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Feb 29, 2020 @ 8:22 EST
Alex Warren net worth, bio and Hype House details.

If you want to learn the gossips of the infamous Hype House, then Alex Warren is the guy to check out. He did a whole series of vlogs where "popular TikTokers kiss for the first time", and there've been some pretty revealing facts about who's dating who within the group. Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million] & Chase Hudson [net worth: $800,000], Dixie D'Amelio [net worth: $700,000] & Tayler Holder [net worth: $2 million], Avani Gregg [net worth: $2 million] & Anthony Reeves, Addison Rae [net worth: $2 million] & Bryce Hall [net worth: $750,000], they've all be a part of it (or forced to be). But some are true, some still remain mysteries.

Born on September 18, 2000 [age 19], Alex Warren lost his dad to cancer at the age of nine. He has two siblings, Ashley & Grant, and is currently in a romantic relationship with fellow Instagrammer Kouvr Annon [net worth: $200,000]. By profession, he is actually a designer, but he's also a content creator on YouTube and a social media personality associated with the TikTok powerhouse, Hype House. He is the reason that name stands as he outvoted Hudson's suggested name, House of Olympics.

Alex Warren Kissing His girlfriend, Kouvr Annon's forehead.Warren is dating fellow 'Hype House' member Kouvr Annon.
Photo from: Alex Warren, Instagram

As a YouTuber, he creates vlogs in the funniest way he can. And for the type of content he creates, he's been compared to long-running YouTube celebrity David Dobrik [net worth: $7 million], if not, even accused of copying Dobrik. Whatever the case, he doesn't cease to entertain his loyal followers on the internet no matter how crazy or stupid the content is. And he's actually collected quite a fortune doing something rather nothing.

The Income Sources to Alex Warren's 2020 Net Worth of $700,000 - His Merchandise Site is No More

As of March 2020, Alex Warren is worth $700,000. First thing, he's a YouTuber. But his description also reads "an American social media personality and fashion designer". A lot of his earnings come from the social media endorsement posts, but his merchandise doesn't bring that shabby of an amount to his net worth.

Alex Warren's worth $700,000.Warren's net worth is funded by his social media posts and merchandise sales.
Photo from: Alex Warren, Instagram

Warren is active and earning from YouTube, Instagram and TikTok that same way many of his friends are. He gets a certain portion paid by the advertisers from the brands he sponsors on his respective posts. But he's got his own brand to advertise as well.

While skateboarding is his starter thing, the 19-year-old also had a shelf of Shopify. He calls his clothing line Dysfunctional, which consisted of "Warren" Limited Hoodies for $39.95, the Dad Hat for $22.95, the Oof Backpack for $49.99, his "Dysfunctional" signature phone case for $16.95, the "Dysfunctional" Premium Tee for $24.95, and so on from different collections.

Merchandise from Alex Warren mentioned above.The products are not available online for now.
Photo from: Alex Warren, Shopify

The Shopify site seemed to be running well since February 27, 2020. At the time of writing, it doesn't exist. It's likely on hold for the moment. Until he relaunched it, there won't be a direct place to buy his merchandise. But there are other ways, as he consistently announces his followers on all his social media platforms.

Social Media Earnings

As mentioned and as he reminds countless times, he's a social media personality. Hanging out with high earning friends like Hudson, D'Amelio and Hype House means he knows his way around businesses. Of course, his own merchandise-sales venture has taught him to make the best out of sponsorships in his pages.


Warren grew up skateboarding, and he likes surfing as well. His YouTube content consists of a lot of skateboarding. But his major focus is making funny videos. Not the ones that involve action but clips of his everyday life. Only, he's doing something new every day.

He started his YouTube channel, Alex Warren, in January 2014, but his first video on the channel is dated September 22, 2018, titled MAKE ME LAUGH CHALLENGE (ft. Friends). He may have removed the contents before this video.

Watch: Warren's First Available Video on His Current YouTube Channel

With 100 videos and 770,000 subscribers regularly getting the notification from him, he obtains about $1,700 from each of his videos. He's fairly regular on posting videos at a rate of about 1 per week. While his normal videos get a few hundred thousand views, the "popular TikTokers kiss for the first time" vlogs have racked up a million or two followers. Unsurprisingly, the 'D'Amelio+Hudson' piece is the most popular one right now.

The guy also has another YouTube channel titled, Alex Warren 2, but he hasn't posted anything there yet. Still, he's got 35,000 followers there and makes a point to mention it in each of his new videos. He started it in November 2017 and writes, "for my friends and I to post challenges, Q & A, Mukbangs, and stuff like that!" in the bio section.

Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon's Relationship Timeline

Main Article: Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon’s Romance Story — How She Moved 2500 Miles to Be with Him

Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren started dating in 2018, which was confirmed by his first appearance on her Instagram page in December 2018. In a March 2, 2019, video on Warren’s YouTube channel, the couple talked about her decision to move to LA, but it’s unclear when she moved in with him. With lots of love from their fans, they have responded to marriage requests, “We’re 19!”

So Who's Dating Who in the 'Hype House'?

The kid is always laughing out in his TikTokers-kissing videos. So it's harder to say if there's something serious in them or if it's just for fun. But when younger D'Amelio and Hudson's almost-kissing clip was included in his vlog on Dec 26, 2019, you should've known there was something in the works.

The Boys in the Hype House.The boys are "kind of" taken already.
Photo from: Alex Warren, Instagram

When Hudson suggested House of Olympics, Warren was the one to name it Hype House. Hudson might've submitted to Warren's choice because of why he put forward the name.

For the longest time, they wanted to name it House of Olympics. I'm like 'Hype House, you know, Charli has the hype,' that's a saying, and hype is all about what's popular now.

It's no secret that Gregg and Reeves are dating, and they shared a kiss on one of Warren's videos from January 2020. It was their first time on camera, he mentions in the title itself. There've been questions over who the other D'Amelio sister is dating, with many believing she's still with her prom-date Matt Garavel. They've also been wonder if she and Holder are together. As she said in the vlog in February, "We're friends."

And Addison cleared things up in an interview with ET in February that she and Hall are just better off as friends, but they love each other so much. They met in October, and she actually blushed when the question was asked. She's going with the flow. So, "Who knows!" she says.

Oh, and Ryland Storms took away Mia Hayward's first kiss, so she says. In Warren's blogs, one can see other members of the Hype House like his girlfriend Annon, Thomas Petrou (the initial founder alongside Hudson), Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Connor Yates, Nick Austin, James Charles [net worth: $25 million] (not a member though) and so on.


In his Instagram bio, Warren mentions he is an "American foot model". Maybe, he's just trying to be funny, or not. He started using Instagram in 2015 and shared his first content there in May of that year (yeah, skateboarding-related). There are all kinds of photos on his page. But the cementation of how strong he and his girlfriend are going together is the most visible thing there.

With over 600,000 followers and having posted more than 450 times on his Instagram page, Alex Warren, he earns an average of $2,500 from each of his Instagram posts due to the sponsored posts. Sure, he's signed deals with many brands over the years. Among them, Bang Energy is very often seen in many of his posts, the same brand that Danielle Cohn [net worth: $2 million] endorses.

Girlfriend Annon's following isn't so bad either. She got over 500,000 followers on Instagram and also has her own merchandise line for sales.

Something random: He also has a cat that you see in his videos, in case you didn't notice.


Being a member of the Hype House clearly means Warren was using TikTok. Or, he's got the following of a magnitude required to be a Hype House member. And yeah, the group's name itself wouldn't be what it is without him. He was recruited in November, a little before it was actually formed.

The content on TikTok doesn't really vary that much as he posts on YouTube. With 5.9 million followers and having posted 1,380+ times on his account, Alex warren, he earns somewhere between $3,500 to $6,000 for the sponsored posts. Yeah, about $4,500 on average. As for his following, he's also steadily increasing his numbers day by day, adding hundred-thousands every day.

Why He Says the Internet Has It All Wrong with the Comparison to Dobrik

You should know, David Dobrik has featured in Warren's YouTube videos and are actually very good friends as well. So they're not rivals or anything. And yet, the fans are divided.

When Warren's fame started growing, a lot of fans from 16 million subscribers of Dobrik's YouTube channel started throwing shades at the content creator. They noticed many similarities between the two YouTuber's contents and accused him of copying Dobrik's style, everything from thumbnails to his video lengths, his comedy skit style with his group of friends, and even his laugh.

Alex Warren and David Dobrik.That part's true.
Photo Source: YouTube

And now he says, he doesn't even watch the videos due to that very fact only. "It doesn't help that I have a similar laugh to David. I don't watch David Dobrik anymore because of the mere fact that I've been accused of copying his mannerisms and personality," he told Insider in February.

But Dobrik, alongside Logan Paul [net worth: $19 million], Casey Neistat, and Tanner Fox, is definitely a source of inspiration for him. So is an effort to tweak his style, he's started changing things since the backlashes. He addressed the backlashes in an  April 2019 video.

If there's anything to be said about it, it's that the styles are just part of a popular trend and not just implemented by Dobrik only. A lot of others have been doing this. And if there's something that needs to prove he always had his own mindset, his undiscovered YouTube channel, with videos he filmed when he was 10, shows signs of the type of content he was going to be doing in that version of the future. But yeah, we can see the similarities.

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