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Nov 20, 2022 @ 15:08 EST
Caroline Ricke's Life Changed Overnight With Harvard Acceptance Video: From Net Worth To Boyfriend | Celeb$Fortune 2022

"Some have beauty, others have brains. I have both" says Caroline Ricke (b.May 20, 1999) or Rich Caroline who has been ruling the internet with funny parody videos that showcase her “lavish” lifestyle and “Harvard” education in the form of nostalgic Disney star monologues and early-aughts films, like Clueless and Legally Blonde.

The American Influencer had only a few subscribers until she posted a satire comedy vlog Harvard Acceptance Reaction which obviously was a turning point for her as that video helped her to garner a huge fan following all around the world. With her unique and comical content, even her followers “Carolers” find it hard to figure out when she is being sarcastic and when she is serious.

Caroline Ricke's Life Before Fame...

Born in Ohio, United States, Caroline Ricke is half German and half Puerto Rico. Her father is a part-time lawyer and also the CEO and CFO of Grandpa Smith Apples and her mom, Maya works in the lab. Well, her mother was once offered a modeling job in Milan which she turned down in order to be a stay-at-home mom in Ohio.

Caroline Ricke is very close to her sibling especially her brother, Phillips. Like Brother, Like Sister.
Photo Source: DON’T BE UGLY PODCAST, Instagram

Ricke has five other siblings named Henry, Charles, Michael, Isabel, and Philips Ricke. Philips is also the co-host, videographer, and editor of her podcast Don’t Be Ugly podcast. Though she was a very shy girl back then, she did join a drama club for 5 years. Growing up, Ricke was very fond of Shaytards. She worked as a waitress during high school and is currently residing in Los Angeles.

Who Is Caroline Ricke's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Tobias Philips?

Caroline Ricke hasn’t disclosed anything about her relationship history, not even to her admirers “Carolers”. With a cute personality and sarcastic humor, there is no doubt that the brown-eyed influencer has lured the heart of many people.

Caroline Ricke kissing photographer Davis Bates. Is Davis Bates Dating YouTuber, Caroline Ricke?
Photo Source: Davis Bates, Instagram

But it's not easy for someone especially for a celebrity to always escape from dating rumors and Caroline is not an exception. There have been rumors of her dating her fellow influencer Tobias Philips aka Toby of The House Nobody Asked For for years now.

The rumors spread back in 2020 when they were part of the popular content house, The House Nobody Asked For, founded by Will Mahony aka Wahony, and Tyler Funke. And Caroline herself added fuel to her dating rumors when she posted a video titled My First Date on her YouTube channel with her "rumored boyfriend" on March 16, 2021.

Toby had no idea about the video & its theme and the whole video turned out to be very awkward. Some Carolers assumed Toby’s behavior was very cold while others commented that they looked cute together. Besides, Phillips often makes his appearance on her channel even after leaving THNAF.

What's more shocking to the fans is that Caroline was recently seen kissing photographer, Davis Bates. The snap was shared by Bates himself on September 16, 2022.

Caroline Ricke's Net Worth In 2022. Why Did THNAF Come to an End?

As per the estimated source, Caroline Ricke holds a net worth of $500,000 from her YouTube channel, TikTok, and Instagram, especially through sponsorships and brand endeavors. She also has her own jewelry business Spicy Girl Jewelry (

With her comedy, satire, and audience-captivating content, she has garnered over 16.8M views and 316K subscribers on her YouTube channel, Caroline Ricke. She also has a massive 3.1M followers on her TikTok account, Caroline Ricke (@richcaroline) through which she earns over $2,400 per sponsored post.

Caroline Ricke with the members of The House Nobody Asked For.The House Nobody Asked For Was Popular For Comical Videos Highlighting The Creators’ Personalities.
Photo Source: THNAF, Instagram

Similarly, she has over 510K followers on her Instagram account (@carolinericke) from which she enjoys the amount of $2,100. Ricke has worked with prominent brands like JanSport, Garage Clothing, EVRY Jewels, Hollister Co., gillyhicks, and many more.

What's more, she has already appeared on the cover of magazines like META, Her Campus, and also worked with Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio's fashion brand, social tourist Vol 2 Fashion Show.

Meanwhile, The House Nobody Asked For is a Los Vegas-based collaborative house that comprises popular influencers like Marco Borghi "Poloboy", AnthpoBilly "8illy"Dawn Morante, Tobias Philips, Tyler Funke, Will Mahony, and Caroline herself.

Even though this content house lasted for only five months (June-December 2020), THNAF managed to garner thousands of fans with their humorous videos, skits, or acting rips mixed with self-deprecating humor and sarcastic conversations. The members decided to part ways in order to focus on their careers individually. They bid their farewell in a unique way by posting twelve final videos with the title the ending nobody asked for” on December 2020.

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