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May 14, 2022 @ 15:09 EDT
Ninja Kidz TV's Payton Delu Myler Had Her Martial Arts Future Set Before Birth

Talk about the multi-talented kids, and Payton Delu Myler, aka Payton Myler or Payton Delu, tops this list. An actress, gymnast, martial artist, and YouTuber, Payton is best known as one of the members of the popular YouTube channel Ninja Kidz TV.

The 13-year-old is a martial artist with a 1st-degree black belt & a level 8 gymnast and had even competed in American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids two times. Besides Ninja Kidz TV, she also has a self-titled YouTube channel, Payton Delu, with 2.71 million subscribers. Her besties are Safia Omar and Jazzy Skye from Kids Fun TV.

Here's What You Should Know About Payton Delu Myler: Parents, Brothers, Twin, & Adopted Sibling

With a birth date of 6, 2008, Payton Delu Myler was born to actor, director, writer, and stunt artist father, Shane Myler, and martial artist mother, Alyson Myler aka Aly Myler, and has a twin brother named, Paxton Myler.

Apart from her twin, she also has two elder brothers named, Bryton Myler and Ashton Myler and an adopted young sibling named, Kayson Myler. Being the only daughter in a family has its own perks as she gets her own privacy and does not have to share a room and other personal things with the others. However, it does not stop her from wishing for a little sister.

Payton Delu Myler's Parents Had It All Planned Out Before She Was Even Born

When you are born into a family of martial artists, there's a good chance that your parents get you into it as well. And that's what happened to Payton Delu Myler, whose father Shane Myler is an 8th-degree black belt and mother Alyson Myler is a 5th-degree black belt.

Payton Delu Myler (fourth from right) with the rest of the Ninja Kidz TV member, i.e., her entire family.Pre-determined, indeed.
Photo Source: Payton Delu Myler, Instagram

Well, not only Payton but all her siblings including, Paxton, Bryton as well as Ashton were trained in the martial arts from a tender age. With her parents being the owner and instructor of the Pursuit of Mastery Martial Arts studio, Delu grew up doing deadly acts and stunts herself.

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During an interview, her eldest big brother, Bryton revealed that their parents had already planned for them to be martial artists even before their birth. Whatsoever, Payton who is a 1st-degree black belt and a level 8 gymnast, loves to perform these action skits. However, that by no way means it was easy for her to master these martial arts skills because she has injured herself and even broke her wrist countless times while learning these action skits.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Payton Delu Myler? Did She Win American Ninja Warrior Junior Kids?

As per estimating sources, Payton Delu Myler personally amasses an estimated net worth of $3 million as a multi-talented all-rounder. Of course, her biggest source of income comes from her collaborative YouTube channel, Ninja Kidz TV, and the entire family's net worth is in the range of about $50 million. She is yet to hold the majority of it at the right age, but it does not mean her income source is limited to it as she also makes a good buck from her branded merchandise and social media sponsorships & endorsements herself as well.

Many of you might already know that Payton Delu Myler competed in the American Ninja Warrior Junior competition not once but twice. American Ninja Warrior Junior is an American sports competition reality show on Universal Kids, the children's edition of American Ninja Warrior, and American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja, which themselves are based on the Japanese game show Sasuke.

Myler first participated in American Ninja Warrior Junior in the year 2018 and managed to secure her position as a semifinalist. She again returned for season two of American Ninja Warrior Junior but unfortunately fell on the "Little Dipper" and got eliminated. Well, not only Delu but her brothers, Bryton, Ashton, and Paxton also participated in the competition.

Myler's Income From Social Media Presence And Merch

As it is crystal clear, Payton Delu Myler started off her career on YouTube and then expanded her career into other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Ninja Kidz TV, which was launched on Feb 9, 2017, is a family-friendly channel that comprises action skits, parodies, challenges, and tutorials.

Payton Delu Myler in the midst of her routine at the American Ninja Warriors Junior competition when she went for the second time.She did not have much of a win at the two tournaments to add to her net worth.
Photo Source: Payton Delu Myler, Instagram

Myler first appeared on this channel in March 2017 alongside her brothers, Paxton, Ashton, and Bryton Myler in the video titled, POWER RANGERS MOVIE KIDZ TEASER, which received over 7.8 million views. Since then, the Utah native has cosplayed as different fictional characters like Wonder Woman, Pink Power Ranger, Supergirl, and Harley Quinn, and the fans just loved it.

Meanwhile, their branded merchandise is available at an online shop. Their merch line sells all kinds of stuff like face masks, ninja headbands, head masks, water bottles, ninja cartoon tees, hoodies, and many more which cost starts from $0.50 and are also available at Walmart, Amazon, and Target.


Payton Delu Myler and her brothers started this family-friendly YouTube channel, Ninja Kidz TV, under the guidance of her parents in the year 2017. They went viral all over the internet with their Power Rangers Ninja Kidz! series which eventually helped them garner over 18 million subscribers.

With over 8.5 billion total views and 259 videos, they make an average of $68,000 per video alone from ad revenue and partnerships. One of their most popular videos is titled Paxton and Payton Twin Smash!! Super Team Up! which got over 364 million views and 1.4 million likes.

Their other videos IMPOSTERS! April Fools Pranks, Power Rangers Ninja Kidz Battle with Healthbars!, Girls vs Boys Gymnastics | Flexibility Challenge, POWER RANGERS NINJA KIDZ! Episode 2, Who is the best at gymnastics? Brothers and Sister Challenge! and many more also got over 150 million views. It's sort of a regular for the family.

Likewise, their videos are sponsored by different toy brands like Mattel, Moose Toys, OSMO super studio, and so on. The channel also stars other actors like Karla Hernandez and ATA Martial Arts Taekwondo World Champion, Ethan Fineshriber.

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Meanwhile, Myler launched her eponymous YouTube channel, Payton Delu, on May 6, 2018, and has posted over 112 videos to date. She has accumulated over 2.7 million subscribers on her channel where she mostly posts videos related to ninja stunts, vlogs, and pranks. And with almost 590 million views, she has the potential to earn $12,000 per post from ad revenue and various brand sources.

What's more, she has also tried her luck on a musical career and has already released four songs to this date. She made her debut with a Christmas song in December 2018 which got over 2.9 million views. Some of her other songs are covers with titles Into the Unknown!! Frozen 2, Girl In The Mirror, and so on.


In comparison to YouTube, Payton Delu Myler is not that huge on Instagram and has only 65.3K followers on her Instagram page, Payton Delu Myler (@payton_delu), which is managed by her mother, Alyson Myler. She makes an average of $350 per post through third-party endorsements.

Payton Delu Myler holding a Peek-A-Roo doll at the LA Zoo's Peek-A-Roo Exhibit while inside a giant plushie Peek-A-Roo pouch.She presents frequent adverts on her private Instagram page as well.
Photo Source: Payton Delu Myler, Instagram

Likewise, she has over 110K followers on her collaborative Instagram page, Ninja Kidz (@ninjakidztv) from which they make an average of $500 per sponsored post. What's more, you can also learn these ninja skills as they also provide training to be a ninja through their Ninja Kidz program for which you have to enroll at

The American social media influencer has already collaborated with the brands like L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, Spin Master, Zuru Toys, and so on. Besides, you can also book a Cameo and request a personalized video on

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