Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

Oct 16, 2020 @ 17:03 EDT
RHOC's Elizabeth Lyn Vargas' Net Worth Will Blow Your Mind Away, Plus Beach House and Cars

There is no shortage of Real Housewives newbies showing who they are on the first season of their respective shows. Your new full-time housewife Elizabeth Lyn Vargas isn't the one to back out either.

She's recently (and rather, finally) showed us what she has, with the occasional Bravo TV tour. And despite knowing she is the CEO of a music video company, her net worth was truly mind-blowing, according to the sources we have, of course. And as more details emerge, the story of her life until now says a lot about her wealth. Of course it does.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas holding an orange to symbolize her entry into 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'.Vargas is the lastest inclusion into RHOC, with Tamra Judge's exit.
Photo Source: Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, Instagram

Either way, it's safe to say, she's made her mark well enough to be a strong fan-favorite contender in the next season of Orange County as well. Coming off of a divorce from husband Bernt Bodal, who is worth $200 million himself, finalized in July 2020 after three years of separation, she is willing herself to make it on her own. It must be comfortable, with her job being something she's been associated with for almost her entire life.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Is Adding Up Her Massive Net Worth As the CEO of 'Edge Music Network', But...

As of mid-2020, Celebrity Net Worth estimates Elizabeth Lyn Vargas to be worth $30 million. At first glance, it's hard to imagine, but it probably is attributed to the fact that she is way too modest when it comes to money. She is the CEO of an online music video company called Edge Music Network, but it's not her primary source of income.

In fact, Vargas considered it a failure this July, in its own way, via Instagram Stories. "Edge Music was a failure,” she wrote back then, according to Us Weekly. “It’s not quite a failure yet but it’s on its way. I’m gonna pivot my life to a new direction to generate revenue—you know from things that I acquired—I can repurpose and you know."

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas sitting on a sofa as the creator of Edge Music Network.The company was also featured in the August 2016 edition of Modern Luxury Magazine of Orange County.
Photo Source: Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, Instagram

The animal-lover is still positive about it though, however she was much happier with it before. She considered the company as a "digital MTV". Of course, she had her moment back in 2015 when she licensed “all the music from Universal Music Group” in February that year, particularly because Universal had acquired EMI Interscope, Def Jam Records, and she herself had a deal with Eagle Rock Entertainment before the Universal deal.

"We have one of the largest classic rock libraries," Vargas boasted to The Desert Sun in 2016. And it actually does.

Vargas' Now Ex-Husband Is a Hugely Successful Businessman

You could call it the end of an era with Elizabeth and her former husband, Bernt Bodal, including the three-year-long divorce proceedings. The two spent 20 years together, being married for 17 of them before separating in 2017. The divorce was one main storyline for her this introductory season, so you'll probably get to know more about it.

The details have largely been out though. We now know where the music connection comes from. Vargas was the creator of the Vargas Girls Jazz Cabaret, which ironically performed Hey Big Spender when he entered one of the nightclubs they were performing.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas with her ex-husband Bernt Bodal to her left during a dinner party.Vargas and Bodal (to her left) were married for 17 long years.
Photo Source: Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, Instagram

And they had such a reason to perform that particular song. Bodal was the CEO of American Seafoods, one of the largest in the US generating a reported $600 million in yearly revenue, until 2017. He bought the company with a few investors in 1999. He himself is listed to be worth $200 million.

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The details of the divorce settlement may yet is to be known with the season premiere had just begun. Which means this estimated net worth is subject to change once the monetary aspects of the divorce are revealed. Meanwhile, she is also taking a step up in her romantic life with a new boyfriend, Jimmy.

She Recently Toured the House "Never Wants to Leave"

It is often customary for the Real Housewives to give a tour of their house, and Vargas remains no exception. She let them in a couple of days ago. But she was all the more enthusiastic to give a tour of her Newport home, and she says she would "never ever want to move from here".

The Missouri-native calls it her "Forever Home", and only a four-minute introduction was enough to see the luxury with the certainly impressive beach view. She keeps mentioning Jimmy quite a lot (clearly boo-ed up), and apparently he cooks & is a passionate gardener!

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas sitting with a wine while kissing boyfriend Jimmy to welcome him home.Details about Jimmy is also pretty scarce right now.
Photo Source: Bravo TV

When she was married to Bodal, they were quite involved in the real-estate business as well. They bought a property in La Quinta, California, in 2008 for $3.5 million and completed building a 10,290 square-foot mansion in it in 2014, with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It's worth mentioning, she loves bathrooms. The property also overlooks the 15th fairway of the 18-hole private golf course by Tom Fazio.

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With the separation in 2014, they listed the La Quinta home for sale for a staggering initial asking price of $11.5 million. It took as long as the divorce proceedings to find a buyer though, finally being sold for $8.5 million in July 2020, a 15% decrease from their last listing for $9.995 million in May, according to The Press-Enterprise.

Vargas Also Has an Addiction to Cars

It doesn't do any justice to a $30 million net worth without a few luxury cars in the compound. And it turns out Vargas is obsessed with sweet rides. She also welcomed the cameras into the garage she calls the home of the Fast and the Furious. Of course, her addiction to cars may be hereditary, with her father previously being a Pinto salesman.

The highlight has to be the new car of the year, the 2017 Ferrari California T, priced at around $300,000, the spec-sheet of which she laid down with so much pride. The one she bought was retailed for $250,000. Of course, it's her favorite one of the bunch with a retractable roof.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas in front of her white 2017 Ferrari California T.It's literally all she talked about.
Photo Source: Bravo TV

She didn't really get into details about the other vehicles in her outdoor garage, but a Bentley was also in view, as well as what looks like a Range Rover.

Additionally, she's also endorsed a new brand of Vodka, Vargas Vodka, on social media, which is to be released in December 2020.

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