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Nov 2, 2021 @ 15:55 EDT
Sofie Dossi's House and Net Worth Are Reportedly Around the Same

Sofie Clarice Dossi aka Sofie Dossi is an American actress, contortionist, and social media personality best known for her amazing aerial and contortion skills. Born to an Arabic mother, Abir Dossi, and an Italian father, Mike Dossi, she has an older brother, Zak Dossi, who is a music producer as well as a social media star.

Dossi's introduction is incomplete without mentioning that she was the finalist and a Golden Buzzer recipient on America’s Got Talent Season 11. Apart from her unbelievable ability to walk like a spider and twist her body like a snake, she has a great sense of humor with which she's earned millions of subscribers on YouTube in a short time.

One might think that she trained for years at an Olympic gym after watching her amazing skills of turning into a human pretzel. However, the truth is far from that because she is a self-taught contortionist who learned these breathtaking skills by watching online videos.

Sofie Dossi’s Net Worth in 2021

As per estimating sources, Sofie Dossi holds a net worth of around $3.5 million which obviously is from her multiple careers as a contortionist, actress, and social media star. Twisting and turning body for nearly a decade, Dossi has garnered fans from all around the world.

Sofie Dossi posing with the sun rays just to the right of her face.Dossi is most notable for her 'AGT' performances.
Photo Source: Sofie Dossi, Instagram

Sofie shocked the world with her unique ability and thrilling skills participating in America's Got Talent just at the age of 14. Not only did she participate, but she also got the Golden Buzzer from the actress, Reba McEntire, and even made it to the finals.

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After the success of AGT, she has been continuously performing at NBA halftime shows as well as various corporate and private events. The 20-year-old even have appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show multiple times both as a guest as well as a performer and was also featured on Billboard.

How Much Does Sofie Dossi Earn From Social Media? Know About Her Income From Merchandise

Following her success on America's Got Talent, Sofie Dossi forayed into the social media scene in 2016, and it did not take her long to garner millions of fans on all her social media platforms. With her attractive personality and great sense of humor, she has gained over 6.29 million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel, Sofie Dossi, from which she makes around $9,000 per video through sponsorships.

Sofie Dossi contorting her left leg over her shoulder while pulling her hair back.Social media is a major source of income for influencers through sponsorships.
Photo Source: Sofie Dossi, Instagram

With over 4.1 million followers on her Instagram page, Sofie Dossi (@sofiedossi), she earns an average of $11,000 per endorsement post. Similarly, the blue-eyed aerialist has over 10.2 million followers on her TikTok account, Sofie Dossi (@sofiedossi), from which she makes an average of $8,000 per sponsorship and brand endorsement post.

Sofie Dossi's income source is not only limited to her contortionist performance and social media as she earns a handsome amount from her branded merchandise selling hoodies, joggers, t-shirts, and so on. Moreover, the American native also provides paid contortion classes for which one can sign up through her website shopsofiedossi. Besides, Dossi recently bought a house worth $2 million which shows how lavish her life is. She gave house tour mentioning the price as well.

Sofie Dossi Tried Her Luck In Acting: Know About Her Musical Career

Being a contortionist is what Sofie Dossi is best at, however, it does not mean that she just stuck to one profession. She broke into acting after starring as a contortionist in the television series, K.C. Undercover, back in the year 2016. Since then, she has managed to make an impressive acting portfolio appearing in Bizaardvak (2016), Boss Cheer (2018), The Doctors (2016), and many more.

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It came as no surprise to the fans when Dossi decided to further venture her career in music considering the fact that her brother, Zak is a music producer. Sofie has covered many popular songs like Friends, 2002, 7 Rings, Call Me By Your Name, and many more.

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