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Jun 28, 2022 @ 10:59 EDT
Ethan Fineshriber Didn't Choose Martial Arts: Facts about His Girlfriend and Net Worth | Celeb$fortune 2022

“Where there's a will, there's a way” perfectly sums up the life of YouTuber Ethan Fineshriber (b. 21, 2004). From being diagnosed with autism at the age of three to winning 14 martial arts world championship titles, he has been the inspiration for millions of people.

Born in Sandy, Utah, to photographer father, Scott K Fineshriber, and mother, Mara Rudolph Fineshriber, he has an elder sister named Grey who also runs a YouTube channel, Emotional Support Sauce. His parents are divorced with his big sister living in Japan, so, he is very close to his mother.

Apart from being renowned as ATA World Champion, he is also popular for playing Tommy Oliver aka the Green Power Ranger on Ninja Kidz TV which also features popular YouTubers like Payton Delu Myler, Paxton Myler, Ashton Myler, Bryton Myler, and Kayson Myler. He recently completed his diploma from Alta High School.

Ethan Fineshriber Was Forced By His Mother to Join Martial Arts, But It Helped Him Come Out of His Shell

As a mother of a child who had been diagnosed with the autism spectrum, Mara Rudolph Fineshriber had her fair share of worries i.e. if her son would have a normal life, if he would have a soul mate and ever get married, or if he would be able to live on his own?

Mara always knew Ethan Fineshriber was not like a normal kid as he did not talk until the age of three, did not walk but crawled strugglingly till the age of two, and struggled to make connections with others. And she also knew that she had to be tough for the sake of her only son who was diagnosed with autism at age three.

Ethan Fineshriber (right) and his mother Mara Rudolph Fineshriber (left) both holding a T-shirt with a photo of the two after his championship win printed on them.He would naturally come to love martial arts once he started.
Photo Source: Ethan Fineshriber, Instagram

So, mom Fineshriber took the toughest decision of her life and enrolled her son in martial arts at the age of seven hoping that it would help him to some extent. Even though Ethan was not happy at first, later he began to look forward to his martial arts training.

Thankfully, it turned out to be the best decision of her life as Ethan Fineshriber gradually managed to come out of his shell. Fineshriber, who did not even have one friend before joining the martial arts lesson, later became the center of attention for his amazing skills with kids approaching him to ask for help with certain techniques. There, Ethan discovered his passion for teaching and started posting tutorials on Instagram, where he gives step-by-step instructions.

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Ethan not only overcame his nervousness and fear through martial arts but also won tons of medals, including 14 world titles. He won his first world title at the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) World Expo in 2016 after three years of continuous training, sometimes 20 hours a week. That same year, he also claimed World Championships in Extreme Forms and Musical Forms in the National Belt League and Extreme Forms in The League.

The 17-year-old has achieved a second-degree black belt in Taekwando and is a brand ambassador for the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). He is sponsored by Hyper Martial Arts and has internationally performed in Fantastic Baby in China, SuperKids in Germany, Wonderama, Lip Sync Battle on Nickelodeon, and even on a show in China.

Ethan Fineshriber Is Already a Millionaire at The Age of 17: His Other Source of Net Worth in Social Media and Merch

As per estimating sources, Ethan Fineshriber holds a net worth of $2 million. Being a Multi-Time World Champion, he surely had earned a good sum of money. However, his money is not only limited to that as he also gets larger cuts from social media endeavors and his branded merchandise.

Ethan Fineshriber in a poster for his appearance in July 2021.He regularly meets his fans for their happiness as well.
Photo Source: Ethan Fineshriber, Instagram

The brown-eyed internet sensation launched his self-titled YouTube channel, Ethan Fineshriber, on Jun 13, 2016, and has posted over 267 times. With over 1.5 million subscribers and a 3.97 million views count, he makes an average of $3,300 per video through ad revenue.

One of the most popular videos on his eponymous channel is titled Flashback to early Ninja Kidz TV Power Ranger Days which has over 24 million views. His other viral videos are Recreating the iconic team, Embarrassing Public Dares as Tommy Oliver & Evil Rita Repulsa, Green & Red Ranger Team Sync, and many more which have received millions of views.

Not to forget, he is also part of the family-friendly collaborative YouTube channel, Ninja Kidz TV, which has over 18.4 million subscribers. He is popular for starring as Tommy Oliver who doubles as the Green Power Ranger on Ninja Kidz TV. Additionally, he also has two other YouTube channels, I'm FINEshriber and Snakes on the Brain.

Following his success on YouTube, Ethan then turned toward TikTok in order to carry forward his fame. He has over 348K followers on his TikTok page, Ethan Fineshriber (@ethanfine), from which he makes around $300 per sponsored post.

Similarly, with about 60K followers on her Instagram account, Ethan Fineshriber (@ethanfineshriberofficial), he makes around $350 per post strictly through sponsorships and brand endorsements. He is also available on Cameo where he takes certain charge of personalized videos and messages. What's more, he sometimes surprises fans at Birthday parties and other events. He's received numerous positive reviews there as a result.

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His branded Merchandise sells branded tees with certain imprints. Besides, he has also tried his luck in singing and has released numerous music videos on his YouTube channel including Who's My Crush, Power Rangers Evil Rita, and Under the Helmet. He has also acted in movies and TV series like The Santa Box, Red Hood: The Fan Series, and Wonder Woman vs the Batman.

Ethan Fineshriber even appeared in the music video for Youth by Shawn Mendes featuring Khalid. Meanwhile, the 5'6" tall YouTuber is a bully prevention advocate, breast cancer awareness supporter, Autism Awareness advocate, and helps to raise money for the Gift of Life charity.

Ethan Fineshriber's Relationship Status: He Is Booked for Now

One of the biggest fear Mara Rudolph has had since the day she noticed her child was not normal was that her son would end up all alone in the future. Well, now she can surely be left at peace as Fineshriber has finally found his soulmate in his girlfriend, Chloe.

The iconic two people on two ends of a sphagetti strand pose for Ethan Fineshriber (right) and his girlfriend Chloe (left).It is what it is, and her mom probably is the happiest.
Photo Source: Ethan Fineshriber, Instagram

The Jewish actor first announced his relationship to fans in the year 2021, and his fans had nothing but best wishes for his newfound romance. He is not shy to show his affection for his crush and had posted videos and pictures of them on all his social media handles.

What's more, his parents are also quite supportive of his relationship, and his mom & sister even shared how much they love Chloe. Prior to Chloe, he had a crush on Anna Jessica Jane with whom he went on a date multiple times.

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