This Is What Lexi Rivera Thinks of Ben Azelart's New Relationship

Sep 17, 2021 @ 17:14 EDT
This Is What Lexi Rivera Thinks of Ben Azelart's New Girlfriend Relationship

Ben Azelart (b. Jan 10, 2002) is an aspiring YouTuber, skateboarder, social media sensation, and actor best known for his pranks, vlogs, thrilling dares, and entertaining Youtube content. Though he started his YouTube journey at the age of 14, Azelart only got fame after joining Brent Rivera’s group in late 2017.

As for his early life, he was born in Dallas, Texas, to parents, Jill Azelart and Lionel Azelart, and spent most of his life in Hawai'i. The 19-year-old then settled in Huntington Beach, California, in order to pursue his career in YouTube.

While his professional life is never boring with him doing deadly dares, the 6’2’’ tall influencer's love life is also interesting with a never-ending love triangle. Since, the start of his YouTube journey, Azelart’s girlfriends has always been the topic of interest for his fans.

Brent Rivera Was the Cupid Behind Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera’s Relationship

Brent Rivera may seem like the villain in Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera’s love story, always hitting Ben with his iconic broom, but he is the main reason why Bexi even existed. In fact, Brent was the one who introduced Lexi to him when Lexi was not even interested in talking to him.

(From Left) Lexi Brook Rivera, Brent Rivera, and Ben Azelart pictured by the pool.Brent Rivera basically propelled Azelart's internet career.
Photo Source: Ben Azelart, Instagram

After six months of awkward interaction with Brent’s sister, Ben finally got the courage to strike a conversation with Lexi and the rest is history. They even had their first kiss on the set of the series Brebot, and it happened seven more times.

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The former lovebirds started their affair in late 2018 but preferred to keep it under the radar in order to stay out of public opinion. Since the beginning of their relationship, they were inseparable, always filming videos together. Moreover, their social media is full of affectionate pictures which speak with nothing but love.

Fans Thought Azelart's Relationship with Rivera Was Just for Clout After Breakup

It came as a huge shock to fans when Ben Azelart officially announced his breakup with the girlfriend of three years, Lexi Rivera, through a YouTube video, despite never admitting to having dated each other. Though they did not reveal the exact reason for their split, it’s clear that the pair decided to break up through mutual understanding.

While many fans were heartbroken to know that their favorite internet parted their ways, others say their relationship was just for clout in order to gain more views. Whatsoever, their breakup does not seem to hamper the pure friendship that still exists between them.

Ex-girlfriend, Lexi Rivera, Has No Qualms Regarding Azelart's Current Relationship

While fans were assuming that it won’t be easy for him to move on from Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart proved everybody wrong when his cozy pictures and videos with Hannah Thomas surfaced throughout the internet. Well, the TikTok star has not confirmed Thomas as his girlfriend, however, he did give a hint of seeing someone in his YouTube videos.

Hannah Thomas (left), rumored girlfriend of Ben Azelart (right), in a pool taken in a wide angle format.Thomas is rarely active on social media but does have over 10,000 followers on both Instagram and TikTok.
Photo Source: Hannah Thomas, Instagram

The rumored couple seems to be head over heels for one another and has been inseparable, always traveling together to different places like Paris, Greece, Italy, Hawai'i, and so on. Fun fact, Thomas also seems to love the adventures just like Azelart as she was spotted even jumping off the cliff with him.

While fans have started their own war, fighting over Bexi or Bennah; Lexi seems supportive of Ben’s new relationship. She even posted the picture of Ben and Hannah as clickbait for her YouTube video. It is admittedly a bit surprising that not only Lexi but her older brother, Brent, also seems to approve of Azelart’s new love. What’s more, Brent even traveled to Hawaii, and Greece with the new couple.

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Prior to his relationship with Rivera, Azelart was dating American actress and YouTuber, Brighton Sharbino, who is popular for starring as Lizzie Samuels on the hit AMC series The Walking Dead. The pair were basically high school lovers, even attending Coachella together.

Ben Azelart’s Alleged Possessiveness Towards Lexi Rivera — Fans Accused Azelart of Cheating On Lexi

If you have been following Ben Azelart, then it is not difficult to notice his obsession when it comes to Lexi Rivera. And fans have noticed his jealousy with his ex-girlfriend's increasing closeness with their common friend and YouTuber, Andrew Davila.

Lexi Rivera (left) and Andrew Davila (right) with silly poses."Bestie Vibes Only," Rivera writes of Davila.
Photo Source: Lexi Brooke Rivera, Instagram

While fans are anticipating Rivera to start dating Davila, Azelart does not seem to be happy with this. Besides, when Davila pranked him of dating Rivera, Azelart’s reactions made fans wonder if he really has moved on or if is he using Hannah to get over his breakup.

When your relationship is exposed to the public, then there will surely be different opinions, be it hate or love. And, in the case of Azelart, people are assuming that he cheated on Lexi Rivera with Hannah Thomas as he was spotted kissing Thomas just after a month of their break up.

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