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Aug 16, 2021 @ 19:35 EDT
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Every detail you need to know about YouTuber, TikToker, and Instagram star Lexi Rivera Adoption, Parents, Dating Ben Azelart or Andrew Davila, and Net Worth.

Among the Amp World members, Lexi Rivera is one of the most popular and experienced YouTube stars after her brother, Brent Rivera. Alexa Brooke Rivera aka Lexi Rivera (born 7 June 2001) is an aspiring YouTuber, TikToker, social media influencer, dancer, and gymnast.

Before starting her career in social media, Rivera was an Olympic-level gymnast and even won several competitions back in her childhood. However, after growing up basically before the camera thanks to Brent, Lexi also decided to follow her brother’s path and pursue her career in YouTube.

Is Lexi Rivera Adopted? Know the Reason Why She Dropped Out of School?

Born to a firefighter father, John Rivera, and a teacher mother, Laura Rivera, on June 7, 2001, Lexi Rivera has three older brothers Blake Rivera, Brice Rivera, and Brent Rivera, and is not an adopted child. In fact, the rumors of her being adopted surfaced, when Rivera once joked about being adopted considering the fact that all her family members have brown eyes and she has green eyes.

Lexi Rivera

The Rivera family in one frame. (Image Source: Instagram)

It came as a no surprise to fans when she decided to take a break from her studies in order to pursue her career as a YouTuber just like her big brother. Lexi, who graduated from Huntington Beach High School, announced that she, for now, wants to give all her attention and time to making entertaining content. However, she does plan to attend UC Santa Barbara in the near future.

How Much is the Net Worth of Lexi Rivera?

Lexi Rivera holds a net worth of around $1-$2 million, the majority of her income is obviously from her YouTube channel. On her eponymous YouTube channel, Alexa Rivera has over 6.68 million subscribers from which she accumulated $17,000 per post. What’s more, she often gets income-paid advertisements from popular brands like Dell and even Google itself.

Lexi Rivera Net Worth

Self-made millionaire. (Image Source: Instagram)

Though the majority of Lexi’s wealth is from YouTube, her income source is not only limited to it as she has a huge fan following on Instagram and TikTok. With over 18 million followers and 386 million strong likes on her TikTok handle Lexi Rivera (@lexibrookerivera), earns an average of $14,000 per post.

Likewise, she has over 7.8 million followers on her Instagram and with over 440 posts, she earns around $89,000-$121, 000 for every post from sponsorships and brand endorsements. You May Also Like to Know the Net Worth of TikTok star Madzmichelerice.

Lexi Rivera Thanks Her Brother for Her Popularity on YouTube. She Tried Her Luck on Acting as Well.

Everyone is well aware of the fact that Brent played a huge role in the success of not only Lexi but almost all the other members of the Amp World like Dom Brack, Jeremy Hutchins, Pierson Wodzynski, and so on. Brent who first gained popularity as a Viner, is now one of the most popular YouTubers, singer, actor, and anchor and has even worked with popular celebrities like BTS, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, and Jason Derulo.

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Lexi’s acting career is not so impressive considering the fact that she only managed to appear in the TV series Brobot alongside her brother, Brent, and her ex-boyfriend Ben Azelart. Apart from collaborating with her squad member, the 20-year-old social media influencer has also appeared on the videos for Awesomeness TV, Famous Birthdays, People, and many more.

Lexi, whose zodiac sign is Gemini, is also a professional dancer though now she is only seen dancing in her TikTok videos. Likewise, she also models for different clothing brands and even flaunts her pictures on her Instagram. 

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating; Ben Azelart or Andrew Davila? Is Brent Rivera the reason behind her break up with Ben?

Lexi Rivera, unlike what many people have expected, is not dating her fellow YouTuber, Andrew Davila. While the fans were expecting Lexi to date Davila after her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Ben, it broke the heart of “landrew shipper” when Andrew started his fling a social media influencer, Jaden Porter.

Find Who's Lexi Rivera Dating

Who's Lexi Rivera Dating? (Image Source: Pinterest)

What’s more, Lexi also seems to have a new love interest as she recently revealed that she is seeing someone else and that person is not from the squad.   The American TikToker ended her long-term relationship with Ben in late 2020 and the irony part is that they only opened up about their affair after breaking up.

While many Bexi shippers blamed Brent for their break up, considering the fact that Brent was not so happy about their fling and often bullied and hit Ben with his iconic broom, the truth is far from this, as the former lovebirds revealed that Brent has always been nothing but supportive towards their relation off camera. Talking about her boyfriend of 3 years, Ben also seems to move on, as he is currently dating the blonde beauty, Hannah Thomas.

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The couple is not shy to flaunt their love on social media and has even been traveling the world together. Recently the pictures of Azelart being affectionate with his 23 years girlfriend, Hannah in Hawaii, Italy, and Greece is going viral on Instagram, and TikTok and fans could not help but ship this new couple as “Bennah”.

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