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Nov 20, 2021 @ 8:15 EST
Ranger Ortiz: Gaining Fame Even Before Birth With 'Familia Diamond'

Meet the youngest member of Familia Diamond, Ranger Ortiz. Ranger (b. October 26, 2018) is a popular figure on Instagram and YouTube best known for being featured on the family channel, Familia Diamond, which posts vlogs, life adventures, pranks, challenges videos, and so on.

Born to mother, Esthalla Ortiz, and father, Sdiezel, Ranger has three elder siblings, Txunamy Ortiz, Solage Ortiz, and Diezel Ortiz who are also popular social media sensations. He may be only two years old, but he had already racked up over 320,000 followers on his Instagram account managed by his mum.

Ranger Ortiz Was Famous Even Before He Was Born

Familia Diamond launched their channel on October 11, 2017, and garnered one million followers within a year. Apart from their entertaining content, fans loved how they shared each and every detail of their life to subscribers whether be it's good or bad news.

Ranger Ortiz of 'Familia Diamond' with their dog.Ranger's family just decided he should join the influencer industry.
Photo Source: Ranger Ortiz, Instagram

And when the news of Esthalla being pregnant for the fourth time came out, not only the Ortiz family but their subscribers also whom they called "Diamond" were anticipating Ranger Ortiz's birth. Esthalla first posted his picture on his Instagram account on 7 November 2018 in which the fans flooded the comment section with over 440 comments and not even one comment was negative in the post.

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Ranger now occasionally appears on their family channel and wins the heart of millions of people with his cute smile and funny gestures. Being a social media icon since his birth, Ortiz has already racked up brand endorsements with prominent companies like Amazon, Kidpik, and so on.

Esthalla Ortiz Gave Birth to Her First Child at the Age of Just 16

Esthalla Ortiz did not have any parental figure while growing up due to which she always craved love and care all her life. And when she met Sdiezel for the first time, she instantly knew they were made for one another. The two started dating and even moved on together when she was just 14. They eventually tied the knot after two years when Esthalla became pregnant with her first child, Txunamy at the age of 16.

Being a mother at such a young age, without any parental guide, it was very hard for her to cope with pregnancy and all. However, Sdiezel never once made her feel alone and gave all his love and attention to her for which she has been thanking him for years now.

Ranger Ortiz's Net Worth In 2021: His Income And Social Media Endeavors

Ranger Ortiz is an American rising Instagram sensation who has already garnered over 320,000 followers on his Instagram page, Ranger Ortiz (@rangerortiz), and is estimated to make around $1,200 per sponsored post. If you scroll through his page managed by his mother, you will surely know his poses and demeanor are no less than that of a model. And of course, since being managed by his mom, the income basically is added to the family fortune.

Ranger Ortiz holding an insulated electricity pole and wires.The family constantly thanks their subscribers on all their Instagram pages at every milestone.
Photo Source: Ranger Ortiz, Instagram

The three-year-old is also featured on his family channel, Familia Diamond which has over 7.64 million subscribers from which they make around $8,000 per video. Besides, Ranger also has a separate self-titled channel, Ranger Ortiz, launched on September 19, 2018. Even though no videos is posted to date, the channel already has over 103,000 subscribers.

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With his charming looks and model-like personality, he has already gained partnerships with brands like Amazon, Kidpik, The Red Balloon Childrenswear, and many more. Considering the huge fan following all over his social media platforms, the Filipino descent is estimated to be worth $100,000 as per estimating sources.

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