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Jul 21, 2022 @ 13:17 EDT
What Happened to Giselle Lomelino of GEM Sisters? Is She Dating Anyone? | Celeb$fortune 2022

Giselle Lomelino (b.  6, 2003) is an aspiring YouTuber, and social media content creator best known for being a member of the family YouTube channel, GEM Sisters which posts sketches, parodies, relatable life hack videos, comedy skits, reactions, challenges, vlogs, and storytime videos.

Her collaborative YouTube channel with 1.24 million subscribers also features her other two social media sister icons, Mercedes Lomelino and Evangeline Lomelino. The trio is popular among the fans as GEM Sisters where G in the GEM Sisters refers to Giselle Lomelino, E to Evangeline Lomelino, and M to Mercedes Lomelino.

Are the GEM Sisters Really Adopted?

Even though it might seem like the GEM Sisters and their parents, professor Ryun Hovind and writer-director MèLisa Lomelino, are biologically related, the truth is that they are not. Ryun and MèLisa adopted Mercedes, Evangeline, and Giselle when they were very young.

The GEM Sisters Evangeline Lomelino (left), Giselle Lomelino (top), and Mercedes Lomelino (right) with their adoptive father Ryun Hovind (center).Giselle is in a world of her own.
Photo Source: GEM Sisters, Instagram

Despite having no blood relationship, their parents are really supportive of their decision to be influencers and even make their appearances on the GEM Sisters YouTube channel as "mamagems" and "papagems" to the fans. The GEM Sisters are undoubtedly a great part of their life as they even celebrate their adoption day on July 26 every year.

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Apart from her two biological sisters, Mercedes and Evangeline, Giselle also has three other siblings who are all adopted by Ryun and MèLisa. Despite being biological sisters among themselves, all of them have different personalities which blend them into a unique trio, something that the fans love about them. But being different does not stand in the way though; the trio has the love for one another.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Evangeline Lomelino?

As per estimating sources, Giselle Lomelino amasses a net worth of around $400,000 as a YouTube and social media content creator. Even though the majority of her income comes from YouTube ad revenue, that does not mean her income is only limited to it as she makes a good fortune from sponsorships as well as brand endorsements.

At the age of 12, Giselle joined hands with her sisters, Mercedes and Evangeline, and launched their YouTube channel, GEM Sisters, on August 6, 2015. Their first-ever video, Our First Vlog: VLOG IT, on the channel got over 500,000 views.

The siblings then started posting different kinds of videos, such as comedy skits, reactions, parodies, challenges, vlogs, hacks, and storytime videos. Over the years, the channel went on to become a popular family YouTube channel and the sisters started working on building a strong fan base on other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Giselle Lomelino in a blue/white dress leaning on a waist-level pole looking at the camera.She ventured off on her own with a new YouTube channel after she turned 18.
Photo Source: Giselle Lomelino, Instagram

 They now have garnered 1.24 million subscribers and 595 million views, from which they earn an estimated $2,500 per video. Some of their most popular videos are Camping Divas: VLOG IT, Roasting Ourselves Watching Our Old Videos, Stealing Answers: SKETCH COMEDY, Wearing Long Nails For 24 Hours Challenge, Dora The Explorer Prank On My Sisters, and so on, which have got over millions of views.

The sisters also have a decent fan following on their Instagram page as well, GEM Sisters (@gem.sisters), from which they make an average of $400 per sponsored post. They have worked with prominent brands like Nickelodeon, Disneyland, LEGO, and many more.

Additionally, they have over 460K followers on their TikTok page, GEM Sisters which is managed by their parents. Lomelino and her sisters have also released their comedy-mystery book series called Sister Detectives, which is all about friendship, siblings, school life, family, social skills, and having fun when growing up.

Meanwhile, Giselle decided to launch her own self-titled YouTube channel, Giselle Lomelino, on 17 January 2021. She has garnered over 25K subscribers on her channel, where she posts videos related to fashion, beauty, hauls, lifestyle vlogs as well as entertaining videos. However, she hasn't posted in over a year on YouTube and only returned to her separate Instagram account in June this year, after almost a year off.

She does make appearances on the GEM Sisters Instagram page, but her involvement in the collaborative YouTube channel has been decreasing even though she hasn't posted on her own channel. No one knows what happened, maybe adulthood, or she's probably busy with higher education. Besides, Mercedes and Evangeline have been branding themselves as a pair with their own Instagram page as well.

Who Is Giselle Lomelino's Boyfriend?

Well, when you are a social media influencer, fans obviously want to know about your personal life, especially your love life. And no doubt, fans are really excited to know if the eldest of GEM sisters is dating anyone at the moment.

Giselle Lomelino crouching up to the level of a Disneyland employee in the Stitch character costume behind her to the right.She says she's not in a relationship for now.
Photo Source: Giselle Lomelino, Instagram

Talking about her relationship status in her first video on her personal YouTube channel, Giselle Lomelino revealed that she is not talking to anyone and is very single at the moment. However, that does not mean she has not been in any relationship till now.

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The 19-year-old had a long list of "boyfriends" in her life and an even bigger list of boys whom she had actually kissed till now. But as per Giselle only three of her relationships were serious as all the others were just a fling. At least that's what she considers.

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