Indi Star Introduces 'New Charmers' Group

Apr 10, 2021 @ 20:49 EDT
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Indi Star Introduces 'New Charmers' Group

The burning talent and beauty of Gen Z - Indi Star flexes about her new group Charmers Group introducing all the members!

If you been following Indi on Instagram then you guys might have already known much about Indi Star introducing a New Charmers Group. So far as we are concerned the group contains eight members with their own alias like Brooklyn Queen as Senna [Net Worth: 500k, ] Indi Star [Net Worth: 500k] as Paris,  Sophie Fergi [Net Worth: $400,000 ] as Zaria, Sarah Dorothy Little as Clover, Millie Liao as Flori,  Alysa Gutierrez-Sierra as Abby,  Mated Gallegos as Jordan, and Cameron Conerly as Tyler.

Prior to this group, she is also a member of Vibe Crew LA which is a dance group formed by young influencers who were mostly dancers. She even released a song featuring the group All My Friends.

Check Out: All My Friends - INDI STAR (Official Music Video 2020) ft. Vibe Crew

Indi has not shared much information about the group, however, we are excited to see what Indi is coming up with this time. All of the members run their own Vlogs so it can also be some episodic kind of show.

No matter what we are excited to see how the show comes up with as the group is formed with some of the interesting Tubers who have their own intriguing flavors. Who's Up for New Charmers - we definitely are.

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