Daisy Keech Is Fighting for Her Various Rights in the 'Hype House' with Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson

Mar 28, 2020 @ 6:40 EDT
Daisy Keech Is Fighting for Her Various Rights in the 'Hype House' with Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson

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Daisy Keech has left the Hype House, the mansion as well as the collaborative group. But she still has things to take away from the house and the group, apart from just her belongings from when she used to be a full-time resident. Why was she given the privilege of staying in the house? Because she was an integral part of its foundation and existence.

Ever since the group started gaining traction, the answer to who the founder of Hype House is was always resonating Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson, as Petrou acts as a den-mother of the house and Hudson handles the recruits. Keech was almost out of sight, despite putting up more of the money than any other starters, except Hudson, when the three, along with Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren, gathered the deposit into the Encino house.

The Hype House founders: Chase Hudson, Alex Warren, Thomas Petrou, Kouvr Annon and Daisy Keech.The Hype House founders: Chase Hudson, Alex Warren, Thomas Petrou, Kouvr Annon and Daisy Keech.
Photo Credit: Michelle Groskopf, The New York Times

Keech and Hudson put $18,000 each, while the other three gave a total of $10,000 to get it going. According to Keech, the group was actually an idea Petrou approached her with, in the fall of 2019, then they teamed up with Hudson, while also bringing in a romantic couple of Annon and Warren. With the addition of Charli D'Amelio (who's since become the most followed TikTok user), her sister Dixie D'Amelio as well as her bestie, Addison Rae, it's one of the most popular collectives. But is the feud becoming a stain in their fame?

The whole drama might've come up in late February or early March 2020, but it seems the push for Keech to leave the house started since early December 2019. Following repeated "betrayals", she decided to leave the group. But she still had some things to take away. When she came to take her belongings, she went with an armed security guard (yeah, it's that extreme), and she'd also filed a full lawsuit, explaining everything how Petrou and Hudson allegedly struck deals without informing her, exiled her from the group and tried to name only themselves as the sole founders of the group.

I’m trying to fight for my rights. The business has been completely stripped away from me, and I’ve kept my mouth shut the entire time.

According to the lawsuits filed on March 24, 2020, Keech maintains they only had reached oral agreements over sharing revenues, not putting anything to paper, despite she desperately suggesting them to, several times in the past. As a result, she herself filed various papers for US Trademarks for the Hype House so that she would still have something to show as hers.

But when they did establish Hype House, LLC., on January 23, 2020, she alleged that they did so without informing and including her or other creators. This one had Hudson's father as the agent. Hype House LA, LLC., was formed around February 28, 2020, with Petrou as the agent, again, excluding her. The competing trademark applications was a battle too much for her.

Daisy Keech and Thomas Petrou

Keech first found a friend in Petrou.
Photo Source: Thomas Petrou, Instagram

Keech alleges the two started continually excluding her from the major decisions of the Hype House since December 2019, almost from the beginning. Many of those decisions included deals with Bang Energy, Chipotle, GOAT, Flight House, Beauty Blender, an agreement with WME, their talent agency, and even not allowing her access to Hype House’s social media and email accounts. In the January 3, 2020, article of The New York Times, it is evident Petrou and Hudson tried to establish only themselves as the sole founders of the group, which she also alleges in the lawsuit.

The fitness enthusiast also believes they obviously obtained a certain amount of income from those deals and agreements, as well as merchandise sales under Hype House. As such, when the lawsuit comes to a close, she hopes to retain her name and stakes in the establishment of the group's trademarks and thus be deserving of a part of all the income generated by the house.

When she does get out of this mess, what does she have planned for her future? She came to Los Angeles with aspirations of becoming a well-established Instagram fitness influencer. There's that. But she has something bigger in the works — there is her own different collaborative group.

It's called clubhouse (exactly how it's written) with headquarters in a Beverly Hills mansion which she says is twice the size of the Hype House. Meaning a 12,000-square-foot home on a one-acre lot with a pool, a gym and a movie theater, finished with lion statues in the front lawn. "I’m a Leo. So I resonate with it."

Recruits have already come in for the clubhouse. Chase Keith, a 17-year-old with 4.4 million followers, and Abby Rao, a 22-year-old with over 840,000 followers on TikTok, are among her first recruits. And TikTok is not the only content platform she hopes to incorporate. She wants the members to expand throughout YouTube and Instagram. And judging by how Hype House’s official Instagram account unfollowed Patrick Huston, Connor Yates, Calvin Golby, and Wyatt Xavier, these people may come over to her house instead.

Chase Keith and Abby Rao in two different photos.Keep tracking Chase Keith and Abby Rao.
Photo Source: Chase Keith, Instagram /Abby Rao, Instagram

The difficulty in launching clubhouse has been recruiting members amidst the nationwide lockdown. For now, the only content coming from the new group is her and whoever is in LA. It will continue for two weeks as she works with whatever is available.

As for ownership, she is not too keen on discussing it further. The only thing known about it is that, Amir Ben-Yohanan, a New York real estate developer, is an outside investor.

Some information here is extracted from a Forbes article published on March 26, 2020.

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