Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon's Romance Story — How She Moved 2500 Miles to Be with Him

Jun 16, 2020 @ 7:03 EDT
Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon's Romance Story — How She Moved 2500 Miles to Be with Him | Relationship Timeline

This is a branch article about the relationship timeline of Alex Warren & Kouvr Annon. For parent articles, see Alex Warren Net Worth and Kouvr Annon Net Worth.

You won't see many couples so lovey-dovey as Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon. But of course, there will be bumps on the way, and it seems their former mutual friend Dayna Marie exposed the early parts of their relationship, "for views" as Warren continuously insists. The couple has moved on though, Marie's feelings haven't been resolved yet.

Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren started dating in 2018, which was confirmed by his first appearance on her Instagram page in December 2018. And then, her life has been just him, although not according to Marie.

The Relationship Beginnings

Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren holding a plastic baby.Yeah, these discussions have happened often.
Photo Source: Alex Warren, Instagram

The two were introduced by Marie online over 2.5 years ago when Warren asked her about Annon. There were some things Marie was talking about in her video (you've seen it already) about how she was worried this might turn serious and that Annon's "cheating" habits would hurt him. But yeah, they've put it all behind (more in that article).

They were committed to a long-distance relationship in the early days. But for a few months after the unofficial confirmation, they continued their long-distance thing until it became too hard for them to be apart from each other that way. He was in LA, she was in Hawaii.

Kouvr Annon lifting girlfriend Kouvr Annon in the air in the desert with mouth covered with handkerchiefs.Their unofficial confirmation post.
Photo Source: Kouvr Annon, Instagram

Yeah, so what did they do? Kouvr just up & left her hometown and moved to LA to be with him. The distance is around 2,560 miles, according to Google Maps. In a March 2, 2019, video on Warren's YouTube channel, the couple talked about her decision to move to LA, but it's unclear when she moved in with him. It was a difficult move for her, of course.

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That Time Warren Traveled the Pacific to See Annon

There've been some very romantic instants in their relationship since being official. Their Instagram pages are filled with how loving they are to each other. But the most awesome time in their timeline has to be in January 2019 when Warren flew over the 2,560 miles to meet and take Annon completely by surprise. He snuck up on her on the beach, and she was overflowing with emotions. Sure, Marie was in on it too, you could see her in his video.

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Also, in November 2019, the two opened up about their feelings on all their fans' comments of marriage and stuff with a video. In a mini Q & A interview for each other, they address fans' concerns of marriage by referencing their age.

"We're 19! Everyone keeps commenting, 'Get married'," she says. And then he jokingly adds, "So, we're getting married." The tried to completely avoid the questions on children though, for obvious reasons. Y'all have to wait for it all. They have quite a dynamics now, despite the troubles in the past. Now, they live full-time in the Hype House.

Note: For the not-so-romantic parts of the story (another reminder), see Daydna Marie's story.

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