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Sep 7, 2021 @ 9:53 EDT
'Clubhouse Next's Ahlyssa Marie Is on the Rise

"Just a girl with so much she wants to do and not enough time to do it all" is how Ahlyssa Marie Velasquez describes herself. Born on April 22, 2001, in Arizona, USA, Marie is a TikTok star and social media influencer. With three sisters and one brother, Ahlyssa has quite a large and loving family.Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Marie went to Agua Fria High School in Arizona. It was there and then, the beautiful and jolly Ahlyssa started using Tiktok and making videos as she felt she couldn’t fully express herself.  She said that it was due to the judgment from her peers in an interview with The Arizona Republic.

A student of Criminology at the University of Arizona, Marie had always been passionate about singing and dancing, and also had joined theater classes while she was in high school. Soon, she turned her passion into a career.

'Falling in Love Tonight' Unofficially Launched Ahlyssa Marie's Online Influencer Career

Whether it is Tiktok, Instagram, or Youtube, the 20-year old influencer has made a name for herself on all the leading social media platforms.

With the Tiktok star's first Tiktok post being on April 2, 2019, which immediately blew up, Marie started posting consistently, which brought her to where she is today. It was a video of her dancing to the tunes of Falling in Love Tonight by Fantasia, which now has over 520,000 likes and 2.4 million views. Her contents mostly comprise of dances, sometimes songs, and lipsyncs. She has also collaborated with famous TikTokers like Oliver Moy, Zoe LaVerne, TheBlondeJon, and Sebastian Moy.

Ahlyssa Marie posing inside a 'Peaches'-themed truck.Marie's TikTok career blew up right from the beginning.
Photo Source: Ahlyssa Marie, Instagram

To date, she has over 5.2 million followers on the platform with a total like count of 164 million. As her audience includes teenagers and kids, she is careful to remove explicit words and post age-appropriate content for her young audiences. The merry influencer calls her supporters Luv army (#luvarmy).

"I found a lot of supportive people, a lot of people who liked me for who I was. I was able to be myself on TikTok. So I kept grinding on it and posted more and more videos.” as told by Marie in the Arizona Republic when she was asked about the success behind her Tiktok fame.

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Marie is also a part of the famous internet collective Clubhouse Next as their house manager, together with Daisy Keech, Jessica Belkin, Michelle WozniakDylan Shogo, and Rad Shogo, as the other members. The collective takes on dance challenges, comedy bits, and entertains fans with their hilarious antics gaining them more followers and supporters. FYI, she's also featured the controversial singer/actress Bella Thorne in her posts.

Ahlyssa Marie (right) with Sierra SpragueShe seems to get along alright with her friends and housemates.
Photo Source: Ahlyssa Marie, Instagram

The self-taught dancer is quite active on Instagram (itsahlyssa) as well. Sharing her eye-catching pictures, travel moments, and a glimpse of her everyday life, Ahlyssa has made sure to show love and kindness towards her fans and supporters. Whether it be fan edits or articles written about her, she shares them on her Instagram and shows her gratitude. Her humble nature has gained priceless love from her fans and an ever-growing number of followers. As of today, she has around 506,000 followers on Instagram.

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After her success on Tiktok, the 5'7 tall Taurean expanded her social media career with her self-titled YouTube channel (Ahlyssa Marie). She started posting in October 2020 with her video of learning how to skate. Her videos consist of cover songs and remixes. So, the stunning star can not only dance but sing and skateboard as well. With just five videos, she's already amassed a massive 65,000 subscribers, with the indication to only grow even more.

Her good looks and engaging content have also provided her the opportunity to collab with fashion brands like Fashion Nova and get featured in the music video of Blueface’s TikTok.

How Rich is the Rising Tiktok Star?

Blessed with stunning looks and killer moves, Ahlyssa Marie has created a label for herself. And surely her fame has gained her enough wealth too. As per reports from Influencer Marketing Hub, Marie has an estimated earning of 8,300 per post with over 526 posts at the moment. With a verified B-grade Instagram account, an average likes of 12,917, Ahlyssa has an estimated earning of $2,000 per post.

Ahlyssa Marie inside a party bus sitting on top of the red couch.She's partnered with a few clothing brands as well.
Photo Source: Ahlyssa Marie, Instagram

Her passion and consistent dedication has not only brought her love and support from millions of fan around the world but has also allowed her to increase her net worth to an estimated $50,000 at the moment. But it's only just the beginning.

Controversies, Dating Gossips, and Ships: She Is As Low-Key As She Can Be

There's this massive trend in TikToker's relationships with either boyfriend/girlfriends or even their acquaintances just blowing up with multiple controversies arising here and there. But as easy-going as she seems, Miss Marie has been very private about her personal life. She is possibly single as she has never revealed anything about her romantic life. She has been careful not to post or give any hints regarding what's been going on in her inner world.

So far, the cheerful star has not been involved in any controversies. Despite being friends with many famous Tiktokers and associated in many groups and collaborations, like Daisy Keech for one, Marie has been successful to not involve herself in any matters which might stain her name. The unproblematic influencer has shown true masterfulness in her work, crafting and tending her image consciously.

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A free-spirited and passionate young soul, Ahlyssa Marie has charmed her way into the hearts of millions of young fans through her consistent effort, dedication, and love for her art making her who she is today.

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