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Every Detail on UnspeakableGaming Nathan's Bio, Dating, Net Worth, Merch, Minecraft, Roblox, Skin, Youtube

Grab all details of popular American Minecraft YouTuber 'Unspeakable' covering details of his personal life, biography, career, dating, Minecraft, Roblox, Net Worth, YouTube, Age, Merch, and more.

Nathan better known as Unspeakable is a popular Minecraft player, streamer, YouTuber who is famous for his popular Minecraft & intriguing contents. Nathan started his career posting Minecraft videos back in November 2012. Nathan had a streaming breakthrough after his video "TOP 20 MINECRAFT MODS!" video garnered more than half a million views.

Subsequently, he was then recognized as the popular Minecraft player in the community. As of now, Nathan shares a popular 1.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he uploads intriguing gameplay, quests, and other interesting content. But that's not all of the young internet stars as he has more stories to share behind his celebrity virtual life! So in order to know him better, his career, early life, and more ahead we present your details of one of the word's best Minecraft payer and vlogger UnspeakbleGaming aka Nathan,

UnspeakableGaming Real Name, Biography

Unspeakable originally known as Nathan Johnson Graham was born on 5 December 1997 in Houston, TX. . Nathan is yet to share the names of his family members such as father, mother, and siblings but make sure to be updated as we'll shortly update the content as soon as we get hands to any of his personal information. Talking about the 22 years old Graham height he stands 5 foot, 6-inch height.

UnspeakableGaming Net Worth

Nathan Johnson Graham was also fascinated with computer games.
Image Source: Instagram

Since an early age, Unspeakable had an interest in video games. Matter of fact he was an active and creative person who at the age of 6 was a boy scout. Talking about his education, Nathan is only a high school graduate as he decided to quit his education and established a merchandise store.

Nathan followed his passion and started his first gaming channel "Mr. Gaming" at 15 but later deleted it. Finally, he opened UnspeakableGaming on October 9th, 2012 which as of 2020 has 3.9 billion views and 9.75 million subs.

Unspeakable/ Nathan Dated YouTuber Kayco; Who Is He Dating Now?

As of 2020, the UnspeakableGaming's Nathan is not dating anyone. The 22-year-old gamer seems to be focused on his gaming channel rather than relationships as he shares a tragic love story behind. For those who are unaware, the 22-year-old gamer used to date YouTuber Kayla Conley aka Kayco who is an American YouTuber.

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Kyaco, 21, runs a YouTube vlog channel since 15 January 2018. If you've been following the gamer then might definitely know about Nathan's romantic fumes with YouTuber Kayco. The former couple often used to upload intriguing couple challenges and fun contents together.

Well for those who are unaware of the news, Nathan and Kayco were actually high school lovers who were in a long-distance relationship until they decided to break up on July 24, 2019. However both the highschool lovers called off their relationship with good terms and mutual decision. Nathan exclusively shared the reason behind the split to his fans where he shared the reason behind the breakup was after 'things didn't start t work between the couple'.

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Since high school, Conley dated UnspeakableGaming until their breakup in 2019. The announcement of their's breaking up was trending on YouTube for many days.

UnspeakbleGaming's Youtube/Minecraft/Roblox/Gaming Career

As we mentioned earlier at a young age, Nathan was fascinated with computers and believed he would grow up to work on computers. And he wasn't wrong.


Nathan initially opened a channel named "Mr. Gaming 1000", but later decided to open a new channel Unspeakable Gaming. He uploaded his first-ever YouTube channel in November where he uploaded his first video series of "Minecraft Survival Island". After the series got quite a good response from the audience he then started to upload mods and maps in the Minecraft Wipeout map.

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And in April 2013, Nathan created a popular content "Island Sprint Parkour" which boosted his channel fame and featured with some of the popular YouTubers like JerryVsHarry and JeromeASF.

Two years after in March 2015, the UnspeakableGaming brought home its first YouTube Silver Play Button. The next year he created another YouTube channel Unspeakable where he mostly shares vlogging and fun videos.

UnspeakableGaming Net Worth in 2020

As per sources from NaiBuzz, Nathan shares a net worth of $16 million. And wouldn't argue on it precisely after looking at his popular-millions-sub YouTube channel Unspeakable (8.82m), UnspeakableGaming (9.76m), and Unspeakable Plays (5.22m) and earning millions from them.

unspeakableGaming Net Worth, Cars, assets

UnspeakableGaming Nathan shares a staggering fortune of self-made $16 million.
Image Source: Instagram

Matter of fact, his company and merchandise are worth $15 million. And talking about his earnings from super popular YouTube channel, he earns an estimated monthly earning of $17.5k - $279.4k monthly earning and $209.6k - $3.4 million per year as reports from Social Blade.

Similarly, his other channel Unspeakable with a staggering 8.82 million subs is also A grade Youtube channel with a monthly earning of $45.4k - $726.2k as per a report from Social Blade. Besides his popular YouTube channel, Unspeakable also has a popular Instagram with 758k followers where he usually posts about his personal stuff and channel teasers.

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Taking a glance at his rich toys, Nathan owns his 'dream car' Lamborgini Hurrican which cost rate starts from $153, 464, similarly, he also owns a Benz AMG which starts from a minimum price of $127,900, a Porsche 911 which cost around $99,200, Nissan GT- R35 which costs around $210, 740. That's not all of it! Nathan car garage has more expensive cars with all combine are worth millions. You guys can check it from their Instagram.

UnspeakableGaming Merch, Skin

For those keeping up with the 'Minecraft King' might already know about his cool and desiring merch line, skin, and rich toys. Through his online merch store, he sells merchandise like Clothing, Toys, Watch, Games, and more.


Image Source: Unspeakable Official Site.

And review his clothing line, they look fabulous as Unspeakable has rally made us silent with his unique design and fascinating prints. His merch ranging around $20 for a T-shirt, $12 from LED Ice Cube, $20 for Led sword, and more.  If you guys are yet to check out his merch line then you can check it out from here.

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So accounting for all his income from merch, two successful YouTube channels, and endorsement, Unspeakable bags a whopping net worth of $16 million as of 2020. Yeah, the young YouTube and Gamer are living the life of riches filled with luxuries but with his hard work and consistency.

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