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Feb 27, 2023 @ 8:52 EST
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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Kylie Rae Hall's Net Worth, Break Up With Mark Dohner, Marriage

Break-up may leave an indescribable scar in everyone's life but for Kylie Rae Hall (b.  14, 1992) aka Kylie Hall, it was more than that. She not only had to go through heartbreak but also received online hate and threats for splitting with her YouTuber boyfriend, Mark Dohner.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Kylie is the youngest child and has an older brother named Kasey Hall. Growing up, she had a tomboy personality and used to dress in her brother's clothes and played soccer, volleyball as well as snowboarding.

Rae was a little overweight than the kids her age and was constantly bullied and body-shamed which led her to have body insecurity. And, when she suffered severe acne, she couldn't even leave the home without makeup. Both her family and former boyfriend, Mark helped her to embrace and overcome her insecurity.

All Those Songs And Her Entire Relationship With Mark Dohner Were Just For Views...

Kylie Rae Hall got engaged to her boyfriend, Sheppard in December 2022.
And, She said Yes!!!
Photo Source: Sheppard, Instagram Post

Yes, you heard it right. It may break the heart of Mylie shipper but Kylie Rae and Mark Dohner, who were once the internet favorite couple, were showing off their love and affection just for likes and popularity while the reality was far from it.

Rae herself admitted in her video titled "This needed to be said..." that their relationship with Mark was a "facade for the internet". She further revealed that their content was not authentic and was fake, staged, and extravagant in order to please their fans.

The Icelandic-Italian descent model posted this video after fans started judging her relationship with her new artist manager boyfriend, Sheppard saying that Mark loved her more than him. Rae also said that her new beau is just incredible and she is just keeping this relationship off the internet in order to avoid the situation like Mark.

Talking about her new relationship, she first met him through her best friend, Michele Maturo in Coachella back in 2019 but, started dating only in 2020. Well, the lovebirds might get married soon as Sheppard finally purposed to her in December 2022 to which Kylie said "yes". Moreover, her ex-boyfriend, Mark Dohner has also happily moved on with his new girlfriend, Taylor Brumann.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Kylie Rae Hall?

Kylie Rae Hall posing for photo shoot in her bikini.Like most influencers, Kylie Rae Hall is also available on OnlyFans.
Photo Source: Kylie Rae Hall, Instagram 

As per estimating sources, Kylie Rae Hall holds a net worth of around $100,000 as a model and social media star. The 30-year-old also makes money from her OnlyFans just like Katie Sigmond and charges a certain fee for videos and photos.

Hall started her modeling career at the age of 22 and has collaborated with many prominent brands. She has garnered over 2.3 million followers on her Instagram, K Y L I E R Δ E H A L L, from which she makes an average of $6,300 per post through brand deals and sponsorships.

Following the trend like any other influencer, Kylie has recently joined TikTok and has garnered over 21,200 followers to date. However, she is not so active on her YouTube channel, Kylie Rae with 513,000 subscribers where she last posted two years back.

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Many might not be aware but Kylie Rae Hall, before a social media icon, was working as a sales manager. While looking for work, she was contacted for a photo shoot. That's when she realized how much she loved being in front of the camera and decided to pursue a career in modeling.

With her newfound passion, she started posting pictures on social media platforms, especially Instagram. And with the encouragement of her then-boyfriend, Mark Dohner, Kylie finally forayed into the YouTube scene. We can also see George Janko in her old videos who is now known for being one of the hosts of the famous podcast called Impulsive with Logan Paul and Mike Majlak.

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