts and radio appearances.
Photo Source: RezRadio Nativevoltage, Facebook

In spite of the unpleasant encounters he's had, it seems Winterton is quite happy with his position on the Skinwalker Ranch. And he's the fluffy guy in the group that keeps the crew grounded. He's got a legion of fans on social media as well.

The second season of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is currently on air with Travis Taylor leading the investigation on the strange activities, with the head of security Bryant "Dragon" Arnold, plasma physicist Erik Bard, and ranch manager Jim Morse among the regular crew members that include Winterton and owner Fugal.

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