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Mar 28, 2020 @ 16:19 EDT
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Let's get one thing clear, this girl is not a TikTok star. She's a well-established Instagram and YouTube influencer. Also, Reader/Viewer Discretion Advised.

Daisy Keech moved to LA in pursuit of being a well-established Instagram workout influencer, and boy did she become one heck of an influencer. With a REAL-certified booty, she knows how to keep her followers entertained. Once you become a fan, there's no going back.

Born on August 12, 1999 [age 20], (yeah mark that birthday date) Keech made it to her high school varsity soccer team and also aspired to be a doctor but did not have the keen interest needed to go on. She may be best known as the very first founding member of the Hype House, but it's evident from her Instagram and YouTube journey that she was much more famous before there ever existed the Hype House. Her mom is Shawna Keech.

Daisy Keech showing her body with a camera phone showing the selfie clicked.

There's no limit to the number of ways she flaunts the thing she's most proud of.
Photo Source: Daisy Keech, Instagram

She may no longer be a part of the TikTok collaborative group, but there's a lot in store for her. Her aspirations go beyond TikTok, which will be evident as you read below, as she continues to collect a heck of a fortune as her net worth. If you are a fan, you know what we're talking about.

Daisy Keech's Net Worth of $600,000 Is Mostly in Debt of Her Booty on Social Media

As of March 2020, Daisy Keech is worth $600,000, obtaining the wealth from her hard-earned work as the "First certified real booty" on social media, so says her Instagram bio. As she teaches people how they naturally can have that kind of butts as well, it is also her biggest source of income for endorsements.

Daisy Keech profile photo wallpaper.Keech is a pioneer founder of Hype House.
Photo Source: Daisy Keech, Instagram

Ever since she started using Instagram in January 2018, she got a lot of requests to move on to YouTube and then, a month later, she did. It's been a rollercoaster moment from then on for her and her bottoms. You could say her booty is more famous than herself.

Filed a Lawsuit Against Hype House's Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou, With 'clubhouse' to Look Forward To

Main Article: Daisy Keech's Fight for Her Rights from the Hype House Against Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson

It's been a pretty hectic month of March for Daisy. Her last YouTube video was with the Hype House members after all. She was one of the primary co-founders as she and her now-former (still a question mark on that) best-friend Thomas Petrou had that idea about creating a TikTok collaborative house. They brought in Chase Hudson [net worth: $800,000] and, along with Alex Warren [net worth: $700,000] and girlfriend Kouvr Annon [net worth: $200,000], formed the Hype House.

Six of the Hype House Members centered around Daisy Keech.Daisy Keech was almost out of the view inside the House.
Photo Source: Hype House, Instagram

She left Hype House in mid-March after repeated fall-outs with Petrou and Hudson over the establishment of the LLC. She then filed a lawsuit on March 24, 2020, the details of which are included plentifully on the link given above. Her lawyer Chris Young is accompanying her in the process.

Daisy, along with Patrick Huston, Connor Yates, Calvin Golby, and Wyatt Xavier, were unfollowed by Hype House's Instagram account, leading us to believe they may join her new collective, clubhouse, focusing on, not only TikTok, but Instagram and YouTube as well. She's already recruited 17-year-old Chase Keith [net worth: $300,000] and 22-year-old Abby Rao [net worth: $200,000].

Keech also recently moved into the Beverly Hills mansion, the clubhouse office, and shared a video of it on YouTube. Also, Kinsey Wolanski [net worth: $900,000] was announced to be joining the group. Here's the official report of the house/group.

A Doctor Certified Her Booty, and She Has a Booty Workout Program Called 'Keech Peach', If You're Interested

Keech got famous for her booty, and she is not afraid to flaunt it as she does so continually with a bunch of pictures for people to look at in awe. She is so proud, in fact, she gave her booty a name, Keech Peach, and set up a separate Instagram account for it since January 2020. And as you're aware, it's also the name of her fitness program for butts.

In order to prove that her booty is real (of course, there were critics), she approached a doctor to make it official and obtain a virtual certificate. The upper portion may have mostly been silicone, but the lower part is authentic.

Watch: Daisy's Booty Is Confirmed As Real Peachy


Keech Peach is also an eight-week booty program, designed for "anyone that wants to build a bigger, rounder, perkier butt." It costs $47, so there's that, if you're interested.

Social Media Earnings — A Major Portion of Her Net Worth

The 20-year-old got her wish the moment she started on social media. She showcases her alluring body, with sometimes topless, and sometimes the old run-of-the-mill "it's me" photos. In effect, she got brands approaching her, often tied to the workout industry, as she is specialized in that field. It is through such sponsorships that online influencers like Daisy earn their amount.

