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Dec 5, 2022 @ 14:48 EST
Biggy Norris of the Norris Nuts Has Planned His Future, From Girlfriend Qualities to Dream Job | Celeb$fortune 2022

"If YouTube goes dead by the time I grow up, I want to be a comedian. I am always gonna be that entertaining guy," says the 13-year-old YouTuber, Biggy Norris. Born as Coda Cee Norris (b. Jan 30, 2009), Biggy is an Australian YouTuber, singer, surfer, and social media influencer most notable for his family channel, The Norris Nuts.

Born to professional swimmer parents, Brooke Norris and Justin Norris who won a 200-meter butterfly bronze medal winner at the 2000 ‘Summer Olympics' in Sydney, his sisters Sabre, Sockie, and Naz Norris are also pro surfer/skaters. As sports runs in the Norris Family bloodline, his younger sibling, Disco, 4, and Charm, 3 may also become sportspersons when they grow up.

Being in sports for years, his parents, especially Brooke is very conscious when it comes to a healthy diet to the point that the children get to eat pancakes and Nutella only on their birthdays (very strict, right?). Growing up, he took singing and dancing classes and is homeschooled with his sisters.

How Much Is the Net Worth of Biggy Norris? Know About His Merch and Social Media Endeavors

Biggy Norris is estimated to be worth $500,000.The Norris Nuts clan has been ruling the entertainment world since 2014.
Source: Biggy Norris, Instagram

As per estimating sources, Biggy Norris holds a net worth of around $500,000. The majority of his income source is obviously from YouTube. However, he also gets his cut from social media endeavors and his ever-so-popular branded merchandise.

You may be surprised to know but Norris Family did not launch their YouTube channel, The Norris Nuts with intention of making money, but rather started vlogging to make memories. With over 6.21 million subscribers and 2.88 billion views on their family channel, they are expected to garner around $13,800 per video now.

Well, The Norris Nuts is not their only channel. In fact, they have separate channels for posting different kinds of stuff like pranks, vlogs cooking recipes, gaming videos, challenges, reaction videos, adventure videos, and so on. Their other channels Norris Nuts Gaming (2.41 million subscribers), Norris Nuts Do Stuff (2.64 million subscribers), Norris Nuts Clips (752K subscribers), Norris Nuts Squad (579K subscribers), and Norris Nuts Cooking (745K subscribers) further help them to earn good bucks.

Not to forget, Biggy also grabs around $2,600 per sponsored post from his Instagram account, B I G G Y N O R R I S 🇦🇺, with his 672K followers. What's more, their merch, Norris Nuts Shop sells branded hoodies, track pants, PJ sets, tank tops, and beanies along with gaming headsets, necklaces, eraser sets, pencil cases, and many more.

The Australian native has always been obsessed with singing and started covering songs at a very young age. His original songs So Pretty, Spare Time, and Trolling Troop has received millions of views. Besides, he also edits their collaborative channel Norris Do Stuff and has been on The Today Show as well.

Biggy Norris Wrote A Song Dedicating To His Crush, Txunamy Ortiz

Biggy Norris, no doubt, has admirers from all over the world. However, he has already given his heart to American YouTuber and social media sensation, Txunamy Ortiz. Even though he has never met Ortiz in person till now, they still communicate through Instagram DMs.

Biggy Norris has a crush on the Familia Diamond's Txunamy Ortiz.Biggy Norris has publicly announced his adoration for the Familia Diamond's star, Txunamy Ortiz.
Photo Source: Txunamy Ortiz, Instagram

The blue-eyed lover boy even wrote and sang a song titled So Pretty for Txunamy expressing his love and affection for her. He even sends her chocolates and gift now and then. Besides, Ortiz also gave a hint that she also likes Biggy. However, her father, Sdiezzel won't let her date anyone yet or any time soon.

Norris may be young, but he has already planned everything from what he would be in his life to what kind of girl he wants to get married to. In a 25-minute-long video, he once shared that his girlfriend must share a very good bond with his family. He even revealed that he is scared thinking of the possibility of unknowingly marrying a gold digger in near future.

Bullied for Looking Like a Girl Due to His Long Hair

Being a social media personality, almost every celebrity gets bullied and hates comments once in their lifetime. From Charli D'amelio to Kylie Jenner, they all had to deal with cyberbullying and backlash. Even youngsters like Jenna Davis, Jojo Siwa, Gavin Magnus, and many more had to deal with hate comments and all at such a young age.

Biggy Norris has been getting hate and backlash since the very beginning of his social media journey. He was bullied because of his long hair with people even calling him gay. The bullying got so intense to the point that he had to cut his hair to get away from all the hate. Norris, who never had a haircut in his entire life, had to chop his hair short at the age of nine which made him very emotional, and he even cried for being bullied.

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