How Lexi Hensler and Christian Wilson's Relationship Came to an End

Sep 4, 2021 @ 4:21 EDT
How Lexi Hensler and Christian Wilson's Relationship Came to an End

Love is often not a sufficient condition for a relationship to last long and the perfect example of this is, Lexi Hensler and Christian Wilson’s relationship. The couple who were once madly in love turned into complete strangers just in a couple of months, which took fans aback by surprise.

If you have been following Lexi then, you surely know that the reason for their split could be anything but lack of love. Fans have been dying to know what went wrong for them to end their year-and-a-half relationship and part their ways.

So, without further ado, here's how their fairy tale love story ended up being a nightmare for Lexi, with fans blaming her for cheating on Wilson with YouTuber, Brent Rivera.

Lexi Hensler and Christian Wilson’s Journey from Being Best Friends to an Exemplary Internet Couple

Lexi Hensler first officially announced her motivational speaker boyfriend, Christian Wilson through a YouTube video back in March 2020. In her nine-minute-long video, Lexi described how she and her beau were best friends for more than two years before taking their relationship further. She, however, officially started calling Wilson her boyfriend in November 2019 via the Instagram post below.

Two photos, side by side, same setting: Christian Wilson (left) and Lexi Hensler (right) enjoying an ice cream in her hand.“This is Christian ? he’s been my best friend for the last couple years but I finally started calling him my boyfriend a month ago!!! Woo!!…”
Photo Source: Lexi Hensler, Instagram (Deleted)

It may be hard to believe but Lexi is the only member of the Amp World to officially introduce her lover to the world. The 5’2’’ YouTuber was not shy of expressing her love for Wilson and often featured him in her YouTube videos. Her social media is full of their affectionate pictures and videos, and one could not help but gush over how deeply they were in love.

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Even in a prank wedding video that was posted by Lexi just before a month of their split, one could feel their love and affection for one another. So, when they decided to part their ways, fans could not help but wonder what exactly happened between this beautiful couple to end up like that.

What Went Wrong in Their Unbreakable Relationship? Wilson’s Mental Health or Hensler's Alleged Infidelity with Brent?

Everyone thought that Lexi Hensler’s relationship with her best friend-turned-boyfriend, Christian Wilson would end up in marriage. However, fate played the cruel game when the couple decided to end their beautiful relationship in April 2021.

Lexi first announced her split with Wilson through an Instagram story. Then, the 23-year-old influencer officially disclosed the news of their separation through a video titled we broke up but did not reveal the exact reason for their break up citing Christian’s privacy as to why, which only led fans to make countless assumptions.

When your relationship is exposed to the internet, there certainly will be blames and shades, with fans split down the middle on taking sides. While some fans thought the reason for their break up may be severe depression and anxiety issues of Christian; others assumed that Hensler cheated on him the motivational speaker with Brent.

The headline of her cheating with Rivera came up after Brent posted a prank video kissing Lexi in front of his friends. And, Christian obviously did not seem too happy about that as he even posted a screenshot of the video in his Instagram story with the caption, Things not to do 3 weeks after a break-up.

Christian Wilson's response to Lexi Hensler's Prank kiss on Brent Rivera: Things not to do 3 weeks after a break up.Brent Rivera, of course, is currently Pierson Wodzynski's boyfriend.
Photo Source: Christian Wilson, Instagram Story

Well, some of the Chrexi shippers took this behavior of Christian as jealousy and thought that there is still a chance of them getting back together. Besides, Lexi did not delete any of her posts with Wilson on her social media for a while, which further added fuel to the assumptions. As of now, she does not have a trace of Wilson on her Instagram page.

Lexi Hensler’s Increasing Closeness with Fellow YouTuber Paris Rosenbaum Is Starting a New Ship, “Pexi”

It’s not new in an online community to start shipping their idol with anyone they became close with, without any facts. Well, you may be surprised to know that after her split with former boyfriend, Christian Wilson, Lexi Hensler has been shipped with not one but three people at a time, which includes popular YouTubers like Twan Kuyper, Brian Rafat Awadis aka FaZe Rug, and Paris Rosenbaum.

Like any other good friend, Paris has been supporting and cheering Lexi after her heartbreak, which made fans assume that the two were certainly dating. And it only added further fuel to their dating rumors when shippers noticed that Rosenbaum was seen somewhat jealous when Hensler pranked him by introducing Kuyper as her new boyfriend.

Lexi Hensler (left) and Paris Rosenbaum operating her fake McDonald's at her house for a video.They are close, but not that close.
Photo Source: Lexi Hensler, Instagram

However, considering the fact that Lexi, who was once shipped with Ben Azelart, clearly told that she has no intention of dating a person younger than her, her relationship with the 19-year-old Paris may be another baseless rumor. Besides, the blue-eyed beauty also cleared up her dating rumors with Twan and FaZe saying they are just her good friends.

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