7 Facts of Sofie Dossi You Ought to Know

Oct 26, 2021 @ 16:54 EDT
7 Facts of Sofie Dossi You Ought to Know: AGT Finalist, Contortionist, Boyfriend

If you ever come across a girl who walks like an insect and twists & turns her body like a ghost in the horror movies, then there’s a chance that could be Sofie Dossi. Sofie Clarice Dossi (b. June 21, 2001), aka Sofie Dossi, is a contortionist, actress, social media influencer, and television personality who rose to fame after being the finalist in season 11 of America’s Got Talent.

Born to pilate trainer mother, Abir Dossi, and businessman father, Mike Dossi, she won the hearts of fans as well as judges with her amazing contortions and aerial skills. Of Arabic-Italian Ethnicity, Dossi has a music producer and social media influencer brother named Zak Dossi.

#1. Sofie Dossi Was Homeschooled

It’s not like Sofie Dossi was homeschooled her entire life, she actually went to public school till the first grade. At first, her parents homeschooled her in order to give her brother Zak company, who was actually ahead of his classmates, and her parents thought it will help Sofie to become as brilliant in her studies as her brother.

Two photos, top and bottom, of Sofie Dossi (right) and her brother Zak Dossi (left) as children and currently mimicing their past poses.She has tons of baby pictures with her brother to share on social media.
Photo Source: Sofie Dossi, Instagram

Unlike Zak, however, Sofie began spending more time improving her contortion skills. And after her career took off, her parents continued homeschooling her in order to accommodate her busy travel schedules. Being the supportive parents they have always been, her father even makes the props for her performances.

#2. Sofie Dossi Got the Golden Buzzer From Reba McEntire In 'AGT'

Sofie Dossi just does not only practice contortion but also invents new ones just like her first performance on America's Got Talent. Her first audition involved eating an apple and raising her feet over her head, and shooting an arrow with her feet which earned her a vote from all four judges, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum to Judge Cuts.

Sofie Dossi suspended in mid-air with a circular ring harness for her performance on 'America's Got Talent'."Actions speak louder than words," said Reba McEntire before hitting the golden buzzer.
Photo Source: Sofie Dossi, Instagram

And with her thrilling contortion and aerial skills during Judge Cuts' performance, Dossi won a Golden Buzzer from the guest judge, Reba McEntire, which ultimately led her to the quarter-finals. Though she could not win the show she did make it to the top ten finalists. The American native again returned in the spin-off of AGT: The Champions, where she made it to the Top 3.

#3. Sofie Dossi Is a Self-Taught Contortionist

Being a gymnast and dancer since childhood, Sofie Dossi surely had a great foundation of strength and flexibility. However, she did not take any contortion classes. Instead, she self-learned amazing skills by watching online YouTube videos.

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The aerialist developed an interest in contortion at the age of 12 after she watched the performance of the contortionist from Cirque du Soleil. And within a year, she started showing off her skills at family & friend celebrations and gradually caught the eye of entertainment companies that began to hire her for larger events.

#4. Sofie Dossi Is Ellen DeGeneres' Favourite 'AGT' Contestant

Sofie Dossi with her unique ability to twist and turn her body into unnatural postures has not only stunned fans but also a comedian and television host, Ellen DeGeneres.  From folding her body like a jackknife to spinning from a hoop suspended in the air, the contortion enthusiast has become DeGeneres's fan favorite.

Sofie Dossi posing in front of the Ellen Show stage's guest entrance.She has been on 'The Ellen Show' multiple times.
Photo Source: Sofie Dossi, Instagram

Dossi has appeared numerous times in The Ellen DeGeneres Show both as a performer and guest. What's more, her breathtaking contortion skills have been showcased by Billboard and Nightline. Besides, the social media star's performance has also been covered by ESPN, Sports Center, and many more on numerous occasions.

#5. Sofie Dossi Tried Her Luck in Acting As Well

After gaining huge popularity from America's Got Talent, Dossi ventured her career not only on Social Media but also in acting.  The 5'1" contortionist made her debut through Disney Channels comedy series K.C. Undercover back in 2016. She then appeared on Bizaardvark in 2017 and Brat’s web series Boss Cheer in the year 2018.

Sofie Dossi standing on Jake Paul's head on one hand.Conversely, she's also balanced other individuals with her body as well.
Photo Source: Sofie Dossi, Instagram

Throughout her career, she's had the chance to be an acquaintance to many A-lister celebrities and other social media stars aside from the AGT judges and host Terry Crews, the likes of Logan Paul, Jake Paul (from Bizaardvark set), Tyler Oakley, Liza Koshy, Marshmello, Brent Rivera, Tayler Holder, James Charles, Meghan Trainor, David Dobrik, and so much more.

#6. Sofie Dossi's Net Worth

As of 2021, Sofie Dossi holds a net worth of around $2 million from her career as a contortionist, actress, television star, and social media influencer. With over 6.3 million subscribers on YouTube, 4 million followers on Instagram, and 10.2 million followers on Tiktok, the 20-year-old surely garnered a lot of wealth through social media.

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Moreover, Dossi also has her very own branded merchandise where she sells high-quality hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, bags, handstand blocks, and so on. What's more, she also provides contortion and physical fitness classes for which you can sign up through her website, shopsofiedossi.

#7. Sofie Dossi Is Dating Dom Brack

It broke the heart of her thousands of pursuers when Sofie Dossi announced her relationship with Amp World member Dom Brack in August 2021. The couple confirmed their relationship through a YouTube video titled Its official.... on August 28, 2021.

Sofie Dossi watching romantically on Dom Brack while laying on the grass.She continually calls him her best friend, but it's more than that.
Photo Source: Sofie Dossi, Instagram

The lovebirds started dating in November 2020 but kept their relationship under the radar for quite some time. They first met at Andrew Davila’s birthday party in June, however, they started hanging out only after a month. Since the start of their fling, they have been posting affectionate pictures and videos all over their social media.

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