Who Is Piper Rockelle's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Walker Bryant or Lev Cameron? Settling Her Relationship Status Down

May 3, 2020 @ 20:37 EDT
Settling Piper Rockelle's Relationship History — Is She Dating Walker Bryant or Lev Cameron? | Ex-Boyfriend Gavin Magnus

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It seems like after months of speculation, Piper Rockelle is finally linked to one single person. Since she broke up with ex-boyfriend Gavin Magnus (& it was not pretty), there have been two ships fans have placed Rockelle (her last name is Smith) on, the Liper ship and the Piker ship. It's not hard to surmise Liper is for Rockelle and Lev Cameron, while Piker is for Rockelle and Walker Bryant.

There is no mystery person in this case, so who is Piper Rockelle's boyfriend? For quite a while now, before Bryant and Indi Star announced their relationship pursuit, Rockelle has been telling her followers that she has a crush on both of the guys, even though many were still confused as to who she was dating. Yes, you can have two crushes.

Piper Rockelle, Walker Bryant & Lev CameronShe has a crush on both guys, but only one can be shipped right now.
Photo Source: Piper Rockelle, Instagram

There were fans split both ways for the two ships, but the triangle kept them in the confused for which one to choose. But in recent days, it seems things have settled for good. Is Rockelle dating Cameron now? There's still another video to wait from Rockelle, but first, a look into her past. [UPDATE!!! Find Out If Liper Is Official Here!]

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Rockelle's Mom Seemed Have Had a Big Part in the Breakup from Gavin Magnus

This is a branch title for the relationship timeline between Piper Rockelle and Gavin Magnus. For main article, See Gavin Magnus

Before either of the ships mentioned, there was another ship called the Pavin for Piper Rockelle and Gavin Magnus. Piper, Sophie Fergi and Sawyer Sharbino have been best friends for a long time now. Gavin was introduced as her crush in a reaction-to-old-Instagram-photos video in January 2019. She double-quoted the word "crush" in the description box. See for yourself.

Watch: Probably Gavin's First Feature in Piper's Video (Or Not, Cross-Check That One)

Since then, Gavin had been a regular part of Piper's social media world as he continued being labeled her crush for a long while. (It seems she started the tradition of referring to someone she "might" be dating as crush even after already pursuing the relationships.) He also featured Piper in the music video for his song, Crushin'. In February that year, there was a secret admirer for Piper, and it was neither Sawyer or Gavin.

Anyway, on a later February 2019 YouTube video, she refers Gavin as her "boyfriend" (no double quotes this time) when they film a piece about stealing The Royalty Family's blue Lamborghini Aventador (of course, scripted video). Though she mentions Gavin as her crush later on as well, she still writes him as a boyfriend in the title and descriptions of the video.

Piper Rockelle with ex-boyfriend Gavin Magnus in the 'Crushin'' music video.It was a disappointment all round when they split.
Photo Source: Tiger Beat

They continued to be a part of several 24-hour challenges on their respective YouTube channel then on. The most prominent ones were pretending to be married for 24 hours (it's something she does with all her "crushes") and even switching boyfriends with Sophie's for 24 hours (a clickbait of some sort as Sophie was single).

A point came when she googled her relationship status to know that articles mentioned they kind of broke up. Around August 2019, Lev, Walker and Sophie's then-crush Ryder Knapp (who Piper tagged as Sophie's boyfriend) start appearing in Piper's YouTube videos as disappeared completely. Rockelle also starts calling the two new friends as her crush.

So, with Lev and Walker in the picture, herein lies the question, what happened to Piper and Gavin?

The Señorita Video Had Nothing to Do with Relationship, The Breakup Was Already in Place

On August 24, 2019, Gavin Magnus released a cover music video of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's song, Señorita. He paired himself up with now-girlfriend, Coco Quinn (see the outcome?). And for the video, Gavin was seen making out with Coco (for the video!!!). And that didn't digest well with Piper. She later "almost" kissed Walker in her video, that fans think was to taunt Gavin.

Watch: Little Did You Know, Piper and Gavin Split Before This Music Video Came Out

But according to Gavin himself in a later November 2019 video, he comes out to explain how Piper's mom, Tiffany, was the bigger factor in the split. He claims the relationship he had with Piper and her family was more of a monetary relationship which was stressful for him all the way. But he says the "anxiety issues" (he air-quotes that phrase continuously) of Piper's mother were the worst things to have come at him.

Furthermore, he mentions there were abusing texts from Tiffany, preventing him from working with other people. When Gavin and Piper did plan to announce their peaceful separation, Tiffany started to try and bring up an #unfollow_gavin trend on social media. And ever since the bitter separation, he's not been friends with or talked to Piper or anyone in the Piper Rockelle best friends group.

Watch: Gavin Magnus Answers Questions Regarding the "Breakup"

Turns out the two had already officially parted ways in late July 2019 (as he himself announced) before the Señorita video came out! He wrote in the description of one of his videos that month, "finding a NEW GIRLFRIEND...after my breakup with Piper Rockelle." When he wished her happy birthday on August 21, he got a disappointing reply from her mom through Piper's account. And he claims he did not break apart the friendship between Piper and Coco.

