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May 22, 2022 @ 7:43 EDT
'Familia Diamond' Momager Esthalla Ortiz Knows How to Run a Family Channel | Celeb$fortune & Net Worth 2022

Meet the "momager" of Familia Diamond, Esthalla Ortiz. As Kris Jenner is to the Kardashians, she is the primary reason behind the success of her social media icon family. Esthalla is a social media content creator, YouTuber, and TikToker who is popular for her family channel, Familia Diamond, which has 7.96 million subscribers count.

For the unique channel where they make videos both in English and Spanish, they came up with the idea to call their fans "Diamond" to appreciate their support. Besides, the mother-of-four has her own fan following on TikTok with over 7.3 million fans.

Esthalla Ortiz's Family Background: First Pregnancy At 16

Esthalla Ortiz did not have any fatherly figure to guide her and a motherly figure to love her during her childhood as her parents passed away when she was little. She and her brothers did not have any stable roof under their heads as they went from home to home staying with her uncles and aunts.

Esthalla Ortiz (left) and her daughter Txunamy Ortiz (right) looking at each other while sitting on a bench.The teenage pregnancy was a blessing in disguise in the end.
Photo Source: Esthalla Ortiz, Instagram

Growing up, Ortiz always yearned for the love which she never got in her childhood. Having no one to guide her in her life, she ended up getting pregnant just at the age of 16. Even though she does not regret her decision to settle down at a very young age, she still wished that she had someone to give her guidance on taking the right decision in her life.

Happily Ever After With Her Husband of 12 Years Now

Even though Esthalla Ortiz had a rough childhood without her parents, her life was filled with joy when she met her husband, Sdiezzel Ortiz. They started dating when she was only 14 but Esthalla always knew that he was the right man for her even at such a young age.

And after dating for almost two years, they gave birth to their first child, Txunamy Ortiz. Despite being a parent at a young age, Esthalla did everything she could do to raise her daughter perfectly. Besides, Sdiezzel gave all the love, support, and care to his wife, which she yearned for since childhood.

Esthalla Ortiz riding on her husband Sdiezzel Ortiz's back.They've been together for longer than one would've thought back then.
Photo Source: Esthalla Ortiz, Instagram

If you scroll through Esthalla's social media pages, then you will know how much she appreciates Sdiezzel's love and support. The pair has been together for over a decade now but their affection seems like that of newly-wed couples.

They are parents to their four social media icon kids Txunamy, Diezel, Solage, and Ranger Ortiz who have been ruling the internet with their fashion and creative content. Esthalla was pregnant with her fifth child in 2019 but unfortunately had a miscarriage due to pregnancy complications.

Forayed Career In Social Media After Success Of Her TikToker Daughter Txunamy

In the Familia Diamond clan, Txunamy Ortiz is the one who paved the way for her family toward internet fame. She was already a prominent model at the age of four earning her partnerships with brands like Nike, Vogue, Glamour, and Hollywood Life. Not to forget, the 12-year-old also ruled over TikTok once with her dance moves and entertaining videos before her account with 4.4 million followers got disbanded.

Unlike her daughter, Esthalla Ortiz only forayed into the social media scene through Instagram and TikTok in 2016, much later after her daughter got into fame. Her point-of-view (POV) clips, dance videos, lip-sync videos, and comedy videos on TikTok became a hit with the audiences, and she now has 8.3 million followers on her TikTok page, Esthalla (@esthalla).

After getting enormous love and support from her followers, she and her husband, Sdiezzel created a family channel named, Familia Diamond. The channel mainly features their life adventures vlogs, pranks, and challenges videos featuring their family members.

Esthalla's Net Worth Is Increasing As Fast As Her Followers

If you have seen Familia Diamond, then you surely know that they are one of the fastest-growing channels. Starting their channel on October 11, 2017, they amassed 1 million subscribers in less than a year. The channel which features a family of six members now has 7.96 million subscribers for which they wholeheartedly thanked their loyal subscribers.

Esthalla Ortiz (center) with the entire Familia Diamond family.The whole family has been commercialized on social media.
Photo Source: Esthalla Ortiz, Instagram

They call their fans "Diamond", just like the name itself, very precious to them. As per them, their subscribers are part of their family and get full credit for their success. In order to appreciate them, Familia Diamond always organizes the giveaway now and then, in which they give Macbook, the latest iPhone, and Apple products to their Diamonds.

Also, from her collaborative channel, Familia Diamond, they earn around $7,700 per video. Not to forget, they have been partnering with different brands on their videos, which is also a stream of income. Besides, they have another channel called FamiliaDiamond Shorts launched on 29, Jan 2021, that has over 1.09 million followers.

The momager, who manages all the social media accounts of her celebrity children, has her own fan base on her TikTok account. With over 8.3 million followers and 218 million likes, she makes an average of $6,500 strictly through sponsorship posts.

The YouTuber has over 845K followers on her Instagram page, esthalla (@esthalla) from which she collects over $3,300 per sponsored post. So, considering the huge fan following on her social media, Esthalla Ortiz is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. Besides, she has already worked with prominent brands like Wander Beauty, NA-KD, SHEIN, and many more.

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