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Dec 12, 2022 @ 14:09 EST

Naz Bea Norris or popular as Naz Norris (b. November 8, 2010) is an Australian YouTuber, and social media influencer, best known for being part of the family vlog channel, The Norris Nuts. At just the age of three, she was already a well-known social media figure for which her eldest sister, Sabre Norris gets the credit.

Born to a professional swimmer mother, Brooke Norris, and a former Olympic swimmer father, Justin Norris, she is also no less athletic than her parents and her siblings; especially in surfing. Talking about their social media presence, The Norris Nuts is not only their Youtube channel as they are also active on their other four channels Norris Nuts Gaming, Norris Nuts Do StuffNorris Nuts CookingNorris Nuts Clips, and Norris Nuts Squad.

Why Did Naz Norris Take a Break from The Internet?

You might probably know that Naz Norris and her social media icon siblings, Sabre Norris, Sockie Norris, and Biggy Norris have been homeschooled their entire life. Being involved in social media might seem easier than done as you have to give all your time to it, which might be the reason her parents decided to home-school her and her siblings.

Naz Norris is treated unfairly by her family.Why does it seem like Naz Norris is being left out by her family?
Photo Source: Naz Norris, Instagram

However, homeschooling does not mean that one can get low grades as her parents are very strict when it comes to their education. The same reason may be why Naz was forbidden from filming videos for some time as she was getting low grades.

Additionally, her parents, especially her mother Brooke, are very conscious when it comes to a healthy diet to the point that the children get to eat pancakes and Nutella only on their birthdays (very strict right?). Well, it might be due to them coming from a sports background. Likewise, she also has two younger siblings, Disco Norris and Charm Norris who are also quite popular on social media.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Naz Norris? Know About Her Merch and Social Media Endeavors

As per estimating sources, Naz Norris holds a net worth of around $500,000 thanks to the humongous following throughout all her social media pages. The majority of her income is obviously from the main family channel, The Norris Nuts where they have posted over 356 times and have over 2.89 billion views. They earn over $13,800 per video from that YouTube channel.

Although they did not start their channel with the intention of earning money at first, they now earn around $14,000 per post from their channel with 5.74 million subscribers. Some of their post's popular videos include SABRE'S SWEET 16TH BIRTHDAY *surprise trip*, REAL LIFE AMONG US *Imposter IQ 999+*, LETTING OUR KIDS TURN 21 AGAIN, LAST TO LEAVE THE BED Wins $1000, NAZ'S DREAM CAME TRUE - JAMES CHARLES JUDGES OUR MAKE UP, and so on which have millions of views and likes.

Popular for their YouTube videos, the Norris Nuts holds a combined net worth of $28 millionThe Norris Nuts bought a family home worth $15 million in Bondi Beach, Sydney, and listed the Broadbeach Waters land.
Photo Source: Norris Nuts, Instagram

Well, The Norris Nuts is not their only channel. In fact, they have separate channels for posting different kinds of stuff like pranks, vlogs, cooking recipes, gaming videos, challenges, reaction videos, adventure videos, and so on. Their other channels Norris Nuts Gaming (2.14 million subscribers), Norris Nuts Do Stuff (2.64 million subscribers), Norris Nuts Clips (751K subscribers), Norris Nuts Squad (579K subscribers), and Norris Nuts Cooking (745K subscribers) further help them to earn good bucks.

As mentioned earlier, Naz is active on all forms of social media apart from TikTok. However, she does appear on their collaborative TikTok account, Norris Nuts (norrisnuts). Additionally, she also grabs around $2,600 per sponsored post from her Instagram account, N A Z N O R R I S with her 670K followers.

Besides, their merch Norris Nuts Shop sells branded hoodies, track pants, PJ sets, tank tops, and beanies along with gaming headsets, necklaces, eraser sets, pencil cases, and many more. Being a multi-talented person, she also edits their collaborative channel Norris Do Stuff.

After the successful collaboration with global brands Mattel, Disney, Nintendo, Hasbro, Lego, Woolworths, and the Cartoon Network, the Norris Nuts family has racked up a combined net worth of $28 million. What's more, they have recently purchased a family home worth $16 million in Bondi Beach, Sydney

Why Are Fans Accusing Her Parents of Sexualizing Her?

Naz Norris is rumored to be coming out as binary.Is Naz Norris being sexualized by her own parents?
Photo Source: Naz Norris, Instagram Handle

Well, we all know social media is always full of criticisms and all. People don't always have good things to say about anyone, and some people will not hold their word on various subjects. And opinions and assumptions are fine only if they stay within their limit.

Her parents, Justin and Brooke were recently accused of sexualizing their daughter. It all started when her parents posted a video reacting to her and her siblings' TikTok videos. And when they commented on her TikTok drafts where she dressed like an adult, many people called out her parents for sexualizing her. Moreover, her parents along with her siblings are often called out for treating Naz unfairly time and again.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors about Naz coming out as LGBTQ after she made a rainbow pancake in one of her videos. But considering the fact that there are no other indications or anything she's said relating to that matter, it's not ethical enough to assume someone's sexuality at such a young age.

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