Piper Posted Pretend-Marriage Video with Both Walker and Lev, But Walker Is Off the Table As He & Indi Leave the Squad

This is a branch title for the relationship timeline and confusion around Piper Rockelle, Lev Cameron, Walker Bryant & Indi Star

Since August 2019, Walker and Lev continued appearing as both as a crush of Piper on her YouTube video and the confusion began. Fans continued to ship either Lev or Walker. In early February 2020, Walker released a 24-hour pretend-married video with Piper, and in late February, Piper did the same with Lev. But she might not have been dating either of them at the time. It's just a habit of calling her crushes as her boyfriend that really threw people off. And people's interest in knowing who she is really dating has also been monetized on YouTube with more interesting content.

Piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron.They still have to confirm it.
Photo Source: Piper Rockelle, Instagram

So, before the CoronaVirus lockdown, Piper bid Walker farewell, but it wasn't a split thing. More like, see you after a few weeks (or months). But in the weeks that followed, no one was sure what was happening as they didn't see Walker in her videos at all.

Walker Talks to Piper about a Mysterious Gamer Girl

Then in a 'The TRUTH' interview video on April 25, 2020 (the same video confirming Jophie, Jentzen+Sophie, was real), Piper brings in both her crushes to share their updates. They address the issue that the Liper & Piker ships were real. And then, Walker requests to talk with Piper in private (of course, in front of the camera too).

Piper Rockelle and Walker Bryant.Take Bryant out of the picture now.
Photo Source: Piper Rockelle, Instagram

Walker confesses she was having feelings for someone (a mysterious gamer girl back then) while continuously playing video games together (he's a huge video game geek). And that person was Indi, of course. But the video game didn't have her actual name in the username (obviously).

Piper's reaction to the news wasn't disappointing as she felt it was not right for her to get mad because she had two crushes, and she was totally fine with that. "I can’t really be mad because I have two crushes… I have to be fine with it… I mean it’s honestly like really cute… At the end of the day, all I care about is that you are a part of my life. Promise me that nothing will change cause like I really wanna keep our friendship… We are still gonna hang out and shoot videos together and if that whole entire crush doesn’t work out, I’m still here," she says promising to be friends further still.

Watch: Toggle to 23:24 for "The" Interview

A Couple Days Later, Indi Confirms She Was the Mystery Girl

Piper and Walker try to convince the viewers they will be back with more videos together. But as it seems, she doesn't have Walker (or Indi for that matter) in her 'Featured channels' section of YouTube. (Or were they never were?)

Indi Star leaning on Walker Bryant's shoulders from behind.Indi retracted from posting a video talking to Piper about the new crush.
Photo Source: Indigo Star Carey, Instagram

While rumors were there that Walker & Indi were crushing on each other, it was a surprise that Walker really found someone else. But a couple of days after the interview video, Indi posts this message on the Instagram post above, "So I feel like I have to address all the rumors that are swirling around because my Youtube video did not post today. Yes, Walker and I like each other and, yes, we are in a crush. My video, the third video in the 3 part series was supposed to post today on Youtube but it was not posted. Hopefully you will see it at some point. The video was about me telling Piper about how Walker and I had been playing video games and had developed feelings for each other and Piper gave her blessing for us to pursue the relationship. She even called Walker on FaceTime and was excited to share the news that she had found his secret admirer. Everyone is happy and fine with how things turned out. Please continue to support all ships as we move forward. (edit) A lot of people are asking about Sawyer. Please watch Pipers Truth video. Sawyer and I both decided that we were better off as friends. Love, ❤️, Indi Star."

With this, she basically confirms the relationship between her and Walker. But moving on, it's unclear if Walker or Indi will ever appear on any of Piper's videos. But seeing Jentzen Ramirez is already filming with the two in separation from Piper Rockelle's group, the chances are really, really slim.

Moving on: Is 'Liper' Real?

With Walker crossed off the list, fans are now moving on from the Piker ship to be on board the Liper ship. There are still some people mad at Walker for destroying their imagination, but they've been shut up by positive supporters.

But the question to whether Piper and Lev are dating for real will be answered, probably in the next Sawyer Sharbino video as she left it hanging at the end of his latest, IS LIPER OFFICIAL?? INSTAGRAM Q&A Challenge **QUARANTINE VLOG** ❤️?, video.

Lev Cameron hugging Piper Rochelle from behind.There's no doubt about it, right?
Photo Source: Piper Rochelle, Instagram

However, there are some things to take. In Sophie's breakup-revealing video (explained completely in the link mentioned earlier), Lev & Piper were on a date interrupted continuously by the YouTuber until they confront her and she starts breaking down. It was a prank that got emotional at the end but ended things between Sophie & Jentzen.

In the midst of all these, Hayden Haas is the only one not entangled too deep. But he has his own story too and also had his share of rumors within the gang.

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