Daisy Keech with a leash on her dog.She does curl her hair sometimes.
Photo Source: Daisy Keech, Instagram

As per her target, Daisy started off with Instagram and moved on to YouTube upon requests from her early fans, a gazillion times. She also got off to TikTok when it came into the hype, and suffice to say, she's successful there too.

Instagram (She's Definitely Single!)

Daisy Keech's first Instagram post dates back to January 2018, and scrolling through her page is a nightmare for those wanting to catch up to her first post (yes, personal experience). She posts almost every single day to show how her day's going. Of course, she has her off days. But every picture on her page makes up for those missed days.

With 3.2 million followers and posting 580+ times on her official Instagram page, Daisy Keech (@daisykeech), she earns an average of around $8,700 per post from sponsorships and endorsements. Some of them include Fashion Nova and Manscaped and a rare photo with Marshmellow.

Daisy Keech endorsing a 'Manscaped' product.Daisy Keech endorsing a 'Manscaped' product.
Photo from: Daisy Keech, Instagram

One thing you might've noticed in between all those raunchy photos is she with her dog (No...? Really...?). The blonde German shepherd is named Harley Keech, and Daisy's set up his separate Instagram account. And as she's said, he's also her boyfriend. Yeah, so if you were linking her to Jake Paul [net worth: $15 million], don't anymore.


If that's not convincing of her single status, then, trust her spoken words, perhaps. In a Q&A vlog on YouTube in December 2019, she mentioned how she never had a boyfriend since 15 or 16 because she was always so picky when it comes to boys. Yeah, a difficult girl to sway.

Watch: One of Her Many Q&A Videos on YouTube

On YouTube, she's been mesmerizing since starting out in February 2018, despite creating the channel in 2016. It seems she had a knack for making intriguing content as she regularly posts videos about her booty workout, daily lavish life and vacations, as well as product reviews. It's particularly from the latter videos that she earns for part of her net worth.

On her channel, Daisy Keech, she's posted 92 videos, at the time of writing, and gained 1 million+ subscribers. With such a huge amount of endorsement opportunities, she earns about $2,000 per video. But since her bitter feud within the Hype House and the current lockdown situation, she's not been able to be consistent. Hopefully, when it all clears out, we'll see more of those.

The very first video on her YouTube channel was an introductory, but it had all the good stuff. She posted 5 EXERCISES TO BUILD A BIGGER BOOTY!! That butt squeeze though on February 24, 2018, but her breakthrough has to be LOUNGE UNDERWEAR TRY ON HAUL | DAISYSFIT in July 2018, which has over 2.4 million views to date. She did another Lounge try-on haul which has 37 million views. Although, her normal videos don't gather as much interesting view-count like those.

Watch: Daisy Keech's First Video

Alongside Lounge, she's also reviewed various other products on her channel, more often various lingerie brands, like Zaful, as she loves bikini photoshoots. PlayBold, Gifair, JustDating, Adam & Eve, are some of the other apparels she's endorsed on YouTube.


With such an important involvement with Hype House, it is obvious she became quite popular on TikTok. She now has 3.6 million followers on her TikTok page, Daisykeech (@daisykeech), and with about 250 posts, she earns a pretty $2,900 from each of those posts on average, that too from sponsorships, as TikTok has supplied a platform for brands to place their ads.

@daisykeechI know I know I know?♬ Back Up - DeJ Loaf feat. Big Sean

With such a fan following, she is sure to have some merchandise here and about pulling in some extra money. And while she says Emma Toth is her long lost twin, fans can't help but compare her to Lili Reinhart. She's Lili's doppelganger, they say, as she also admits it in the above clip.

Self-Proclaimed 'Plant Queen'

Daisy was a full-time resident of the Hype House as a main contributor to the fame it's reached. As the other members besides Petrou are teenagers or younger than her, she had to keep her cool when they do all their crazy stunts in the house. One thing that always helped was the garden and lawn in the compound.

As a self-proclaimed Plant Queen, she also hilariously called herself the only flower in the house. Of course, the name had that proof. As she was always in the house, she would maintain a garden of plants and assorted flowers to find her own zen.

"I am a plant queen. I love plants. I think they radiate such great positivity," she says in her vlog below. "I think it's amazing. It's kind of like yourself. You feed yourself the right foods, you get the right amount of exercise, you get the right amount of sun ... water, everything a plant would need ... our bodies are the same way. So, take care of your body."

Watch: Daisy Keech Tours the Hype House As It Is in a Day

In addition, she is also someone who values someone else's success as it "won't deter you from yours". She's a radiating personality if anyone gets to know her. When her current tackle for a position in Hype House’s past earnings finally end, there will be more things waiting for her career.

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