Julie Nolke Is Back with Her Pandemic Video Sequel with Rapid Subscriber-Rise on YouTube

Jun 5, 2020 @ 7:14 EDT
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Julie Nolke Is Back with Another Record-Breaking Pandemic Video

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"You know 2020's bad if this has become a series." This comment is lost somewhere in the comments of Julie Nolke's new video on YouTube and IG. It's truer than any other talk of series discussed there.

It was way back in April when Julie posted her self-record-breaking video Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self, which has how more than 6.5 million views. And since then, for a YouTuber whose videos rarely got over 50,000-70,000 views, it's quadrupled in the later videos. And many have been so hooked that every one of her past videos has at least double the views than before April.

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Back then that single viral video accounted for more than half of the total views in her entire channel. Now, it's barely three times the total views. And you know she was getting the attention out the camera life as well when the highest membership level to become her Patreon has been sold out and that she's been swarmed with fans in public places. Maybe another Charli D'Amelio in the works, but this time, we know why this person is getting all the hype.

Julie Nolke's 'Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 2' Is #1 Trending in the US

Yeah, you know it's damn serious. Julie released the second part to the now-popularized pandemic series, Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 2, on the morning of June 4, going back to April, the same point in time she explained the situation in April to her January self, to explain the situation in June to her April self. And she brings the same distinct Canadian accent on to explain the future within the limits of the Butterfly Effect.

The trajectory could very well be predicted for this video too. But no one may have anticipated that it would rise to #1 in YouTube's trending section in the US. It was inevitable, however. In the last couple of hours, the video's view-count rose by 200,000. Yeah, it's hit a million views in less than a day already.

Julie Nolke's recent video is #1 on Trending

It starts with the same good news and bad news options. Yeah, the past Julie knows what may be coming, but did not expect what actually came until July. The priorities are changing. The last time, the Australian bushfires were overlooked due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, and this time, new issues have arisen, shadowing the pandemic. She captures the pressing issues outside the Coronavirus.

It's hilarious when the past Julie doesn't realize the Murder Hornets are a real thing, the sourdough startup thing isn't unique anymore and that CoronaVirus is no longer the worst thing happening in the world. The future Julie starts with good news, which is a very limited list, by the way. And the bad news... President Trump's disinfectant speech was fairly told.

She touches on the issues of the police, referring to the 'Black Lives Matter' protests, and the crazy things that might happen like in a movie, also giving advice to her past self. But "Nothing surprises me anymore," is what is in everyone's mind right now. Also, "S**t hits the fan."

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Celebrating 100,000 Clicks on YouTube and Crossing the 275K Subscribers Mark

Julie Nolke had less than 75,000 subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel before releasing the first pandemic video, God knows why it was so low. But since that milestone, she's been gaining a lot of new subscribers since then. At the time of writing, she's got around 275,000 subscribers to her channel, an admittedly big feat.

She made a post on Instagram in late May for finally receiving her 100,000 subscribers award on YouTube, at a time she had about 250,000 subscribers on her channel. And these days, there's been a lot of pandemic-related content. But at this point, it's only so relevant for everyone. But that may change soon enough.

Julie Nolke celebrating her 100,000 clicks on YouTube with a gold card.Next Stop: The 1 Million Subscriber Award.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, Instagram

A lot of the new fans are asking for Julie to be on TV or anything that can display her talents outside social media. That one will be a later discussion if she gets something. But of course, she deserves it.

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