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Oct 21, 2021 @ 9:51 EDT
Is Andrew Davila Still Considered Racist? Everything About the YouTuber

"Social media has the power to change the fate of people overnight" perfectly justifies the success of Andrew Davila. David Andrew Davila (b. 26 June 2000) better known as Andrew Davila, is a YouTuber, TikTok star, and Instagram influencer who set the internet on fire and became an overnight celebrity with his one viral picture.

Born to a Mexican parent, Davila has a younger brother, Yael Davila, and a younger sister, Leilani Davila whom he often features in his social media. Having grown up in Texas, he dropped out of high school to give his full attention to social media.

Andrew became the viral sensation over the internet when the boy pages shared his picture and went viral over the internet which helped him gain thousands of followers overnight. This particular incident inspired him to pursue his career in social media and Davila is now one of the most popular social media celebrities.

How Much Is the Net Worth of Andrew Davila? His Income from YouTube and Social Media

Considering the huge fan following throughout his social media pages, Andrew Davila is estimated to be worth $750,000 as per various estimating sources. The 21-year-old handsome hunk’s main source of income is his eponymous YouTube channel, Andrew Davila, from which he makes around $5,600 per video with over 2 million subscribers count.

Andrew Davila (left) sitting with his mom (right) and his brother Yael Davila standing in the back.Davila keeps close to his family on social media as well.
Photo Source: Andrew Davila, Instagram

Blessed with natural good looks and a dashing personality, Davila has managed to garner a huge fan following in his social media in a short span of time. With over 5.5 million followers on his TikTok account, Andrew Davila (@andrew.davila_), he earns an average of $4,400 per sponsorship post.

Similarly, he makes about $6,500 per brand endorsement post from his Instagram page, Andrew Davila (@andrew.davila_) where he has over 2.4 million followers. Moreover, Davila has also managed to establish himself as an Instagram model working with some prominent clothing brands. What's more, he recently bought a Mercedes Benz worth thousands of dollars and even bought a house worth $2 million.

How Did Andrew Davila Get into Social Media? Know About His Rise to Fame

Unlike other social media stars, Andrew Davila did not get his breakthrough as a Social Media Influencer from Instagram or Facebook but through one viral picture that he posted on Twitter. Even though he forayed his social media career through Instagram in 2014, he did not get the attention and fame till 2017.

Davila's popularity rose after he joined the collaborative YouTube channel, Sunset Park, with his best friends, the Stoke Twins (Alex Stokes, Alan Stokes), Ethan Bradberry, Moe Bradberry, Coby Persin, and Moe Adams. The channel mainly focused on the lifestyles and adventures of six best friends living in Los Angeles where they parallelly posted a collaborative video once a week.

Andrew Davila (center) with the Stoke Twins, Alex (left) and Alan (right).Davila and the twins go way back.
Photo Source: Andrew Davila, Instagram

Then, in 2018, he met YouTuber, Brent Rivera through the twins who also helped him earn millions of followers. The 6' tall TikToker then joined the collaborative group co-founded by Rivera called Amp World which includes other influencers like Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart, Pierson Wodzynski, Lexi Hensler, the Stoke Twins, Jeremy Hutchins, and Dom Brack.

Andrew Davila Was Accused of Being a Racist for Using the N-Word

Andrew Davila has been in the headlines not only for his status as social media star but also for being called a racist. The American native got into the problem after his video of using the n-word was leaked into social media. His former friend Davey Sims also claimed Davila was a racist in the now-deleted video where he accused him of using the n-word repeatedly. Even though he publicly apologized for using this racial slur, the influencer does not seem to take the matter seriously as he was captured using the racial epithet recently.

Who Is Andrew Davila’s Girlfriend? Is He Dating Lexi Rivera or Jaden Potter?

Andrew Davila loves to say he has been single forever, however, his social media pages say otherwise. Well, his confusing relationship with social media star, Lexi Rivera has been entertaining the fans since forever. While some people think his relationship with Rivera is a clout to gain more views in his videos, others say his concern and feeling towards her are genuine.

Andrew Davila (right) laying down with a peace symbol beside Lexi Rivera.Davila and Rivera sent waves the first time they hung out together.
Photo Source: Andrew Davila, Instagram

Even though Lexi Rivera was dating Ben Azelart then, it did not stop the Landrew fans from shipping them. And when Rivera & Azelart announced their break up in late 2020, fans were expecting Davila to finally propose to her. Furthermore, their increasing closeness in a reel, as well as real-life, also led fans to think that they have feelings for one another.

It broke the heart of Landrew shippers when the pictures of Davila being cozy with Jaden Potter surfaced over the internet. The rumored pair even traveled to Paris and went on a double date with Azelart and his new girlfriend, Hannah Thomas. Apparently, Potter seems to be close with Davila's family as well, as his sister also comments on Potter's pictures every now and then.

Andrew Davila (far right taking the selfie) with the gang, including Jaden Porter (third from right), during the Paris vacation.'Landrew' fans opened up their heartbreak in the comments.
Photo Source: Andrew Davila, Instagram

Whatsoever, Davila has neither confirmed nor denied his relationship with Potter. Moreover, some fans even suspect Potter is dating her realtor friend, Sebastian Naranjo after she recently replied to his comment saying "ur are the sweetest boyfriend ever I love you babe". Well, some fans are justifying her action saying she is calling Naranjo as her boyfriend to prevent the hate comments from the Landrew shippers.

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