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Dec 8, 2022 @ 14:30 EST

Meet the patriarch of the Norris Nuts clan, Justin Neville Norris (b. 4 June 1980) aka Justin Norris who is popular as "papa Norris" among fans. The Norris Nuts is a family vlog channel run by YouTuber siblings Biggy Norris, Sabre Norris, Sockie Norris, and Naz Norris who are known for their comedy skits, challenges, and lifestyle vlogs videos.

But before YouTube, Justin was already a renowned swimmer who had already won the bronze medal in the 200-meter butterfly at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Born and raised in Geraldton, Western Australia, he then relocated to the Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, in 1999 after getting a scholarship.

Justin Norris Has Led His Entire Family into Sports: Lost His Tooth Trying to Impress Brooke Norris.

Well, it does not come as a surprise that the whole Norris Nuts clan including Sabre, Biggy, Naz, and Sockie is very athletic considering the fact that both of their parents, Justin Norris and Brooke Norris were once professional swimmers. Norris is also the second youngest surfer to participate in a World Surf League competition as a wildcard at Sydney International Pro.

Brooke Norris had a crush on the ex olympian Justin Norris just at the age of 10.Justin Norris lost his tooth while trying to impress his now-wife, Brooke Norris.
Photo Source: Brooke Norris, Instagram

Even though his wife, Brooke, may not have won as many medals as Justin, she is also a renowned former junior swimming champion. And when it comes to breaking records, their eldest daughter, Sabre Norris also does not lack behind as she is the first-ever Australian female and third-ever female in history to land a 540 on a half pipe.

Meanwhile, the Norris Nuts are very close to their fans whom they call "LEGEND" and share each & every piece of information about their lives, be it Brooke's cancer and her pregnancy complications, or Disco and Charm's birth process.

But what fans are most interested to know is how Justin lost his front tooth. And the group did share the whole story of how it happened while trying to impress Brooke by doing a front flip which ended up with him being admitted to the hospital in their video titled My DAD HAS NO FRONT TOOTH.

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Justin and Brooke's love story is as entertaining as their videos with lots of drama. While Brooke was head over heels for him from the age of ten, Justin was in love with their mutual friend, Madeline. With time Justin realized his love for Brooke and even proposed to her for marriage after dating for some time but got cold feet before their wedding.

Eventually, Brooke "convinced" him to marry her. And now they have been happily married for over 17+ years and share six children together. Despite having many ups and downs in their life, the love birds have always stayed together.

Justin Norris's Net Worth in 2022: Know About His Income Source, House, & Achievements As a Swimmer.

As per estimating sources, Justin Norris holds a net worth of around $700,000. The majority of his income source is obviously from YouTube. However, he also makes a good sum from his swim school called Justin Norris Swim Academy.

Though the Norris family had no intention of making money from their YouTube channel, The Norris Nuts at first, it has now become their major source of income. With over 6.21 million subscribers and 2.88 billion views on their family channel, they are expected to garner around $13,800 per video now from Adsense alone.

The Norris Nuts can be called as the Kardasians of the YouTube. The Norris Nuts control a combined net worth of $28 million.
Photo Source: Norris Nuts, Instagram

Well, The Norris Nuts is not their only channel. In fact, they have separate channels for posting different kinds of stuff like pranks, vlogs, cooking recipes, gaming videos, challenges, reaction videos, adventure videos, and so on. Their other channels Norris Nuts Gaming (2.14 million subscribers), Norris Nuts Do Stuff (2.64 subscribers), Norris Nuts Clips (752K subscribers), Norris Nuts Squad (579K subscribers), and Norris Nuts Cooking (745K subscribers) further help them to earn good bucks.

Additionally, the ex olympian recently bought a six-bedroom luxurious family home on North Bondi’s exclusive Brighton Boulevard which is estimated to be worth $15 million as per different news sources. This came after they sold their dream property in Gold Coast.

Meanwhile, Justin's accomplishment in swimming has made not only his family but also the whole of Australia proud. Apart from winning a bronze medal in the Olympics, the Australian athlete collected a bronze medal at the 2001 FINA World Championships in Fukuoka, Japan.

Later in 2002, Norris claimed triple gold medals, one each at the 400-meter and 200-meter individual medley events and another one the 200-meter butterfly event at the 2002 Commonwealth Games held in Manchester, England. However, after that, his swimming journey came to an end as he failed to win any title at the 2003 FINA World Championships in Barcelona, Spain, and even worse at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, failing to reach a single final.

Justin Norris' Weight Loss Journey: Did Justin Lose Weight Because The Norris Nuts Fat-Shamed Him?

If you have been following the Norris Nuts since the very beginning, then you surely have noticed that Justin Norris has lost quite some weight. And recently, his wife Brooke Norris also confirmed the news and revealed that the 41-year-old has shredded over 28 kg till now.

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While some fans are happy after knowing about his weight loss journey, others are in a rage with the Norris Nuts for fat-shaming their father time and again. This came after the video of the group forcing Justin to lose weight resurfaced over the internet.

Well, this is not the first time the Norris Nuts have fat-shamed him. During an interview with Wide Worlds of Sports in 2016, Sabre Norris publicly made fun of her dad's weight, calling him fat. Meanwhile, after Justin's weight loss journey, Brooke is also planning to melt off some fats and become fit like before.

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