Daisy Keech Says Exactly How She Feels with the Whole Hype House Situation

Mar 29, 2020 @ 11:48 EDT
Daisy Keech Says Exactly How She Feels with the Whole Hype House Situation

No one knew what really was happening in the Hype House with Daisy Keech until she finally dropped a video on YouTube recently. We've discussed the lawsuit before that she filed against the Hype House for cutting her off from major decisions she was supposed to be a part of. She wanted people to know how she felt from her own mouth than from the rumors on social media and thus details all the events that led to the lawsuit.

All the legal details and the story of her estrangement she mentioned in the video conforms to what she alleged in the court documents, which we have clearly detailed in our earlier piece. In the video, she focuses more on the emotional side of the situation. So there's that additional detail to take from the video. She starts it off saying how she hopes for the best for everyone in the Hype House, stating it is the last time she'll ever talk about it and not have it end up with strings of tweets and accusations on social media, much like the thing with Tati Westbrook and James Charles.

She details about how she became friends with Thomas Petrou, how she gave him a "f**king job" when he needed it the most, how she was introduced to Chase Hudson, how they finally started the Hype House, how they never credited her as a co-founder even out of integrity, how she was started to be cut off from the major decisions, how Petrou took hold of all social media accounts and concealed the earnings and brand deals from other co-founders as well, how he talked her off from crediting her or making any legal moves for their impending LLC and much more, getting upset over his "self-centered" nature.

While in the first half, she talks about the story of how the lawsuit came to be, somewhere along the way, she goes off on Petrou, making sure what used to be a "best friends" kind of friendship was all but over.

According to Daisy Keech, she met Petrou at the Team 10 house when he was a member there and was asked by him to do some photoshoots as part of a collaboration with them. When he was let go by Team 10, she says she offered him to be her full-time photographer and editor because he needed the money and a job.

"I spent countless hours trying to help this kid change his mindset. He used to be very, very negative, and I would talk to him about positivity and law of attraction and what you put out is what you get back. ... And I believed in him, and I thought that he was a genuine person who's just been f**ked over."

She expected, he or Hudson to speak up for her or other co-founders during interviews, out of integrity, but never did, despite several requests beforehand and just swayed the talk by saying she was never there in the first place. The red flags for manipulation started picking up when Petrou started saying he would give them the recognition from then on and then not fulfill his end of the bargain.

Keech didn't have a representative till a long while after the New York Times interview. But she did hire her lawyer Chris Young as her interim manager. He alerted her of how news articles were saying Hudson put up all of the money.

I can literally pull up, like, receipts of me and Chase paying the same exact amount [$18,000 each], Thomas paying $5,000 and Alex & Kouvr paying $5,000 as well.

Keech claims Petrou kept all the social media secrets to himself [no transparency], that is what brand deals were coming in for how much was all under wraps, and despite claiming there was no money coming in & everything was just for exposure, he was talking about $8,000 Cartier bracelet, $10,000 cat and thinking of buying a new Tesla. It all looked sketchy, according to her.

This is when she starts talking about exactly how she feels about Thomas Petrou. She noticed a trend that he likes to have power, as only he had full control of the group's Instagram account and told everyone what to do. "It started to feel like f**king dictatorship in this house, in a house he barely even paid for!" she went off. There was no transparency, she said.

Another red flag for manipulation she professes was when he asked her to lure in another big [unnamed] content creator who was thinking of joining, because she was her best friend. She says she was stunned he had the guts to do it.

And I thought, 'You know, maybe he is doing this to me. If he is gonna tell me to go do it to someone else, he must be doing it to me.' Yet, this entire time, I would defend him to my friends.

Yet another time, another co-founder (again not mentioning exactly who this time either) got an opportunity for another press interview for the said co-founder's brand and the Hype House brand. But Keech says Petrou went off at the person, denying the person the opportunity, saying the press would make him look bad. "The kid slammed his laptop and went upstairs. ... And keep in mind, he was also a cofounder." It's a 'he' then.

Not a big reveal that everything that happens on the Hype House's social media accounts is "because Thomas is posting it". It was when he started making decisions that she was illegally liable for that she really started to speak her mind to him.

Since then, she says he cut her off of every single decision and meetings of the group. She claims he also bad-mouthed her to her manager/lawyer and later denied saying it. Then, in the video, she kind of did the same, as a return, maybe.

Keech was finding herself being cut out of everything and being ignored when talking about her stakes in the business. She had a huge astonishment when she found out a whole music video production in the house one day. And when asked about it, Petrou said he put the details in the group text, which she says didn't contain the when and where of the event.

The confrontation with Petrou over the situation was the tipping point. She was unfollowed from the group's social media accounts, and she said he even asked the other members to unfollow & block her in a "meeting" without telling her first. "HE JUST DID THIS!"

Towards the end, she speaks about having forgiven Petrou for everything he put her up with.

"In the Grand Scheme of things, um, after like thinking about it for a while, obviously, I get pretty, like, passionate and heated when I think about getting f**ked over by one of my best friends. In the end, when it comes down to it, I've already..., I forgive him."

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But she's afraid she'd go back to her shell again and not be able to speak when it all blows up in her face. She finally thanks Petrou for teaching her some things along the way, teaching her to be a role model for younger women in the business world.

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