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Oct 25, 2020 @ 16:31 EDT
How Much Net Worth Bella Poarch Earned Since Her Rise to TikTok Fame

If there's something Bella Poarch has been branded with is the single TikTok video that broke the record for the most-liked & most viewed one yet, the modest Millie B's M to the B lip sync (about to hit 500 million views!). But with a lot of things revolving around her, for many minds, this is not the first thing that shows why she got famous.

Be that as it may, there's no argument that she, like many Top Dogs on TikTok, has collected a net worth unfathomable for non-social media types of people. Considering the meteoric rise to her follower-count numbers, even more so than Charli D'Amelio once had, it's not crazy to think she's got brands to contact her for sponsorships. And with TikTok's new policy advantageous to the high-following users, she's got more to come her way.

Bella Poarch in a hot-tub of goat & sheep plushies.She refers to her fans as her 'herd'.
Photo Source: Bella Poarch, Instagram

As a background, Bella Poarch [b. February 8, 1997] is a 24-year-old Filipino-American TikToker from Hawaii who's served in the US Navy in the past. And like some people on the recent TikTok bandwagon [Ellie Zeiler, for example], she only set up her account in April 2020 before her record-shattering TikTok sync in mid-August. And now she's already up to the level where she's associated with James Charles.

With 39 Million Followers in Two Months on TikTok, Bella Poarch's $500,000 Net Worth Is Expected to Rise

As of 2020, Bella Poarch is estimated to be worth $500,000, almost all of it attributed to her recent rise to TikTok fame. The primary route has to be via post sponsorships [TikTok & Instagram], and it'll be a while before she has merchandise sales to add to it. It's still a little early to claim as her numbers keep growing at the highest rate possible.

Poarch, as it stands, is 11th in the follower-count rankings, having just surpassed Jason Derulo and close behind Will Smith. She has 39 million followers as of October 25, 2020, and that's a long way since she was noticed with the M to the B video on August 18. Bear in mind, she did have a considerable amount of followers (~1.5M) before the viral one. It seems she's spent some to featured in the For You section of TikTok.

Bella Poarch follower & like counter.She's currently gaining almost 400,000 followers on average every day.
Photo Source: SocialBlade, Bella Poarch Profile

The clip has hit 40 million likes as well, which is the most-liked post in the entire history of TikTok, for those who don't have a clue about why she is famous. (Or if they've mistakenly thought her tattoo controversy or accusations of racism suddenly got her into the frame.) A million likes are easy pickings for the tattoo lover.

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As for Instagram ('cause you know the follower-count on Instagram is co-related with that on TikTok, somehow), she's also gathered 7 million followers. It's unclear if she's associated with any brands on social media yet (the posts are rare), but one can guess.

How Much Does Bella Poarch Make from Social Media Sponsorships?

How does the money part of TikTok work? There are a few ways one can try. A brand has to approach the user, or if they have prominence in the advertisement industry, they could approach a brand itself. And it's not just using their product in the video or photos, in the case of Instagram. Sponsorships come in the form of music as well, collaborating on the creators of the tracks they use. And TikTok's marketing scheme is excellent for brands to find the users relatable to their products.

Bella Poarch side by side with James Charles.The plushies may be a route to merchandise sales for her.
Photo Source: Bella Poarch, Instagram

However,  a major way to earn on TikTok is the livestream, and if you've got a significant number of followers, TikTok is finally paying the users according to their follower number (more below). Either way, the earnings vary on how many posts are sponsored.

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There is no precise way to identify sponsored posts. TikTok talent manager Josh Sadowski told Business Insider that a user with 1 million followers could, or rather, should charge upto $10,000 for sponsorships (not per post but as a deal). The rate can well be according to the number of views as well. With her numbers, Poarch may earn upto $30,000 per sponsored posts.

Likewise, she is estimated to be earning between $13,000 to $23,000 for every sponsored post on Instagram. It's unclear if she's had some major deals coming her way. It's hard to spot them in her posts.

TikTok Is Finally Paying Users! But Be Popular First

The news came in July when TikTok announced they created a $200 million fund to pay users with more than 10,000 followers (with other criteria in play & unlike YouTube requiring at least 1,000 subscribers) once they apply for monetization. But there recently have been complaints about how low the earnings have been despite the number of views. Their policy needs a little makeover. It is still just the beginning.

The Navy Veteran Has Been Accused of Racism on More Than One Occasions

Once Poarch shot to fame, things went for her as would with any other prominent social media users. Immediately in early September, she was introduced to the fact that the symbol of the Rising Sun the Japanese previously used (and still is prominent) offends Koreans. #CancelKorea became a trend on Twitter after many defended her.

Bella Poarch pinching her cheeks sitting in the stairs.Poarch is just an avid tattoo enthusiast.
Photo Source: Bella Poarch, Instagram

After the racist accusations, she was prompted apology videos and tweets, claiming she had no idea the tattoo would cause such an outrage. She said she was in the process of removing the tattoo on her arm, but the apologies were not reaching everyone. Then she was accused of calling her friend, while in the Navy, with a racist name. She retorted with how the nickname existed before she met the friend and that he was a Samoan & not Black.

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Of course, everyone is not completely convinced of her innocence. But it is what it is. She still has a number of loyal fans, hopefully, for her, it's a majority of the 39 million users following her. And no doubt, it also means a tremendous increase in her net worth as she gets a better foothold into the finance aspects of her title as a social media influencer.

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