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May 8, 2022 @ 11:29 EDT
7-Year-Old Solage Ortiz Adapts Well to Her Preformed Fame | Celeb$fortune & Net Worth

Wouldn't it be nice to be renowned for your beauty since your childhood? Ask Solage Ortiz (b. Oct 16, 2014) who has been ruling the internet since she was only eight months old. Solage is a social media star who is better known as a young fashionista and Instagram model.

Not only Solage but her entire family member including her parents, SDiezzel and Esthalla Ortiz, and siblings, Txunamy, Diezel, and Ranger Ortiz are popular when it comes to social media. The Ortiz is popular for their family YouTube channel, Familia Diamond, which has over 7.64 million subscribers to date.

A Little Story About the Success Behind Our Child Social Media Icon, Solage Ortiz

Solage Ortiz is one of those social media personalities who basically grew up before the camera. To put more faith into the fact, scroll through her Instagram and go through all her 317 pictures which show her transformation from a baby throughout her childhood.

Ranger Ortiz (right) presents his sister Solage Ortiz (left) with a flower who gives a wink at the camera while holding the same species of flower.Like Solage, her brother Ranger is set out for the same way of fame.
Photo Source: Solage Ortiz, Instagram

Solage, who turns just eight this October, has her sister, Txunamy, to thank for her fame. Well, not only her but her entire family has to credit Txunamy for their success as she is the one who paved the road to their internet fame. Her father, SDiezzel Ortiz is also a YouTuber while her mother, Esthalla, is popular as a social media icon. Her brothers, Diezel and Ranger are also emerging social media stars & child models, and she also has a half-sister named Naiomy Ortiz.

Txunamy, who has over 4.4 million followers on Instagram and 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube, got renowned after her TikTok videos got viral. She started doing then known as videos at the age of five which means she spent half her life making videos. However, her TikTok account with 4.6 million got banned as TikTok banned the users under 13 years old.

Solage Ortiz's Net Worth and Social Media Earnings

As of 2022, Solage Ortiz holds a net worth of around $250,000. Of course, the majority of her source of income is from her social media endeavors and sponsorships. The 7-year-old has over 523,000 followers on her Instagram page, Solage Ortiz (@solageortiz), managed by her mom, from which makes an average of $2,000 per sponsored post.

Solage, whose personality and poses are no less than a professional model, has worked with fashion brands like kidpik, The Red Balloon Childrenswear, Mackage, and so on. Her style and professionalism in front of the camera have awed the whole world.

Solage Ortiz showing a cringed pose on her face while holding a carefully trimmed dog in her arms.It seems like she comes up with the poses herself or something.
Photo Source: Solage Ortiz, Instagram

Solage is also popular for her family's YouTube channel, Familia Diamond, which is popular for pranks, challenges, and vlogs documenting their everyday life. The channel has over 7.96 million subscribers and 413 videos from which the family earns $7,700 per video through ad revenue and partnerships.

Ortiz also has her self-titled YouTube channel, Solage Ortiz, with 75.9K followers launched in October 2017. However, it seems like her primary focus is on her family channel as she has not posted any videos to date, presumably reserving the channel for when she chooses her own path in the future. Besides, she has also worked on the advertisement video for L'il Critters Gummy Vitamins.

After getting fame in both modeling and social media careers, she has now paved her path in acting as well. The YouTuber made her debut in Brat's web series, Mani, which also stars Lawrence Wayne Curry, and Hayley LeBlanc.

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