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Feb 15, 2020 @ 17:17 EST
Mattia Polibio Net Worth

There's the good side, and there is the bad side. Controversies when being famous is not new. Mattia Polibio probably has some regrets from his past now. He wants to move on from that now, but there's little you can do when the past just keeps crawling back to haunt you.

Born on May 16, 2003 [age 17], in New Jersey, Mattia Polibio is an old-timer when it comes to TikTok. Many prominent stars on TikTok started using the social media app since 2019, but Polibio started it in 2018. While the others have gotten way ahead of him, Polibio's numbers are still impressive in his own right.

Mattia Polibio net worth portrait.Polibio got his fame in a short time in late 2018.
Photo Source: Mattia Polibio, Instagram

As a young individual, Polibio's net worth is completely derived from sponsored posts on his social media accounts.

Mattia Polibio Controls a 2020 Net Worth of $110,000

As of February 2020, Mattia Polibio is worth $110,000 with his income coming from two main social media sources, TikTok and Instagram. He currently lives in Totowa and is of Italian and Mexican descent, either of which are taken into account when his fans describe him as extremely attractive.

Mattia Polibio and his reflection in a mirror.Polibio controls a net worth of $110,000.
Photo Source:
Mattia Polibio, Instagram

The 17-year-old's first post on TikTok was of a collaboration with another user, posted on November 19, 2018. It was an instant hit, and his follower count started rising, fairly, when compared to Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million] and Addison Rae [net worth: $3 million]. He then found himself attracting more followers and likes to his posts by December 2018.

The guy mostly collaborates with his pals like Alejandro Rosario, Kairi Cosentino and Roshuan Diah. Aside from social media, his favorite thing to do is play soccer. He plays in the midfielder position for his high school team, Passaic Valley High School. There's also that if social media doesn't work out as a career path.

Social Media Earnings: He's Got One Serious Fan

Social media has been a boon and a blessing for people these days. In Polibio's case, it's a little bit of both. Focusing on a boon side, he has a massive following in his TikTok and Instagram accounts, in comparison to people like us who can barely manage 1000. He's also got a YouTube Channel and hasn't posted a video yet.

For Polibio, the biggest boon (aside from the money, of course) has been one particular die-hard fan. An Urban Dictionary user calls herself 'Mattia's Babygirl' and added a definition for his name on the website, "The most attractive Tik Tok boy to walk the earth. His dad is Italian and his mom is Mexican but he is more fluent in Italian. He lives in New Jersey and has a bunch of hot ass friends who also make tiktoks such as Alejandro and Alvaro and Kairi. These boys will steal your heart."

(from left) Mattia Polibio with his friends Mark Anastasio, Alejandro Rosario and Kairi Cosentino.He does have a loyal friend-group.
Photo Source: Mattia Polibio, Instagram

That was not the only fan on the website. Others have called him the finest boy on TikTok. But there are, of course, some who've insulted him as well.


To give you a sense of his fame on TikTok, a simple clip of him staring into the camera got him 400,000+ likes within two weeks. He has a massive 3.8 million followers with already having posted over 1100 clips.

Sponsorships are the biggest sources of income for any social media personality. Polibio has worked with brands like Shadow Hills USA. He, in turn, earns around $3000 from each of those sponsored posts on his account, mattia.

Instagram: He's Relatively New

Unlike any other TikTok star who used Instagram way before they went on the lip-syncing platform, the Totowa resident first started using Instagram since October 2019, almost a year after his first TikTok video. But if he ever used another account before this one is not public information.

Mattia Polibjo first Instagram post.It's Mattia Polibio's first Instagram post.
Photo Source: Mattia Polibio, Instagram

Nonetheless, he's already garnered 1.1 million followers on his page, ?? (@mattiapolibio). Yeah, it's actually unnamed. He's only posted 16 times, at the time of writing, but could bring in another $3000 per sponsored post if he ever got more serious. Have you noticed most photos on Instagram are selfies of him with the same expressionless expression?

He's Not Dead!!!

If getting backlashes wasn't enough, Polibio has been a victim of a death hoax. On December 17, 2019, an article was released by the Channel45news site claiming he was hit by a car after coming out of his car following a crash. It just swept the internet as many believed it was the reason he was not posting.

Mattia Polibio and his friend roaming around in New Jersey.He is clearly "Living" his life.
Photo Source:
Mattia Polibio, Instagram

However, as it is clearly seen on his social media accounts, he is very well alive. It was people who believed it and tried to make it real. But once you look at the top right corner of the news article (desktop view), it says, "You've Been Pranked".

That's all the story there actually was to his death hoax. The whole site is actually made for people who want to prank someone. It was probably someone close to him (or himself??) who prompted the prank.

Caught Up in Past (And Present?) Controversies

Mattia may have some close friends, like the one who he made a video titled "we're 100% straight don't get it twisted" (it was his first clip to reach 100,000 likes), there are also many people who lash out on the 17-year-old. But maybe he's the one who needs to straighten up his attitude.

During his first days of TikTok, he apparently let the N-word slip out in one of his videos that Rosario was filming. He was apparently mimicking another TikTok user, AcidPrincessx3, who's deleted her account. The incident began to resurface earlier in December 2019. When it did, Rosario tweeted that "Social media is a dangerous world."

Accordingly, Polibio also made a lengthy video (in comparison to general video on TikTok) referring to his actions on the clip. He wanted to make it clear that it is not okay to say the word in any situation. Rosario also later tweeted out an apology about maturing enough to know it could offend people.

Watch: Polibio Apologizes for His Earlier Actions While Still Cursing Out

Despite the apology and all, people still lash out at him. He's not afraid to curse, but some are hating him for overdoing it in direct messages. Clips and snapshots of a chat between him and his friends are going viral. These alleged texts show inappropriate slurs used by Rosario. But he also has spoken up about it.

He claims none of those screenshots are true and that he doesn't care. He later also continued to lash out at the people throwing it all out there. But he says he doesn't care if everyone started to unfollow him on his social media pages, despite not saying any of those. There were video proofs later, but everything is yet to be clear.

Nothing is sure of Polibio's future. Getting caught up in controversies in the early stages of fame is not easy to deal with. His net worth might increase moderately, but there's no guarantee it forever remains the same. He still has soccer though.

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