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Jul 25, 2022 @ 12:33 EDT
Hannah Forcier — Viral Hair Loss, Boyfriend, Assault Allegation, & Wig Reviews As Life of the YouTuber | Celeb$fortune 2022

How would you feel when you are using a product to fix your damaged hair, instead of making your hair healthy, it does the opposite and causes all your hair to fall out. Yes, that's what happened to the YouTuber-actress Hannah Forcier (b. 22, 1996) who accidentally lost all her hair after using a new product without reading a warning.

Born Hannah Grace Forcier, she grew up in New Hampshire in the care of author mother, Becky McMahon Matthews, and father Chris Matthews with her brothers, Noah Enos and Zach Matthews, and sisters, Heather Buteau and Danielle Forcier. After graduating from high school in New Hampshire, she then relocated to LA to pursue her acting career in 2016 where she lived with actor Josh Cummins and YouTuber Caulin Donaldson.

However, the 26-year-old has now returned to Philadelphia, PA, where she is currently attending a beauty school. Besides, she is a vegan and a very climate-conscious individual who only uses reusable water bottles, thrift clothes, secondhand appliances, clean emission vehicles, and has cut down the use of plastic as much as possible in order to prevent climate change. Not to forget, she has even got compost worms in order to make her home eco-friendly.

Hannah Forcier Became Viral for Her Untraditional Hair Loss.

You may have heard a fair share of "beauty horror stories," and Hannah Forcier's hair loss story is still a nightmare to many. Back in 2017, the American native was getting ready for a date when she decided to try a $20 drugstore relaxer on her head without reading the warnings on it.

The warning on the relaxer had clearly stated that the product is not to be used in chemically damaged hair. And Forcier had bleached & dyed her hair just one year before this incident. So, after using the relaxer and conditioner as per the instruction on the box to a T. and letting the treatment process for the recommended amount of time, she stepped into the shower to wash it out.

Hannah Forcier with her hair in the early stages of regrowth.The result of the ordeal wasn't completely unsavory.
Photo Source: Hannah Forcier, Instagram

Her whole world crumbled apart after her hair started falling out in clumps to the point that it drained her shower. Shocked, she went to the salon with her then-roommate in the hopes that they could repair the damage and salvage her hair. To her dismay, her damage was beyond repair and she was forced to shave her head.

Forcier shared this horrific incident on her YouTube channel, Hannah Forcier with the video titled How all my hair fell out by making one mistake. Even though Forcier was reluctant to name the brand of that relaxer, she finally revealed that she used ORS Olive Oil Hair Relaxer in her video titled, (Scary) Reliving The Moment My Hair Fell Out From A Relaxer.

The video went viral all over the internet with over 15 million views. This bizarre accident caused such a stir in the beauty industry that it caught the attention of celebrity hairstylist, Brad Mondo and was covered by famous media outlets like Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Allure, and so on.

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Meanwhile, this incident hampered Hannah's self-confidence and she started having anxiety issues at first. However, she now has learned to embrace inner beauty and even shaved her hair after one year of the incident, to commemorate its anniversary as an act of support for individuals who don’t feel confident or satisfied with their appearance.

What's more, she is even thankful for this incident as it helped her grow as a person and got to understand the importance of self-love. Forcier also admitted that it inspired her to create content to remind all that a beauty disaster can happen to anyone and it does not mean the end of happiness.

Hannah Forcier Net Worth: Know More About Her Income From Social Media, Merch, And Acting Career.

As per estimating sources, Hannah Forcier amassed a net worth of $200,000 thanks to her social media endeavors. The majority of her income obviously comes from social media. However, that does not mean her income source is limited to it as she gets a fair share from her merchandise as well as her acting career.

Hannah, before pursuing her career in social media, tried her luck in the showbiz industry. However, that did not work out well for her as she has not managed to book big roles to this date. She has worked on the television series, Life as a Mermaid, Prom Night: An LGBT Short Film and a documentary called Pretty Toxic.

Hannah Forcier wearing an LGBTQ+ T-shirt that reads 'I don't know either' making a face looking to her left.There's some way to go for her in terms of acting.
Photo Source: Hannah Forcier, Instagram

Forcier first launched her self-titled channel, Hannah Forcier on Mar 13, 2015, and now has over 515K subscribers. With over 80 million total views count, she earns around $500 per video from her 382 videos. One of her most popular videos after her viral hair loss video is titled, Wig Haul and Review - Trying on Wigs For The First Time which got over 14 million views.

The videos of her reviewing wigs, reacting to different beauty trends, testing beauty hacks, and her makeup videos are popular among fans. Her videos are sponsored by numerous brands like Shanghai Lianfang Trading Co, Lunar Tides, Dreamlover, and so on.

She launched her second YouTube channel, Hannah Forcier 2.0 in October 2021 where she posts her lifestyle vlogs, journey, and other fun stuff. She has accumulated over 4,000 subscribers on this channel where she posts three videos a week, which include shorts.

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Hannah is also active on other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. She has garnered over 50K followers on her Instagram page, Hannah Forcier (@hannahforcier) from which she makes an average of $270 per sponsored post. She has collaborated with brands like Ana Luisa, LastObject, and Manic Panic.

Similarly, the influencer has over 54K followers on her TikTok account, hannahforcier (@hannahforcier). Forcier also makes a good buck from her branded merchandise which is available at hannahforcier.shop where you can buy different types of phone cases, stickers, tees, and posters.

How Is Hannah's New Boyfriend, Brandon? And She Was Sexually Assaulted By Jake Paul's Team 10 Member.

Yes, you heard it right. Four years after the bizarre accident of her hair loss, Hannah Forcier is finally back in the dating game. The actress has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Brandon for a few months now and will move in with him very soon. Despite having totally different personalities, the couple has been deeply in love with one another and their relationship seems to be growing stronger than ever.

Hannah Forcier (right) with her boyfriend Brandon (left) posing as if in the middle of a dance.He just goes by the name Brandon for now.
Photo Source: Brandon, Instagram

Forcier first introduced her boyfriend to her fans back in February 2022 through a video titled, FINALLY Showing You My Boyfriend!! *GRWM for Emo Prom*. Since then, Brandon has been a regular guest on her videos and fans are just loving him. Prior to Brandon, she was in several failed relationships which did not last long.

Meanwhile, she got into an internet drama after she allegedly accused a member of Jake Paul's Team 10 house of sexually assaulting her. The incident occurred back in May 2019, when she went to the Team 10 House to create content when two members of the now-defunct group started assaulting her by grabbing her butt.

Even though she did not reveal their identity, she did clear out that it was not Jake Paul nor Armani. Hannah further said that she made this video in order to encourage the woman to speak about any type of assault they face in school, college, workplace, or any place.

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