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Nov 22, 2021 @ 16:19 EST
Who Is Nickolas Ray? The TikToker Has Some Questions to Answer for the Accusations

Nickolas Ray (b. February 29, 2000), sometimes misspelled Nicholas Ray, is an American TikTok content creator and Instagram influencer who is best known for his dramatic POV and lip-sync videos. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, he is now based in Los Angeles, California, which is the hub for emerging social media influencers. His start came with his performance to Vance Joy’s Riptide.

Ray, who was once popular for his TikTok content, is now all over headlines for allegedly sexually assaulting his former friend and TikToker, Noor Dabash. Not only Dabash, but another alleged victim also has come forward accusing him of being an abusive person.

Did Nickolas Ray Really Sexually Abuse TikTok Star Noor Dabash?

Nickolas Ray has been recently making headlines after his former friend and social media star, Noor Dabash accused him of raping her. She shared a TikTok video on 18 November 2021 where she wrote “I heard we’re exposing manipulative r*p*sts” with a caption and shared the screenshot of his Instagram and TikTok page.

Snapshot of Noor Dabash's TikTok of her accusing Nickolas Ray.Dabash came with a blow against Ray in mid-November 2021.
Photo Source: Noor Dabash, TikTok

The caption of the video goes as "Hey @nickolas who else are you gonna tell I’m lying? I was 17. You were 21,". The 18-year-old also shared some screenshots of their conservation after the incident in which Nickolas denies sexually assaulting her.

Dabash then tweeted a statement in which she further explained those sexual assault allegations and asked for fans to "deplatform" him from social media. She first revealed that Noor and Ray had consensual sex 2-3 times before when she was just 17 years old, still minor at that time.

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Noor then admitted to how she was intoxicated and was unable to breathe and talk due to a panic attack on 5 July 2020. And when Ray asked if they could talk, to which she declined, that's when he pinned her down and started to "rape" her after which she suffered from heavy nose bleeding.

Even though Dabash still remained friends with him after that incident and even though sliding this matter, she eventually decided to speak up in order to stop Ray from manipulating other girls. While most of the fans and influencers are supporting her for coming forward, some are calling it a publicity stunt and asking Noor to provide stronger evidence.

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old TikTok star has not denied nor confirmed these sexual assault allegations. Moreover, people are calling him out to admit his mistake and face the consequences of raping a minor. Some have even sent death threats in the comment section of his social media pages.

Who Is Nickolas Ray's Girlfriend? Fans Are Calling Out Ray For Manupating and Dating a Minor

Well, it may be surprising to know that Noor Dabash is not the only minor with whom Nickolas Ray was involved. Prior to Dabash, he was dating Elizabeth Hinkle, also known as Liv Hinkle, who was also a 17-year-old minor at the time of their relationship.

After Noor accused Ray of sexually assaulting her, Hinkle also came forward and shared how Ray "raped" her when she was just 17. She posted several TikTok videos explaining how they met through Tinder and she had clearly told him about her being a minor.

Elizabeth Hinkle's chat exchange with Noor Dabash with pictures of her and Nickolas Ray.Hinkle narrated the events in a conversation with Dabash.
Photo Source: Elizabeth Hinkle, TikTok

Hinkle further revealed how they both talked about hating the hook-up culture on their first date. However, when they came to hang out at Hinkle's place, Ray started showing his true color and forcefully came to shower with her. Even during this time, Liv explains how she clearly denied having any type of intercourse with him.

The heterochromatic TikToker then started kissing her, and when she did not show any reaction, he purportedly forcefully abused and sexually assaulted her, leaving bruises all over her body. Hinkle further claims that Ray acted like he had no idea that she was under 18 at the time of their relationship.

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Hinkle also revealed about her old account getting banned after she called him out. It is left to be seen whether Nickolas Ray will admit these allegations or deny them. Meanwhile, fans are heated over these revelations of him manipulating and raping not one but two minors. Like two sides of a coin, there are already two pages, creeperpersonhd against him and nickolas_ray_did_nothing in support of him on Instagram.

Nickolas Ray Net Worth And Social Media Income

As of 2021, TikTok content creator and social media influencer, Nickolas Ray is estimated to be worth $300,000. The majority of his income sources are obviously from sponsorship deals and endorsements in his social media posts.

Nickolas Ray in a Black & White photo smiling looking sideways.Ray has been largely away from Instagram.
Photo Source: Nickolas Ray, Instagram

With over 6 million followers on his TikTok handle, Nickolas (@nickolas_ray), he makes an average of $4,800 per post strictly through brand endeavors. The American influencer is also getting quite popular on his Instagram account (nickolas_ray_) with 134,000 followers from which he makes around $500 per sponsored post.

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