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Feb 1, 2022 @ 17:28 EST
Introducing The Danielle Carolan That You May Not Know

Few know better than Danielle Marie Carolan, aka Danielle Carolan (b. September 20, 1998), to not talk or post impulsively, considering there is a good chance that you will get under the heat of being called a racist even if it's something you have done unknowingly. Carolan, who is a YouTuber, social media influencer, and podcast host, got into controversy multiple times after the videos and posts of her being a racist surfaced on the internet.

The graduate of the University of Georgia is quite popular on her self-titled YouTube channel, Danielle Marie Carolan, with 540,000 subscribers where she mostly posts lifestyle vlogs, fashion hauls, tutorials, and inspirational videos. Besides, she also co-hosts the podcast called Gals on the Go with fellow YouTuber, Brooke Miccio.

Born to father, Fred Carolan, and mother, Michelle Carolan, Carolan has a soccer player brother named Frederick Carolan. She grew up in the care of her mother in Florida as her parents got separated while she was still in school. However, her parents are still best friends, and even her mother's new chef boyfriend hangs out with her father.

Danielle Carolan Net Worth: Income Source, Merchandise, And Philanthropy

As per different estimating sources, Danielle Carolan holds a net worth of around $150,000. The majority of her income obviously comes from her YouTube channel and sponsorships. But her branded merchandise is also another source stream for her income.

The 5'4" started her YouTube channel, Danielle Marie Carolan, on June 25, 2010, where she posts lifestyle vlogs, travel, wellness, positivity/confidence tips, hauls, tutorials, health & lifestyle videos, as well as inspirational videos every Wednesday and Sunday. From her self-titled channel with 540,000 subscribers, she makes an average of $280 per video.

Podcast partners Brooke Miccio (left) and Danielle Carolan (right) in matching outfits, and pink caps.Carolan is more of a podcaster with pal Brooke Miccio.
Photo Source: Danielle Carolan, Instagram

Carolan has also expanded her fanbase in other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok from which she makes a decent buck. With over 254,000 followers on a homogeneous account, Danielle Carolan (@daniellecarolan), she earns around $1,000 per sponsored post. Besides, she has partnered with different brands like Zappos, Scunci, Wilson, Pura, and many more.

Also, she has over 78,000 followers on her TikTok account, daniellecarolan (@danielle_carolan). Moreover, the 23-year-old also and her influencer bestie, Brooke Miccio, host the podcast called Gals on the Go on iTunes and Spotify, which further helps them to make a good fortune through ads. Besides, they also sell their merch through their website which includes, tote bags, beanies, t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and so on.

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This podcast in the major podcast network, Podcast One in 2018, highlights honest conversations about friendship stories, navigating your 20's plus early adulthood, life advice, social media trends, relationships, family and so much more. Apart from their podcast merch, Carolan also sells her own merch which includes branded backpacks, shirts, and many more. She also collaborated with Doing Well Daily and came up with her own planner and journal.

Meanwhile, the YouTuber is also very much engaged in charitable works and donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Her mother, Michelle Carolan, suffered from breast cancer which struck her up to donate to this cause. Also, being the part of Kappa Delta sorority, she has been actively engaged in multiple philanthropy events each year to support Girl Scouts of America and Prevent Child Abuse America and both local Athens, GA, chapters.

Danielle Carolan Was Nearly Cancelled For Being Racist

After influencers like Bella Poarch, Chase Hudson, and David Dobrik, Danielle Carolan also came into the headlines for being a racist. The podcast host nearly became the victim of cancel culture, after people found the old posts of her making insensitive comments on a “private” Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Danielle Carolan in a back gress with knee-high boots.Carolan has been in hot water quite a few times.
Photo Source: Danielle Carolan, Instagram

Carolan had a profile picture of a black man holding a watermelon in her private Instagram account made in high school which reflects racism, although she claims to have had no idea about it. Furthermore, she also made a racist remark in the vlog saying that she had Asian eyes.

Additionally, people found that her friends used racial slurs and faulted Danielle for associating with these people. She received lots of hate comments for her racial acts which caused her anxiety attacks. Even though the social media icon made several apology videos, fans thought that her apology was not genuine and also lost lots of subscribers and brand endorsements as well.

Danielle Carolan Was The First One to Confess Her Feelings For Now Boyfriend, Ryan Hicks. Why Did She Break Up With Joey Kidney?

Danielle Carolan is unlike those influencers who keep their dating life under the radar. Instead, she prefers to share every detail of her love life with her fans be it with Ryan Hicks or her ex-boyfriend, Joey Kidney. Prior to Hicks, she was in a relationship with her best friend and YouTuber, Kidney for over a year before they broke up in 2018 as they could not handle the long-distance problems (and also it was expensive to travel 1700 miles) and extreme internet pressure.

Danielle Carolan (left) hugging boyfriend Ryan Hicks (left) taller than her.Carolan's boyfriend Hicks is two years younger than her, and they are almost birthday twins.
Photo Source: Danielle Carolan, Instagram

Carolan then began dating Hicks in March 2019 and has been with him for nearly three years now. Unlike with Kidney whom she had been friends with for over three years, the American YouTuber got into a relationship with Hicks after talking for just a month.

Danielle was head over heels for Hicks due to which she could not control her feelings and confessed to him at first. The couple has been going stronger since day one of their relationship, and the glimpse of their love can be spotted in her Instagram snaps and YouTube videos.

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